November 15th, 1998

Dale writes: Hey, my bro and me are bickering and wouldlike to know is there or is there not any Zelda game for any non-zelda systems? (not including computer emulations) Please desribe in full your answer thanx.
Please respond a.s.a.p.
P.S. We made a small wager on it.

Ice: Hey, Dale, who won? You or Chip?

JMK: To my knowledge, there were THREE other Zelda games for a system OTHER than Nintendo. These games were for a system called the CD-i. It was made by Philips (Magnavox?) and really sucked, so almost no one ever heard of these games. They were called "Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon", "Link: Faces of Evil", and "Zelda's Adventure". They were not created by Mr. Miyamoto or anyone else from Nintendo. If you want to check out what these games were like go to this address: http://nth.simplenet.c om/zelda/games/cdi/index.htm. I have never gotten a chance to play any of these games, but there is a CD-i emulator in the works which will allow us to relive these games. The fact that there is no CD-i emulator already shows you just how much of a piece of junk the original CD-i system was. This new emulator should be completed very soon, and then we will ALL get to check out these "lost" Zelda games for ourselves. If you would like to know where you can see the progress being made on this emulator and where you can get it from when it is complete, go here: http://dana.ucc.nau.edu/~db t/CDi/CDiMain.html. Hope this helped.

Cyberserge writes: dear ice
i have been a long time reader. i normally would not email u but i came across a zelda site called tgl or the golden land and i found something very interesting they had the dark empowerment fan fiction too. i said to myself i bet its just coincidense its just the same title but different story so i cliked the first episode and its the same darkempowerment i read all this time. did they copy from u or what!! by the way the url is http://tgl.simplenet.com/index.htm so please answer this question

your loyal reader

JMK: Hehehehe..... the reason you have seen the Dark Empowerment stories at TGL is because Juliet (the author of DE) also works for TGL on the side. Actually, if I have my facts correct, she worked for TGL FIRST! Anyway, this is why you see the DE fan fics there too. They didn't copy us, and we didn't copy them. Thanks for pointing this out though!! It is good to know we have loyal fans out there who keep their eyes peeled for this sorta' stuff!! I would like to urge you (and all our other readers for that matter) to please report anything else like this you might see in the future. Good job Cyberserge, you are a TRUE IZC fan!!! =]

Ice: Thanks, buddy. Nice catch. Maybe next time, you'll get to bust somebody real good!!!


JMK: I agree with Joel, Ice! Unless you have BACKUP action figures in their packages and stored in a safe spot, I would not have opened the action figures up. I mean, these things will probably be worth $$$ someday!! But hey, I guess it's one of the sacrafices you have to make to run a good web-site, huh? Anyway, take my advice, and if you don't already have some BACKUP action figures still in their original packages, GET THEM!!!

Ice: Sheesh, I bought two!

Dan writes: Wo! Ice, how did you get the Zelda Action Figures? I thought they were supposed to come out this winter! Cool.

JMK: Hmm.... I was wondering the same thing myself....

Ice: My girlfriend's cousin works BD (I have no idea how to spell it...), so I got 'em about a week ahead of time.

Cyberserge writes: HEY ICE nice site i have been reading your site since navie first joined (she was my favorite staff member ) and then she left :( but last letter section she responded to that geek that was saying bad stuuf about your site, is she back :) please respond

JMK: Navie was WAY COOL!! I miss her too. As far as I know, that was a "guest appearance" in the last Letters section. Hopefully, we will get a lot more of these "guest appearances" in the future. It would even be BETTER if she CAME BACK!!! WE MISS YOU NAVIE!!!

Ice: I'm afraid Navie won't be around much. She was really bummed because her e-mail account (naive@zeldafan.com) was really dry. Only one or two people let her know that they were sad to see her go. Come on, people! Let her know that she was appreciated!

Jarrod writes: I can't wait for the relaunch, and a quick character summary for the owl in zelda four is:

The owl, friend or foe? He seems nice enough but can you really trust him? How does he know all about Kahoolint Island? How does he know what you have and what you have done? There are only two answers for this question. Either he is a well disguised enemy, trying to lead you to certain death, or a friend just trying to help you get home. There is no way way to tell but you, of course can decide for yourself.

Feel free to change any of it, and it might be something for Jman write an editorial on.

JMK: I think the owl is a friend. He warns you of dangers and points you in the right direction. The reason he knows all about the island is because he is an OWL!! Owl's are smart!! In fact, if I had NEVER played Zelda 4 before, I think it would be pretty tricky to beat it without the advice of the owl!! Have you noticed he DOESN'T lie?? If he was an enemy, I think he would lie and tell you all kinds of things to screw you up. Instead, he tells you where to go to beat the game. I don't think an enemy would willingly give out information on how to do that. That is my personal opinion.

Ice: Thanks, man. When I do a study on the Owl, that will certainly go in there. And I think J-Man should write an editorial on it, too.

Ryan writes: Man. You guys are killing me here! In case you didn't notice, DE11 is not working. It's kind of frustrating, to have DE12 up there, working, but yet I can't read it until I've read DE11 which I can't get too! Argh! Please, fix the link to DE11, Ice. I know you're grounded, but try your best... Oh, and Juliet, I've heard about your north castle site from a letters edition on IZC, but I have no idea how to find the site. Any info? Thanks,
Ryan Hoffman

JMK: I think I'll let Ice take this one....

Ice: Hey, calm down! Sometimes it takes a few hours for files to upload. I guess they spam up somewhere or something. And last I heard, North Castle was down, but the URL is http://members.xoom.com/North_Castle/ When XOOM is working right, she keeps the page well updated. I have no idea how she balances TGL, IZC, College, North Castle, and everything else. Go Juliet!