November 11th, 1998

Bony_45 writes: Ice, you are my hero. I would just like to tell you that you are the most dedicated to your site in the world. That is why I know that you will be the best site ever, of course if you are not that already. I just knew that you would need encouragement. It must be hard to work at school but I know you can do it and you are doing it so congradulations. You are now my favorite Zelda site because you are working so hard to bring us the best. Thank you.

Ice: Thank you tremendously for the encouragement, and it's viewers like you who keep me going, even in the hardest times. "IZC, brought to you by Ice, and VIEWERS LIKE YOU" (Sorry, I have got to stop watching PBS).

John writes: Okay, I have tried a million times to figure out the mysterious Ice's identity. And nothing I do works at all. So, give up, Ice! Tell us your identity!

Ice: No.

Thomas Short writes: Hiya, Ice! I've got a question for you, and I asked Zelda HQ, but I never got a reply. So I guess I'll try you out. Is the Marin in Zelda 64 the same Marin that is in Zelda GB? Thanks a lot.

Ice: No question should go neglected. Actually, there is no "Marin" in Zelda 64. There is a girl with a similar appearance and name, who is known as "Malon". Just kind of an ironic joke in the game courtesy of Nintendo. They are not the same people.

"Pakard Bell" Adrian Kelly writes: Nice page. ZHQ is also fantastic, so leave it alone, please

Ice: For God's sake, we stopped already! Get with the times, man!

Kazul: update your freakin news ok!!!!!!!

Ice: Escuchen, chico (Listen, man), I am grounded. G - R - O - U - N - D - E - D. That means I can't use the computer. I can only access it at school. And I don't go to school on the weekends. And I can't upload pictures from school. All the news has been Zelda 64 - related. I've told you people from Day 1 that when Zelda 64 was 50 days from release, I would stop covering it. So I stopped. Any other types of news will be updated. Sorry for sounding harsh, but I've had a lot of e-mails like this, and I haven't been feeling well lately. So sorry.

Matt writes: Do you think Zelda 64 is goinmg to be a breaker game for the Nintendo 64, and why?

Ice: Yes, it will be. Read my Zelda 64 preview in the Preview section to find out.

Luis writes: Que es un Zelda? Yo no se.

Ice: Zelda is a nifty series of games from Nintendo. Uh, I don't think you can handle too much more info.