January 23, 1999

Russell writes: I need to tell you all how impressed I am at the fact that you people have kept Ice's Zelda Central up and running. Next of all I have a question do you think that maybe the Impa in Zelda 5 is the same Impa in Zelda 1?Ice's is the best Zelda site out there!!!!

JMK: Thanks for the encouragement Russell..... IZC has been thrown for a loop since Ice's dissappearance, but we have a strong staff, and instead of withering away like helpless fools, we will rise to the occasion and carry on until he returns. All you readers who believe in the power of prayer, remember to say an extra-special prayer for Ice tonight before you go to sleep. Times are tough, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Those who are strong willed will thrive in these situations..... I realize updates have been sparse, but Magisuth is doing the best he can and I would like to express my gratitude for that. Letters is back, in fact, it never left, it just hit a bump in the road...... Now, as for Impa: I think there is a good possibilty that the Impa in Zelda 1 is an older version of the same Impa in Zelda 5 (if you follow the 51243/51234 timline). The Impa we see in Zelda 5 is a very young looking character, while the Impa we see in Zelda 1 is an old woman...... Very possible for these two to be the same person.

Navie: Ice's situation is very critical, now. For those of you who may not know (and I'm positive there are many of you), Ice has disappeared. He's ran away, because of reasons having to do with his sister's death. We've had a few e-mails telling us to update more and such, but please, don't tell us stuff like that. We're trying our very best.

M a g i s u t h : Well, I've tried the best that I can to be able to keep IZC going. There's no way I could ever maintain the standard of updating that Ice did--I'm simply too busy. Impa is definitely the same in Zelda 5 and Zelda 1. For this to happen though, the Sheikah must be able to live between 120 to 150 years, at least.

Landon writes: My name is Landon,I am writing to tell you and ask you some questions /opinions about zelda.Lets start with zelda1 took me 7 years to beat(with a few long breaks in between play)not because I was stuck ,but because I hated the fighting parts ,I think that they were a little bit too hard. The only thing quality in zelda 2 was the music.zelda 3 was a major breakthrough introducing alot more desparateley needed story and complicating the levels.zelda 4 was the weirdest game that I have ever played,and after I beat it I could never play it again because it was so depressing and sad with that washed out spinach look.Thank god for color gameboy.zelda 5 reminds me of one my favorite three in the mornig frutarated lines"This would be easier in real life".Now we come to my most opinionated subjects.Zelda fans have taken this timeline thing a little to far .I Iaughed my a*s off when I read the *HQ timeline.You people are so literal, if you read robert jordan you would understand.He's not a very good writer but he touches on some very important zelda related stuff.It's not the same link in all of the zelda games because no matter what way you look at it it still doesent make sense ,link can't grow up twice ,gannon cant die 4 times. lake hylia cannot move across the map at its own personal leisure.here are some comments about perverted things.

In the ending sequence of zelda 3 the thief blows out a puff of smoke ,in zelda 4 if you take Marin to the cook in mabe village he says something strange...
Zelda 5 has more than I can count. An example is the great farie.
Thanks and please post it.

JMK: Zelda 1 was one of the more challenging games in the series..... but 7 YEARS man??! It wasn't THAT hard..... I think you are giving Zelda 2 a bad rap, it was an excellent game. The graphics were superior for the system it was on and the time it was made. The side-scrolling gameplay was unique and fun. The spells were awesome. It was the only game in the series to feature experience points/levels. I thought it was a great game, one of my favorites actually. Zelda 3 was incredible. Zelda 4 was a little on the odd side, but it was also an outstanding game..... the best game for Gameboy in my opinion. And Zelda 5...... Where do I start? It was everything I hoped for and more..... My only complaint is that they could have made it a bit more challenging, but it is still one of the best in the series. Of course Link can't grow more than once, that's why there are multiple Links. Ganon only dies twice (Zelda 1 and Zelda 3), and these are two separate Ganons. Oh yeah, about your "perverted things": Hehehehe... Miyamoto is cool....

