November 2, 1998

Stick Boy: Hey Ice! Listen, I gotta hurry. I don't mean to sound stupid or anything, but how do you get the neat backgrounds and decals?

Ice: Okay, then by all means, hurry! A lot of the images your see on IZC are created specifically for IZC. Some are "borrowed" from my friends web pages (with their permission, of course), and some are on sites that give such items away for free. Most of the little pictures found around the site are made by my staff.

Bubba writes: Ice, lose some weight.

Ice: Excuse me?! I happen to weigh around my average weight. Had you said that to Navie (God rest her soul) or Juliet, that female weight consciousness would have stung you so hard that you would've felt like Navie just sat on you.

Garth Bricklayer writes: Ice! My main squeeze! I've got a really bad question…. WHO ARE YOU?!!!!

Ice: Who are you? You people might as well give up (ahem… DAN!). However, you can see a nice picture of my hand in the News section (11/1/98). Satisfied? TOUGH!

Timothy writes: Greetings, Ice's Zelda Central. I'm glad to see that Ice is alive and kickin', despite being grounded. Now I come to the reason of my writing. I really want to make your site better. And you have hinted at a new secret project in the works. I have analyzed everything on your site, and I have figured out what it is. Ice's Zelda Central is going to relaunch. Details! PLEASE!

Ice: Sure, I'll tell you exactly what you need to know: zeta hache cu es un grande bendejo! Naw, just kidding, those of you who know Spanish. Just seeing if you were paying attention.

John writes: Please Ice, tell us why you have been grounded. I need to know if I am visiting the site of a master murderer or something. I would like for you to tell us more about yourself as well.

Ice: A "master murderer"? No, I would hardly call myself a master. I've only killed about 15 people. All of them were idiots who asked me a similar question…

Someone writes: do you have icq? If so what is your #?

Ice: Sure, I got ICQ. My number is 21233745. Now, whenever I get off grounding, I'm going to be bombarded my brainless Zelda fans like myself. Oh, happy day!

Justin Nichols writes: Hello Mr. Ice,

This is Justin Nichols, links manager for the Zelda Headquarters. I was origonally going to boot you off the list for taking our storyline. But now I see that your page has much potential, and I would like to be on your staff doing editorials, or even as the Zelda 3 expert. I can also get you some good computer art if you wish, but news of a conversion over the ZHQ would help your page a lot. And with a little work, I can help give the page a great look and design. I now see that the ZHQ is getting even more mundane and old. I feel it is on the verge of colapse.

Justin Nichols, former Links manager of the Zelda Headquarters

Ice: I think this letter speaks for itself quite nicely.