October 24th, 1998

Wall master writes: Hello IZC, I think you and ZHQ should call a truce. Now don't start labeling this hate mail from a Zelda HQ worshiper. Because It's not. You both have strengths. ZHQ for it's excellent HTML and great news updates, and you for your originality and great game info. To tell you the truth, you All act pretty lame. That includes ZHQ. Why don't you just work together? Now you can mock me. Call me fat or stupid because I spelled something wrong! Ha ha ha. You are soooo funny. Oh,well I guess I should just go to Hyrule the Land of Zelda. It's a great site. I hate your little games for control. Lose the attitude. Bye the way, I just love it when you victimize Navie, she helped you launch your site, but she's fat and stupid. Give the faerie a little more credit!!

Your cocky answer: Whaaaa hate mail hate mail hate mail!!!

Yes, I guess it has become hate mail, to BOTH of your sites, I'll go visit the north castle because Juliet is nice. I like your sites but I CAN'T STAND SOME OF THE TRASH YOU BOTH PUT OUT !!!

Come on get happy, a whole lotta lovin' is what we'll be brinin'...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Hay Navie, you are nice, but you need to give the answers that you send to us, not smart comebacks. ;)

JMK: Well, I for one, agree that there needs to be a truce called. This was a very encouraging letter UNTIL the "you All act pretty lame" part... from there, it just went downhill and Wall master's immaturity took over. I think YOU are pretty lame yourself there, Wall master. Another thing, I ONLY trashed Navie ONCE and that was because it was "Trash Navie Day". I wrote her a letter apologizing for what I said and that she shouldn't take anything that I said seriously. If you will notice, Navie and I have ALWAYS been cool.We NEVER bashed each other. I was very sad to see her go. She was great for this site, and I considered her a friend as well. She will be dearly missed...

Ice: Missed? Hehehe... NO! Actually, she didn't help launch this site at all. It was launched by me and a guy named Ganon, who never did anything, so I kicked him out. Then, I put up almost everything you see on the site all by myself. Soon, Navie stormed onto the scene, and, well, forced me to put her on the staff. She was really great, and she always e-mailed people with serious, informative answers. She's greatly missed. And yes, Juliet is nice and does run a great page up there at North Castle.

Carol writes: Great page!!

A question tho: That picture of Link on the main page is from Zelda the cartoon show..right?? Do U know when that comes on??

Thanks a trillion! :)

JMK: Yes, the picture of Link is from the old cartoon show. The Zelda cartoons used be on in the afternoons where I lived. They always aired either before or after the old Super Mario Bros. cartoon. They were cancelled a few years ago, so I'm sorry to say you will not be able to see them on TV. There is good news though: I have been hearing that the Cartoon Network is considering putting the series back on the air in the near future. Whether this is true or not, I don't know. I guess we all have to wait and see.

Ice: It's not true. Just a silly rumor. thanks to Cruiser, IZC has the Zelda Cartoons now. So ask us anything, and Cruiser will handle it.

Grace writes: I really love your page! Especially since you got some pictures from the cartoons. The fan art page is great too. I think you should get some screen shots of Ganon from the cartoon, along with some other charactors. And also the pictures that go along with the comics. But your site in general is wonderful! Keep up the good work!

JMK: I think the pictures that go along with the comics is a GREAT idea!! One problem..... I don't have a scanner!! =[ I agree that the cartoon section was a nice addition to the site though. Thanks for all the great compliments on the site, they are really nice to hear.

Ice: You want Ganon? Check out the Pictures section on the Cartoon page!

Darklake writes: Hi! Great site, I enjoyed it a lot. I just have one question. What the heck is an emulator? Thxs!

JMK: An emulator is a program that makes your computer act like whatever system it is emulating. Like if it is a SNES emulator, then it makes your computer run like a SNES. You can find almost EVERY game for every emulated system (in a file format called a "rom" that lets emulators run it) all over the Net. Emulators basically allow you to have video game systems and ALL the COMPLETE, PLAYABLE games for them for free on your computer. Cool, huh? I hope this clears up what an emulator is for you. Just for the record, this is NOT, and I repeat, NOT an emulation site by any means though...

Jookey writes: Ice, your page is pathetic to ZHQ. You obsess to Zelda. I bet you don't have a life at all a bit. You probably haven't ever even had a girlfriend (but Navie doesn't count)

JMK: Jookey is an idiot. Plain and simple. Why don't you just go to another site Jookey? I know you were criticizing Ice, but just to let you know how pathetic you sound, getting a girlfriend has never been a problem for me.

Ice: I try to keep me social life out of my viewers knowledge, but for you, I'll make a special exception and e-mail you.

Raphael writes: The Cartoon section is awesome! You guys did a great job on it! It has more updates than the actual IZC does! Keep up the magnificant work!

JMK: I agree, the cartoon section is great. Again, thank you to all the people who actually have something POSITIVE to say about the site.

Ice: Yep, Cruiser rules. His section is a good reason to visit IZC.

CODON101 writes: What has exactly been happenening between the lower or not as important staff of IZC and ZHQ. I go to both sites and respect each nut need to see which one really acts more maturely "behind the scenes" as you put it.

JMK: If we wanted all the readers to know what goes on behind the scenes, why would it be BEHIND THE SCENES then???? You don't need to see anything..... NOSY!!!

Ice: If you want to know, ask ZHQ. I'm not going to rehash anything that went on. As I have said, though, the upper staffies, such as me, JMK, Niels, and Master of Hyrule, behaved quite humanely.