Navie: I'm not taking for a fact that there are two Ganon's... yet... I won't be a believer until Ice, the Zelda Master himself, analyzes the possibility.

So what if a theif blows out a puff of smoke?

So what if the Great Fairies aren't warm in the winter?

Look at all the Gaystation games, like Tomb Raider. Perverted? Totally.

M a g i s u t h : Hey! A fellow Robert Jordan fan! Read The Path of Daggers yet? I'm finishing it tonight, as I write this. Anyway ... I do think there are a few "perversions" in Zelda 5. Remember how Nabooryu (or however you spell her name) says that she'll give you a reward if you find the treasure for her in the Spirit Temple? Then, afterwards, in the Sacred Realm, she comments on how strong and handsome Link grew up to be, and says that she wishes she would have kept her offer on that "reward." But she gives him the Spirit Medallion instead. What a shame. I wonder if there's multiple endings ....

The Video Kid writes: In a LONG-ago editorial of yours you stated what the beliefs of the Elf guy at the end of Zelda 2 is. I have proof that the elf is not the same magician/wizard that put Zelda to sleep. In the instructions it says, "the magician also fell down and breathed his last." Of course, wizards are almost always immortal...
The Video Kid

JMK: In which game's instructions does it say that? If you are referring to the Zelda 2 instructions, then it would still be possible for the wizard that put Zelda to sleep in Zelda 2 to be Agahnim if you follow the 53412 timline, since Zelda 3 would have taken place before Zelda 2...... I think it is possible for the two wizards to both be Agahnmin.

Navie: Read the editorial. Ice addresses the possibility spendidly.

M a g i s u t h : JMK, just because there's a Wizard doesn't always mean its Agahnim. Jeez.

Exxel writes: I am a Tetraforce believer!!!! I have some theories about the whole Triforce-Tetraforce thing.What if the 4 triangles made a 4 sided PIRAMID!!!! If you put the other triangle into the space and fold the other ones down......................FOUR SIDED PIRAMID!!!!!!!!!!!!! And another thing, you know the suppose-of "bird" (Eagle,hawk, what ever it is!) that is holding the Triangle? Well look at it's wings, 4 little square feather things on each one!!! Still looking at the bird, the head and main body (between the wings) kind of look like arrows bringing the 4th Triangle to the other 3!!! And something that might not matter, on the N64 controller the four yellow arrow buttons, if you move some of them around the make a triforce plus one!!!Is ICE a tetraforce believer? -EXXEL-

JMK: Oh God.... not ANOTHER Tetraforce believer..... Look, Zelda 5 already came out, and there is NO Tetraforce!!! I can't believe some of you STILL think there are four pieces...... The three pieces that DO exist harness the power of the three goddesses that created Hyrule. There is no fourth goddess, so how could there be a fourth piece? I can't believe I'm even arguing this subject.... I mean look at how low you are stooping to try and prove your theory!!! You are talking about pyramids now!! You are counting bird's feathers and controller buttons for God's sake!! What's next, counting the letters in the name "Link"??! Or how about counting the letters in the name "Zelda" and coming up with a new theory that supports 5 pieces??! Heck, why stop there?? How about a 2000 Trifoforce piece theory since the new millenium is coming up??! And just so you know, Ice is NOT a Tetraforce believer. He stated many times that he thought the theory was as lame as I do. He even posted it on the old Message Board if I remember right..... if it wasn't the Message Board, then he said it in one of the Letters sections... Anyway, he doesn't believe in the Tetraforce, and neither do I.

M a g i s u t h : As a lover of Fantasy and weird ideas, I'm always open to new possibilities ... but I'm not very keen on the Tetraforce. I think the "Fourth Triforce" is just decoration. Why didn't this issue arise in Zelda 3? If you remember, Link's shield in Zelda 3 (the art, at least) had TWO additional Triforces on either side of the Triforce. Woa, does this mean that in Zelda 3 there is a Pentaforce? Heheh.

