October 15th, 1998

Kevin writes: I recently heard of your site while reading the letters column. That scnwo (or how ever he wants to spell it) seemed a little immature but I was bored so I figured I'd try your site. I checked out your site and granted it is a good site, but then I read the Izc vs. Zhq, and what little respect I had was lost. You have a nice site so why not leave it at that. I know YOU personally do but your "staff" doesn't seem to get the point. I read many of the letters sections and it's a joke. Some one asks a question, it gets answered, then You have to read fifty little comments between you "staff" that appearently they think are witty, but in reality; lame. I really wouldn't mind if they could at least write something half-as*ed funny but no. Your games file is a joke. I only tried the zelda 3 file but i don't even want to bother with the others. IZc is also not pleasent to look at. Its so...plain....then you got pop-up. The most annoying feature the internet has to offer. Your updates for the last week have been fan-fic, and while that may not be my cup of tea, is pretty lame considering the news going on right now. Wondering what I'm talking about? Go check out zhq and find out because you really dropped the ball this time. Your "staff" complains that zhq staff treats them badly, well gee I wonder why. Well I guess thats about it. I know that this won't be printed and if it is, it will either be only so scnwo and you other "cool" members can make fun of my spelling or so they can make fun of Navie's weight. I've come here for about a week and frankly I've had enough just thought I would clue you in as to whats wrong with your site.

JMK: Gee... how nice... MORE hate mail! And yes, it IS hate mail. Let me clue you in as to what is wrong with your thinking: First of all, stop complaining and make YOUR OWN D*MN SITE! Then I can write YOU a nice long letter explaining why I think you are such a lamer. Second, Ice is not the ONLY staff member here that "gets the point". I have stated time in and time out why I said what I said about ZHQ, and I have not bashed them since. As far as the members of this staff that you think "don't get the point", everyone here is entitled to their OWN opinion, that is part of what makes this site interesting. I have never said ZHQ's staff treated me badly, only that I resented the fact that we weren't being acknowledged and that most of their staff hasn't even PLAYED alot of the Zelda games. Now about SCNWO's "immaturity": if you recieved some of the letters he did from ZHQ's staff, you would be acting the SAME way. But, I bet you didn't know there is more going on behind the scenes that you all never get to see, did you? Well, now you know. Take my advice, and stick a sock in it. You should not be commenting on a situation that you don't have all the facts on. By the way, I will not make fun of your spelling because I only noticed a few mistakes, which could be dismissed as typos. But frankly, your grammar could use some work. =]

Ice: JMK's right, actually. There was a lot going on behind the scenes. A lot of the ZHQ staff members proved to be intelligent, decent, honest, respectable people. However, there were others that proved just as bad or even worse than SCNWO. I'll assure you, the main staff members of both sites acted very maturely.

SCNWO: OK, let me try and say this again. The very first letter was just a joke and I was trying to get the site some publicity. Then within a week or so, everyone at this site was getting harrassed, especially me. I got called a few things that REALLY make me mad, so I had to lay the smack down. Now I don't dislike everyone at ZHQ, just a SELECT FEW. Next, about us making little comments, I'm sorry, maybe we should ALWAYS be serious 24 hours a day. I think people hearing me call you a panzy a$$ Jabronie is pretty funny, but maybe I'm wrong (nah, I'm right). Finally, do you know how much work making a website is? Ice does SO much work it's not even funny. And for what, you to say it looks ugly? Try to make your own site and see if you can get 10,000 visitors in around five months, I really doubt it.

Stalfos333: If you'll check, we started toning down our attacks (defenses?) soon after they started toning down theirs.  I would like to state again that I was always against any verbal warfare between the two sites.  I am in favor of competition, however, because healthy competition breeds good sites.  Hear that Navie?  I said HEALTHY competition, not verbal warfare.

Navie: I, for one, am totally in favor of bashing ZHQ, ripping their heads off, and tossing them to the dogs. And Ice has surpressed me in talking about them, but, this being my last project as a staff member, he's just turned me loose. However, odd as it may seem for me, I don't want to leave on a bad note... So I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about ZHQ. But not about Ice.

Lorkay writes: stop the presses..it's the Iceman's Birthday lets cut the ice-cream cake ???? have a "cool" day ..Ice ..enjoy it's friday .

JMK: Happy Birthday to you..... Happy Birthday to you..... Happy Birthday dear Ice-man...... Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday Ice. =]

Ice: Aw, I'm blushing so much, I'm starting to melt! :-)

SCNWO: Happy Birthday Ice.........I know you people don't really give a care, but mine is on the 18th.

