January 3rd, 1999

Boba Fett writes: Hello fellow web master! I run my own little humble site of my own, Zelda Central. The address is ********************************************** . I was wondering since you happen to be able to make many of your own MIDIs (They are GREAT might I add). I would like to use them on my web site. Just so you don't blow me off with a NO answer I would like to inform you that I am located under Yahoo! Search under Zelda64 and you should find me. What does this have to do with anything? Well, this means that I do receive a lot of visitors and they would see your music. I would give you full credit, a link to your web site and any help you might want on your web site. Mabey something like those neat little mousovers or some other HTML design. I am an expert on that. Please reply and I hope you the best to your web site and I will say a prayer for your family because of the recent death. Thank you SO much for your time.- Web master of Zelda Central

Navie: No.

JMK: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! SCREW OFF GAY REY!!! How was everyone's holiday? Alright, check it out: This letter is funny.... everyone remember Gay Rey/Ray from a few months back??? Well, this letter is from HIM (trying to use a clever disguise) and he actually has the nerve to ask US for permission to use our MIDI's!! You know, he doesn't seem like all that bad of a person when he's in disguise..... it's a shame (for him) that he had to be such a jack-a$$ in the first place...... HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I bet I can guess what Ice's answer will be..... and it is a NO!!!

Navie: If Ice were here, I honestly don't know what he'd say. But he's not. And I am. And do you know what I say? No. And do you know why? JMK said why.

I'm sorry I'm not my normal self today, but Ice has gone missing. Totally disappeared. I'm so worried about him... I know something horrible has happened to him... just keep him in your prayers...

Ultima9999 writes: I agree with your editorial about ZHQ. They really are one of the Zelda sites that suck BIG TIME! Once you go to their site, you've seen it all. And I mean ALL of it. Its a sad place, and Neils that its the only good Zelda site. Wrong! Take yours or Hyrule's for an example. Or how about The Golden Land. Can we forget Z64? All of these sites completely blow ZHQ out of the water. So what if ZHQ gets more hits? All the people that go to his site remember one thing. ZHQ sucks! Now if some of these sites merged together, I think something great would happen, hint, hint.

Hey Ice, I haven't seen much happening to your strategy guide, have you quit? ;( I hope not. Hey, I was wondering, how do you make midi files? Could you please answer me, as I want to do some for the site. Thanks a bunch, your site looks great!


JMK: Ummm.... No comment. =]

Navie: Ice sits there forever and figueres out the Zelda songs, then records them... or something like that.

If I say even a word about... "the site with three letters in its name, one of them a Q, the other an H"... I'll get a lawsuit slapped on me so fast my head would spin. If I did and Ice were here, he'd just edit it out, so out of respect for HIM (not the "Q and H" site), I'm going to clamp my mouth shut.

The reason the strategy guide has been stopped for awhile is because Ice ain't here.

Curtis writes: after you grow how do you get back to the fishing pond and the names curtis

Navie: after you grow up e-mail us again and punctuate and the names navie

JMK: There are two different ways to get back to the fishing pond as Adult Link: 1) You walk up to the edge of the cliff that the pond is on. Okay, now, you see how Navi flies up there and turns green? That means there is a hidden scarecrow there. You play the scarecrow song and POOF.... a scarecrow appears out of thin air. Now just hookshot over to the scarecrow and you're all set!! 2) Beat the Water Temple and the water level in the lake rises back to normal, allowing you to swim over to the pond.


JMK: Say what?? Level 12???!? Umm.... first of all, you'd have to find levels 10 and 11 because there are only 9 levels.... and second, I think this rumor is total c$rp. Thanks for writing in though.... if anyone hears anymore about this rumor, be sure and let us know!!

Navie: I remember a few weeks ago, when me and Ice were talking over Icq, he said that he swore that he was in a "Level 12" in Zelda 1 when he was a little kid (about 4 or so)... he said it was in the forest, right where level 7 is (he thinks)... this is odd. Maybe there's some sort of glitch that changes the # from 7 to 12... worth exploring the possibility. If it is indeed true, remember, you heard it on IZC first! (8^)

Ben writes: Hi, guys. I have three questions.
1. Is there a trick to beating Bongo Bongo in Zelda 64? I am at wits end!
2. Is there anything to the "Bucket Mouse" in Zelda 4? Nobody talks about him. Do you guys know what he is?
3. This isn't as much of a question, but don't you think there should be a law that says that everytime someone calls Link Zelda, they should be fined, or, in extreme cases, jailed?
Sincerely, Ben

JMK: I have three answers: 1) There is no "trick" to beating Bongo Bongo, just some advice. First of all, make sure you have all your bottles filled with faeries so you can be brought back to life a few times if needed. Second, stay kinda far away from his hands. Keep your bow and arrow ready to fire at all times. Always use Z-targeting to lock on to one of the fists and fire and arrow, as soon as it hits his fist, push Z again and it will lock on to his other fist... fire away. When both fists are hit, Bongo Bongo will freeze, now's your chance to really do some damage.... Hit Z again and lock on to his face (the red thing) and shoot an arrow as fast as you can..... He will fall after you hit his face with an arrow.... Charge him with your sword drawn and hack away at the big freak's face until he gets back up.... Repeat this pattern until he's dead. You'll get the hang of it. 2) Bucket Mouse.... Bucket Mouse.... Bucket Mouse?? I have no idea what you are talking about.... I'm sure I would remember if you explained in more detail, but as it is, "Bucket Mouse" does not ring any bells.... 3) Hehehehe... I agree 100%!!

Navie: The Bucket Mouse is mentioned in Grandpa Ulrira's house in Z4. I don't really think there's anything to this guy... just like Keaton in Zelda 64.

Jwil21 writes: I went to your letters page for the 20th and heard that music. Its from Castlevania for gameboy right? I used to just listen to the music on that game until the batteries ran out. Thanx

JMK: Yup!!! You know your music well, man!! I see I'm not the only one who thinks Castlevania music kicks some serious butt!! Listen for more Castlevania music in the future, because there is MORE where that came from!!

Joel writes: I'd just like to wish you and your staff a very Merry Christams!! and a
Happy New year!!!!

Your Loyal Fan,

JMK: Thanks man!! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you readers as well!!

Navie: In case you haven't noticed when scrolling through this page really fast, I'm red, and JMK's green, and the background is white, so we have the Christmas colors! Heh. Cool.