Zelda master writes: there's one Zelda game pretty much no one knows about its called "the legend of Zelda: link's peril" its on a system called CD-i just thought you'd like to know that


Zelda master

JMK: Hmmm..... I provided our readers with a link to page that covers three "lost" Zelda games for the CD-i in one of the past Letters sections.... but none of these "lost" games were called "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Peril"..... The three we covered were called "Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon", "Link: Faces of Evil" and "Zelda's Adventure". I think you might be referring to "Link: Faces of Evil", in which case, we've got it covered and we already know about it, but thanks anyways. I have NEVER heard that there were 4 Zelda games for the CD-i..... but i could be mistaken. If you are SURE that this is a completely different game, please write in with with more information.... maybe an editorial?

Navie: Ice had reviewed Nintendo product lists again and again, as well as Phillips. There were only 3 cd-i games.

M a g i s u t h : They suck, so why waste your time on them?

Kefka5486 writes: This is about how the Next Zelda will appear. Zelda Will appear in the Year 2205, after the year 2000, so accually it will be useless(2000 Millenium). It will have so many Graphics, and the game's memory will be so large it would be like running Quake ][ on a 486 60mhz. Since the graphics are so Good, it will look like your watching a movie! Oh yeah Zelda won't be realesed from Nintendo, nor for Nintendo, it will be realesed by the Mystereious Company(CO), and it will be for The Mystery Cart loader. It will require a little Set of Pliers to take out, because its SOOOOO adictive, and it gets so hot, and the Cooler Fan won't work. So what you have to do is turn your Air Conditioner on full blast to play Zelda, and freeze to death, and not even no it. So....Thats the end of the world......

!The Endí

JMK: Hehehehe... awesome. I seriously doubt that Nintendo would be dumb enough to give up their copyright on the Zelda series again though.... I can't wait until Zelda 6.....

Navie: The year 2205? I'll be dead by then!

M a g i s u t h : FGNOnline (very reliable) reported that Miyamoto will be working on Zelda 6 shortly. What's even cooler is that it will not be for the Disk Drive (mainly because the DD won't be coming to the US) but will be for the N64! It will probably be the N64's best and largest game. I expect a Hi-Res mode and a cart size to beat Rare's rumored 512-Megabit cart for the upcoming Donkey Kong 64.

Jezza writes: Hi!
Could you PLEASE tell me where to get the scarecrow song, I have no idea where to get it... Also, do any of you know the chord sequence for the Gerudo theme, if so could ya please list them down in your reply. Please?

JMK: Alright, this is how you get the Scarecrow Song: As Young Link, go to Lake Hylia. On the bank of the lake, just before the fishing pond, you will see two scarecrows. Go to the one nearest to the edge of the water and talk to him. He will ask you to play him a song. Make up a song and be sure it's easy to remember. Now, go back to the same scarecrow as Adult Link, and talk to him. He will ask you to play the song for him again since he forgot it. Play the exact same song you played him when you were Young Link and now this song is your Scarecrow Song. You can play it at certain parts of the game and his friend, Pierre the Scarecrow, will appear and you will be able to hookshot to him in order to get certain items and things like that. About the Gerudo Theme: If Ice were here, I'm sure he could tell you the chord sequence in a heartbeat... but unfortunately, he is not....... You might want to try just sounding it out by ear, that's what Ice always did......

Navie: There's no mistake that Ice is/was a great musician, as well as the biggest and greatest Zelda fan of all time. And with that said, I'm going to close this section by telling you all how serious his situation really is. No one has heard from him for a month. All that we can do is pray that he's alive. The last sighting was over a week ago, and it was almost 100 miles from his house.

It's not a game, folks. He could be dead. All that I'm trying to say is to stop complaining. We haven't got too many, but we want it to stop. Just don't expect much from us until he gets back, ok?

M a g i s u t h : I (and the rest of the IZC staff, for that matter) hope that Ice is alright. Hopefully, he'll be home soon. Until then, we can only pray.