Stalfos333: In case you were wondering, Ice's birthday was a couple days ago, not today.

Navie: You're melting? My God, Ice, J-Man could've come up with something better than that! I'm sorry if my hurtful words rip you up inside like a can of four-month old beans, but they're as true as J-Man is stupid.

Gracie writes: Hi, kids,

Allrighty, now, I think it may be time for you guys to stop bashing ZHQ. Not you, specifically, Ice, but more so your staff members. Now, I know that at one time, they did mock you on ~their~ Letters page, but , as I recall that was perhaps once or twice-In any case, not as much IZP bashing goes on there as ZHQ bashing goes on here. It seems to be rather . . .Juvenile. You kids have to be old enough to understand that it is rude to go on offending ZHQ like that-Why, heck, even ~I~ know it's rude, and I'm only sixteen. Actually, I happen to lean towards being more of a ZHQ fan, although I do read both of the sites, and I find yours nice as well. The reason I read both sites is because I appreciate them both for different qualities. It just happens that ZHQ happens to have more of the qualities I like in a page-Such as more intelligent writing,better grammar, creativity, layout, and information. IZP, however, happens to have a better choice of midis(And I really do mean that, I like ~all~ of the music on this page-My compliments to the composer!). Both IZP and ZHQ have one of the qualities I admire most, though-The dedication to try and give their readers a good n' juicy site. In conclusion, drop the petty attitude, and this site will be pretty darn good. Thanks for listening!

JMK: Who you callin' a kid?! I agree, the "petty attitude" is getting old. It is good that everyone sees that Ice does not partake in ZHQ bashing, but I will point out (yet again) that I don't either. I stated why I don't like them a few times, and that is it. So please don't include me when you complain about it. Is that too much to ask of everyone? I didn't think so. Also, as I stated earlier, there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the reader's eye, so please don't criticize what is not fully apparent to you. And, yes, the midis kick a*s.

Ice: You like my music! I composed a lot of the MIDI's, and I love hearing people's comments on them. Did you guys know that IZC originally started out with a focus as being an all-music Zelda site? And then I just grew and grew... you know the story.

SCNWO: What does it matter to you if ~I~ make fun of ZHQ? I am also 16, and believe me, under my circumstances, you wouldn't like ZHQ either. How about this, whenever you guys insult this site for being against ZHQ, just direct it to ~me~. I don't care if harsh words are exchanged, it's not like we're literally fighting. You people need to sit back, calm down, and realize that it's only a website, ~sheesh~

Navie: Tell me ~about it~.

Shurly1 writes: i am looking for zelda game hints to get through some places. do you know where or how i could get them???? thanx

JMK: I have seen hints at almost EVERY Zelda site on the net, including this one!! But, if for some reason, you STILL can't find what you need, I will suggest going to www.nintendo.com. They will have everything you need to go through the Zelda games step by step. Good luck.

Ice: I don't know what it is, but people just can't seem to find the Games section! IZC is a pretty good source for info on the games, especially Zelda 1, 2, and 4. Here's a direct link to it: GAMES

Navie: Hey, if you can find Ice's mother, you can find the Games section (Hint: She's that really really big thing blocking the sun).

Zombie9 writes: I was reading your area that's against the theory of the 4 Triforce peices, but noticed something...

Why would it be called a TRIforce if there were FOUR pieces?!?! If there
were four pieces, why would they only "appear" on Link's shield while in
the rest of the game, there are only three pieces shown?!?! Why hasn't
Nintendo ever mentioned a fourth Triforce?!?! If there are four Triforce
pieces in this game, then why aren't they in any of the OTHER games,
since this one takes place first chronilogically?!?! How come none of
the wise men or Impa never said anything about a fourth piece?!?! How
come none of the stories handed down through the generations ever
mention a fourth Triforce piece?!?! How could anyone that possessed the
three pieces of the Triforce gain absolute power and control of the
Zelda universe if there was a fourth piece?!?! Wouldn't anyone with the
Triforce of Knowledge gain knowledge of a fourth, forgotten piece?!?!
I think the answer to all of these questions is very simple- THERE IS NO

As for it being called the Triforce with four peices, note that in the
original LoZ, there were only two 'peices' of the Triforce, technically
each peice being a single Triforce, simply because they were in the
shape of a triangle. Those are the Triforce of Power, which Ganon had,
and the Triforce of Wisdom or Knowledge. The third peice, the Triforce
of Courage, was not added until The Adventure of Link. But I do agree
with you that there is no fourth peice, but the theory supporting it
makes for interesting reading.

