October 31st, 1998

Ryan writes: Hey guys, I was just reading about the new connections that were made about zelda2, zelda3, and zelda5. Now I as I was thinking about this, I started to wonder. And I thought up this question. Now, Ice, I understand how you don't want your experience spoiled, so if you or actually, any of you guys don't want to learn something you might not know, then don't read on (although I'm sure all of you actually do know). So, as if that didn't make you curious enought, hehe.....

I'll put my question down here...

Ok. Now. We have the connection between Zeldas 2, 3, and 5 in that, 7 characters in zelda 5 happen to be the 7 wise men. Correct? Now, the 7 wise men are, of course, from legends that were talked about in zelda 3. Ok, and so there were 7 towns in zelda 2, which have the same names as these 7 character. Cool. Now, I actually have 2 questions. First: Do you guys think that in Zelda 3, the Nintendo people wrote the story of the 7 wise men, knowing that zelda 5 was going to be a prequel and there would be 7 characters who were to be these people? 2nd question: Do you guys think that when creating Zelda 3, the Nintendo people KNEW that there was going to be some connection with the 7 towns they had named in Zelda 2, so they created the legend of the 7 wise men to be the same number of people as there were towns in zelda 2? Ok, so I have a 3rd question too. 3rd question: Do you guys think that when creating zelda 2, the had some idea that the towns might actually be named after characters in future games or do you think they were just very lucky to have named their towns with names that could be names of people? Well, I do realize that these questions have answers that would be very hard to find out, so, I am really just asking your opinion here. But perhaps the speculations will make some good discussions to put on your respective web pages. Great job with the sites, guys, and hang it there.
As Ice said, only a month left!!!

JMK: Answer 1: I think that the story of the 7 wise men was originally just added to Zelda 3 to provide a good storyline for the 7 girls, but still leave the POSSIBILITY for a prequel. I don't think they already had the Zelda 5 story predetermined though. I mean, one of the reasons they kept delaying the release date was because of an incomplete storyline! Answer 2: I think that ONE of the reasons they picked the number of wise men/maidens in the Zelda 3 legend to be 7 was because they wanted it to correspond with the towns in Zelda 2, yes. Answer 3: I think they were "lucky" because from what I hear/read Nintendo actually SOLD the rights to the Zelda games to Panasonic sometime after Zelda 2 and then later bought them back before the creation of Zelda 3. That "fact" alone suggests that they were not planning on any future games when they made Zelda 2.

Ice: I think the way it fit together was pure luck.

SCNWO: In my opinion, I always thought that the whole Zelda legend was created way before the first game ever came out.  Then, they figured to tell the whole story was too hard, so they tried to sum it up a little in part 1.  But after its success, they went ahead and explained further.  Pre-planning will be proved when the quadraforce is revealed in a later game, because it correlates perfectly with part 3.

Stalfos333: I can say with the utmost confidence the following:

a: No, the seven maidens were a space issue. They had room forseven Dark World Palaces, so there were seven maidens.
b: No.
c: No, I doubt that they would have looked three games into the past and thought to name the towns with people's names. They named the wise men after Zelda 2 cities for a tie in with little thought about it beforehand

Joel writes: Its not that I don't like Navie with her comments and all, but I was wondering if you asked her to leave the IZC team because you felt she had outlived her usefullness to the site. Zelda 64 will be released in a little over a month and as far as I can see, she was there to answer questions and give her depictions of the game. The main reason I was wondering about her leaving was because all she did (no offence meant by this but it IS all she did) was answer some e-mail (well lots of e-mail in the beginning but it slowed down to practically a stop in the end). And for that to have gotten in the way of school work sounds kind of fishy. If she did do more for the site than we, as the readers, didn't know about I'll understand. Even if you e-mail me a reply saying "Yes Navie did leave because she felt her working on IZC was interfering with her grades" I will most definitely believe your word. Thank you for your time.


PS If the reason she did leave was because you asked her to and you wanted to save her the embarrassment of being cut loose by telling the world she had to leave because of school I would still like to know the truth, if it is any different from what was posted. (was that a run-on sentence if you ever saw one :) )

PPS I'll leave the choice up to you to print this letter on your site. I don't mind if you do because it was an honest question.

PPPPPPPPPPPPS(I can keep going:) I feel you have lost a great staff member and would like you to tell her to try to find time to come back in the near future.(your answers to letters needed the spicing that she was giving)

JMK: As far as I know, school WAS the true reason Navie left the site. It was by her own choice. Nobody here wanted to see her leave the staff. And yes, I agree we lost a great staff member and that she added some great personality and humor to the letters page. I would also like to see her return sometime soon, as the letters section seems to be missing an important element with out her. She was never afraid to speak her mind which was not only respectable, but provided a good contrast to the other staff mambers/readers comments and created some originality and even some controversy.

