December 20th, 1998

Afd gsfd writes: Hey, thanks for answering my question about the lost Zelda games. I have another quick question if you don't mind. Is there any kind of editor for Zelda: A Link to the Past? I think that would soooo cool, to create my own Hyrule. Or what about any other types of modified Zelda games? Thanks for the info.

JMK: Hmmm.... I can't quite understand what exactly it is that you are trying to ask. I have no idea what you mean by an "editor" for Zelda 3. What I get from the rest of your letter is that either you are asking if there is a staff member exclusively assigned to making interactive games such as IZC's "Hyrule" or you were commenting on how fun it would be to create some type of a Zelda adventure yourself..... OK, first of all, there is no staff member here at IZC specifically designated to creating games such as Ice's "Hyrule". Ice thought of the idea for "Hyrule" a while ago and decided to put it on the site because it made a GREAT addition. "Hyrule" is one of the MANY features you will find here at IZC that make this site so unique from all the other run-of-the-mill Zelda sites out there. As for how much fun it would be to create a Zelda-type/Zelda game yourself: I would have to agree, it would be AWESOME!!! I also think that being a professional video game designer would be a great job.... I mean, you get to sit around and think of AWESOME story ideas for actual video games, draw, choose graphics and music, play other video games, and on top of all that, you get PAID for it!! Almost sounds too good to be true!!

Ice: Nope, there's no sort of editor for Zelda 3. The world isn't customizable. If you're bent on making your own Hyrule, though, I suggest learning C ++ or Assembly. Fun stuff. And as for being a game designer, you forgot one little aspect, JMK. Actually writing all the code and assembling the main engines and control routines. Fun stuff there, as well.

KingChicken writes: Hello. I noticed on your page that you have a Game Genie cheat for a purple ring. I remember a blue and a red, but not a purple. Could you please tell me what this ring does? Thanks a lot! KingChicken!

JMK: I do not own a Game Genie so I don't know for sure, but I would expect that the purple ring is no different from the blue one, except for the color. It also probably changes the color of Link's tunic to purple as well. I may be wrong though.... Anyone else know?

Ice: There was no Purple ring, but the code changes the blue or red ring to a purplish color. The ring does nothing. Fun stuff.

Ratman writes: I just bought a Link keychain today and he is wearing ear rings!! has he always worn these or is this just some strange joke by the people who made it?

JMK: Link wearing earrings???!!? That's a new one. I've never seen Link with any kind of earrings before..... Are you SURE they are earrings? I've seen Zelda with earrings, but not Link.... Anyway Ratman (What's up with all the animal names like chicken and rat today?), thanks for writing in with this letter, gives us all something to look out for next time we see a good picture of Link's ears. =]

Ice: Ack! You're blind, JMK man! Link wears an earing on EACH EAR in Zelda 64! GEEZ!

BrokLegPcs writes: Is there really a secret 8-bit ending for Zelda64? and how do you get it?

JMK: Whoa!! Where did you hear that??! I haven't heard of any secret 8-bit endings for Zelda 64..... but you can be sure that if I, or anyone else at IZC does, we will let all of you know about it as soon as we possibly can!!

Ice: I had mentioned the POSSIBILITY a long time ago... like, a year. Since it appears that Zelda 1 comes pretty soon after 5, then I thought maybe the game would just continue on. But I don't think so.

Jay writes: In the letters page on Dec 9, is the music from Mega Man X? I seem to remember it from the Armored Armadillo stage. Well, anyway great site, and keep up the good work!

Jay, Webmaster of The Humble Abode of Gaming

JMK: That's right, your ears aren't deceiving you. I have been choosing the music for all the Letters sections for the last month or so and the December 9th Letters page features a version of one of the Mega Man X songs. You must have either a good ear for music, or are a big Mega Man fan. Listen for more music from all your other favorite video games in the future. If you have any suggestions for music on the Letters section, don't hesitate to write in, I will do my best to see what I can find!! Oh yeah, and thanks for all the great compliments on the site, they are always welcome.

Ratman writes: In the third level of Link's Awakening I always end up with a key left over. I have had the game for almost 4 years now and i have looked everywhere in that level for some secret locked door or something but i have never been able to find a place to use the last key. Am i missing something in the level or does it just have a glitch that gives you an extra key?

JMK: I think there is a locked door that you are missing somewhere, possibly in a hidden room. After all, the third level isn't called the "Key Cavern" for just nothing, you know!! It must not be anything too important though, or else you would not be able to beat the level.... I seriously doubt it is a glitch because Miyamoto just doesn't have keys for no reason in his games, but like I said, I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you are missing an important item, chances are that it is just some bombs or rupees or something.

Guitarstring writes: Hey, I Love your homepage and I was wondering if maybe you can add a link of my new Zelda homepage to it, in exchange I will add a link of your page to mine, also.... If yes my Site Title is
Zelda: The Land Of Hyrule

Also Check Out my new webring when you get the chance called "Zelda's
Ring Of Time"
at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dome/3372/Ring.html

JMK: Thanks for the good words about IZC. As always, I don't mind helping where/when I can and I have no problems with putting up a link on our Letters page for all of our visitors to check out. If your site is one of the better ones, it might make our Top 10 (possibly being expanded to 20) next time Ice has a chance to review all the sites and update the Links section.

Ice: "Ring of Time", eh? I was considering making a webring for IZC, and calling it "Ring around the Rosey".