JMK: Actually, there have always been three pieces, only the Triforce of Courage was not used in the first one. Just because it didn't appear, doesn't mean it wasn't there. If your logic was true, that would mean there was only ONE piece in Zelda 2, since the other two never appeard in that one. About the TRIforce thing: I have often wondered if they are called Triforces beause of their shape or because there are three of them as well. It could really be either one. At any rate, I was just throwing out some ideas to try to disprove the retarted Tetraforce Theory. I am glad to see that you are in agreement with me though!!!

SCNWO: With all the info that has already leaked out about Zelda 64, I'd think we'd already know if there was a Quadraforce.

Ice: I've recieved several letters asking about my position on the Tetraforce theory. I'm Anti-T-Force.

Stalfos333: Keep in mind that the Tetraforce theory at that time was almost solely an editorial from Howard, and it wasn't retarted.  Maybe tarted, but definitely not RE-tarted. 

Navie: No, not retarted at all. You want retarted? Check out ZH- er, uh, Ice's intellingance quotient! Uh, yeah!

Ice: Uh, no!

Philip writes: Just so you know. I have beaten Legend of Zelda 1, 3, and 4 without dying. :) Here's the redorcd for you though. You have to use the warp trick to do this. finish Legend of Zelda 4 with Marin or Bow Wow still following you.

JMK: Beating Zelda 1, 3, and 4 without dying is a good accomplishment. It is really not all that hard for a skilled video game player though. I mean, they ALL (Zelda 1, 3, and 4) have potions you can use that will refill your life, so with some patience, it can be done. Don't get me wrong though- I'm not trying to downplay what you did by any means. Beating Zelda 4 with Marin or Bow Wow still following you is a whole 'nother story! Now THAT is an accomplishment!! Good job!!

Stalfos333: Try to beat Zelda 3 without getting hit.  It's hard, but not impossible.  If it weren't for Ganon, I would have had it.  Those freaking firebats...Kudos on the Bow Wow and Marin thing

Ice: Aw, come on guys! Beating the game with Marin or Bow Wow is a piece of cake. Beating Zelda 3 without getting hit, though... I gotta try that sometime! In fact, if I don't update for about a week, blame Stalfos.

Navie: Ice is so fat, it's impossible NOT to hit him.

BHJADHSO writes: Hi and the site is awesome. the problem is that the hyrule game's secret links don't work.it gives me a message saying that the page is not avaiable. I'm just wondering if it is my browser or that no one can get on to the secret links.

JMK: Thank you for the compliment on the site! It is always nicer to hear things like that than it is to hear some annoying little brat going on and on complaining and nit-picking about each and every little thing that does not suit their tastes perfectly. While Hyrule is a very fun game that Ice put together, it is still incomplete as of now. That is why it says the pages are not available. Why not solve the puzzle for now? The first five people were promised a prize, and only three have gotten it so far! So, get to it! There are still two spots left!!

Ice: Actually, four people have gotten it. It's a mad dash to be the last one!

Navie: It's a mad dash to shut Ice up!

Irma writes: howdy navie, This is your #1 fan, Irma. I was just writing to say trhat you're my most favorite in all the staff and you make Ice's Zelda Page worth reading.

Navie: I'm... touched. For perhaps the first time in my life, I'm forced to leave something that really means a lot to me. I know it sounds kind of silly, but working on this page has given me great pride and satisfaction. But school, the number one killer of websites, has claimed another victim. As I leave, I'd just like everyone to know that, even though I constantly slammed and degraded Ice, I really look up to him and respect him more than anyone else. The amount of work that he puts into everything and the dedication he has to the site is unmatched anywhere, and I'd like to thank him for everything that he's done, not only for me, but for the world. Before Ice, there was really nowhere that true fans could gather and be heard, but Ice has revolutionized the Zelda world. Thanks you Ice, for everything. And thank you everyone, for all your comments, insults, suggestions, friendships, and everything else. I'm still going to check my e-mail regularly, and I look forward to hearing from you. So I guess this is goodbye. IZC has meant a lot to me, and so have all of you. So farewell, Ice. I love you with all my heart. And, in your infamous words, "Thus endeth another staff member"... and a friendship that I'll cherish in my heart as long as I live.

We'll miss you Navie