Ice: Yes, IZC and the world lost a great thing when Navie left. However, if you hang out in our Chat Rooms longs enough, you may be able to catch her there for a few minutes. Good luck.

PeaceMaker writes: Ice- From now on if you get a nasty message from someone...don't post it on your site...dont even reply! Don't give them the satisfaction by informing them that you you read it and payed attention to thier stupid remarks. As for this whole who has a better site issue between you and ZHQ- Both your sites are great. I visit both sites each day to get the latest news. See ya!

JMK: That is a good idea. Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, so to keep the letters all positive would be unrealistic. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and presenting conflicting opinions makes for an interesting letters page. Of course, I DO like posting the positive letters MUCH more than the negative ones.

Ice: Thanks. I encourage all the readers not to just go to one site, but to go to several. That's what I did before IZC, and I got complete Zelda info. We have several things that ZHQ doesn't, and they have several things that we don't. One site can't cover everything.

SCNWO: There are times when you HAVE to post someone's letter in order to give them what they deserve, a good bashing!

Stalfos333: If we don't post the letters from those people who are so dumb that they don't realize that they can leave if they don't like a website, how would we ever vent our anger? Simple, we would be forced to overthrow the government and splinter off into small political groups and declare meaningless wars. Do you see why we must post the hate mail?

Wallmaster writes: Hello JMK, I just wanted you to know that I really didn't meen some of the things I said. Anyways, I wasn't just targeting you. I was talking about the staff in general. Sorry. I hope things can be better between IZC, ZHQ, and us. Bye.

JMK: Apology accepted. It is good to see that you aren't a total jerk. =] I am sorry for anything I may have said that may have offended you. Next time, try to direct who your comments are towards.

Alex writes: Hey, I think your site rules.Thats why I would like you to tell me how to put fan fiction on the site.I am a 17 year old aspiring writer and I also happen to love all 4 of the games and am sure to like the fifth.I also was wondering if you are going to have a strategy guide on this page.I do not enjoy cheating in the least but I nearly demolished my nintendo as a twelve year old playing zelda 1 and would not like to repeat the experience with a fine piece of equipment like an N64.I would sincerely appreciate it if you E-Mailed me with the answers to my questions.Being such a good site,you must be busy with other people like me,and I would be much obliged if you could respond.Regardless,I will continue regular visits to this spendid web page

JMK: Send your fanfics to J-Man.

Ice: We can take them at sillychillyman@myself.com, too, if you'd rather.

Crysaler writes: Hello. I hear you are all talking about Zelda V and it going
advertising. Well, earlier this morning, I heard

an ad for Zelda 64/V/5 on the RADIO!

Now I wait while you gladly craze yourself with new Zelda 64 news.
Please move your body back to your desk. Keep in mind,


I could have sworn on the holy bible, but I respect your religion if it
is not of Christian Descent. I am ready and willing to answer any
questions you have about it and an exclusive. Thank you, and please

ASAP ! ! !



JMK: Cool =]

Ice: Totally!

SCNWO: Well, I have also heard the commercial, seen the promo video (not on a computer), and already have the Z64 shirt.

INS writes: Hey Ice,
I like how you try and everything to make your site great and all, but don't you EVER, EVER sat that you're the LEAST bit better than ZHQ.com. You're site is slow as he*l, it's all white, and you can't draw worth cr*p! Heck, I can doodle better than you! Work one your site a little more. And one more thing: how old are you?

JMK: Ah yes, what would the letters section be without an occasional letter from a simpering idiot who has nothing better to do then talk smack on people?! Yay! Jerk.....

Ice: Okay, dude. I'm gonna have to call in the cavalry......

Navie: Okay, listen up, jerk. For one thing, Ice never said that he was better. Not at all. Open your freakin' eyes, damn it! If you recall (which you obviously don't, you don't have the mentality level), Ice has repeatedly said that ZHQ is BETTER than IZC! God, man! Only a freakin' loser would write something like the cr*p you weirdos shove out your a*s! And I happen to like Ice's artwork. He*l, even if you can doodle better than he can, I'm sure he can beat you at ANYTHING else. You wanna slam our site some more? As soon as you make a site that tops IZC, THEN I'll listen to your sh*tty remarks! Have a nice life, a*shole! "And one more thing:", what's your freakin' problem!!!

Stalfos333: Now, PeaceMaker, that could have been a small, defenseless country. Can you imagine the carnage?