December 13th, 1998

Dan writes: Your site update is great! But it sorta reminds me f zh... never mind. I love the way you layed it out. Not having to scroll on the main page is a luxury not many site's have! Keep up the good work, I love this site.

JMK: I KNOW what you were going to say..... and I have THIS to say: Don't make me puke!!! I don't see how the re-launch reminds you of "ZH..... nevermind"..... I don't think so AT ALL!! Not even close!! I think they may have warped your mind.... the only thing I see that they have in common is that they are both on the Internet, both have staff members, both cover Zelda, and both have writing and pictures... but so does every other Zelda site!! Anyway, thanks for the compliments. And yes, not having to scroll is definitely a good thing. I would have to say that I like the new layout a lot better. Thanks again for writing in and telling us your thoughts.... even if I happen not to agree with the "ZH..... nevermind" part.......

James writes: A friend of mine and I am having trouble on Zelda 3. Both of us can't get get to the third Dark World Palace (the one in Skull Woods). We think we know where a warp tile is (in the Lost Woods in Light World), but there is a dark tile which needs the Titan's Mitt, which we don't have. We can't seem to manuver around the Pyramid of Power (DW) to get to the Skull Woods (DW) or the Village of Outcasts (DW). For further information, I own the game, while my friend has both the game & Rom image for the computer, which he is using. Can you help us?

JMK: Hmmm..... lemme think here..... it's been a while since I played Zelda 3....... OK, I remember now: First, begin from Kakariko Village in the Light World, make SURE you are in the Light World. Go to the top-left corner of the village and take the path into the forest. Now, once you enter the forest, go up and take the first path leading to the right. Follow this path into a small clearing. Pound down the two posts at the bottom of this clearing with your hammer and then lift the rock below the posts to reveal a warp tile. Step on the warp tile. Now you will be in the Skull Woods (Dark World), there are a few different caves in the woods that you need to go into to reach different areas of the palace. Hope this helped.

Ice: To get to the Village of Outcasts and stuff, you have to equip the Hookshot, and go to where the bridge lays in splinters. Shoot the Hookshot across the river at a point near the bridge, and you will be tossed across.

Ashley writes: you have the best zelda 64 site ive ever seen and i know how hard you work on youre midis and your sister :( i feel really bad but your hangin in there so keep those Zelda V midis comin i love em

JMK: Thanks for the great comments on the site Ashley!!And it's true, Ice puts a lot of time and effort into each and every one of those MIDI's, and it is GREAT to see that the work he puts in doesn't go unappreciated. About his sister..... I was also deeply saddened when hearing of his loss.... believe it or not, tears rolled down my face for the first time in YEARS.... Anyway, thank you to ALL the people who cared enough to take the time to send in all the wonderful letters and prayers for Ice and his family.... It is AWESOME to see that there are actually still people left who DO care in this screwed up world.....

Ice: Thanks for the comments on my music, Ashley. I love nothing more than comments on my music.

Tim writes: I was just wondering if you knew anything about the music in Zelda 64's TV promo..where it's from, if there's a recording of it someplace, etc. If you could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful

Thanks again,

JMK: Hmm.... beats me.... Ice?

Ice: Sure, I know a lot about the music in the promo video: It's in 4/4 time, then it switched to compund-douple time (like 6/8), it has a full orchestra in many parts, and.... the rest of your question beats ME, too. I've been looking into it for some time now, and my search has turned up empty. I'll keep trying though.

Bob writes: Great site, it has a lot of music that is very rare, that is why its exclusive!

JMK: Ice's MIDI's are one of the strong points of IZC. Many of the great MIDI's you find here cannot be found on ANY other site on the entire 'net, which not only makes this site something very special, but also VERY unique!! Letters like this are ALWAYS appreciated here at IZC!!

Ice: Hail the wonderful music!

Dan writes: A girl in my class said she has a Zelda game... (she told me about it when she saw I was decked out in my full Zelda outfit) for Sega CD. I'm a little confused, because I asked her about the CD-I, and she said she never heard of it. She is very trustworthey, and I think we should do some checking into it. (I'll badger her a bit, see if she'll bring it in). I just thought you would like 2 know. Well, off to the offical sega site! (I can't belive I just typed that Ice, Please forgive me.)

JMK: Interesting.... Although I have heard of the three "lost" Zelda games for the CD-i, I can't say that I have heard of any for Sega CD. Dan, please ask this girl what the name of her Zelda game is, because I REALLY want to know!! When she tells you, just drop us another e-mail and I'll get right on it and find out anything I can about this game. Have any of you readers ever seen or heard of this game? If so, let us know!!

Ice: no, No, NO! There were NO Zelda games for the Sega CD system! It may be for the Cd-i, though, or she may be on crack. Either way, have her bring it in, and send us a report of what you find! Unless you find out that she's just on crack. Keep that to yourself.

John writes: Hi, I have a few questions about Zelda 64, and I decided to write to you because you have a section about Zelda strategy. In Kakariko Village, I just CANT find the last 4 chickens, I know where a couple of them are, but I can't figre out how to get to them. I even tried jumping with a chicken to get over one of the fences. Also, how do I get into the Royal Family's tomb? YOu get grab it or anything. And, the gold spider in the graveyard - how do I get that? Zelda can't jump high enough. PLEASE answe these questions -I know there is a lot of them. Thank TON.

JMK: Sheesh.... I have found all 7 chickens, but I can't help you because you didn't say which chickens you already have.... But let me say this: You were on the right track when you decided to use a chicken to help you jump over the fence..... There are 3 that you can't get without floating with a chicken to certain spots..... also.... try busting open some crates with your roll attack..... If you still can't manage to find all 7, send us an e-mail telling which chickens you have already and I'll help you out from there.... To get into the Royal Family's tomb: Play Zelda's Lullaby on the seal in front of the huge gravestone in the back of the graveyard. Once the door opens up, be sure to kill ALL the bats flying around in the room, then the iron bars will raise and you can enter.... Have fun once you get inside.... heh heh heh..... And as for not being able to reach the Gold Skulltula: Have patience man! You need to get yourself the boomerang first!

Ice: "Zelda can't jump high enough"? Ugh.... please, man, the guy's name is LINK. "Zelda" is a girl's name... hence, "Princess Zelda"... If Link looks like a princess to you... well... you got problems, buddy.