October 6th, 1998

Caroli writes: How do you know that Mido is the capital of Hyrule? In the new "The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time"-map from NINTENDO POWER, Goron is the capital of Hyrule! Also, why is the Story section filled with a bunch of fan-cr*p, when it should be in a fan-page? Send a letter to me on: ************************************ Some day, your site may be as good as Z64 or ZHQ, but you'll have to work really hard.

-Caroli-(The Zelda-Headquarter-loyal Zelda-fan)

JMK: Welcome to another edition of IZC letters. I have been promoted to "Letter Cheif" so I will be in charge of this section from now on. Of course, Ice will still be responding. The only difference is that I pick the the letters that go up now. And now for my first response as "Letter Cheif": Caroli, Hyrule is a constantly changing land. I'm sure that the capitol of this land has canged MANY times throughout it's history. It would probably be correct to say that Mido is the current capitol, and when Zelda64 comes out, THEN Goron will be the new one. As far as your Story section comment: the "fan-cr*p" that you see in there is in the FAN-FICTION section, moron. The actual Story section tells the story of the Zelda saga. Next time you have a complaint, please look into it more before you make a fool of yourself again. And finally, in MY humble opinion (and I KNOW many fans agree with me here) IZC has ALREADY passed ZHQ and Z64!! Anyone agree with me here?

Ice: Actually, as many of you know, Zelda 64 takes place way before Zelda II, and, as JMK said, Hyrule is a constantly changing land, but as of the Zelda Comics and Cartoon time, Goron doesn't even exisit anymore. Perhaps it became Mido? Zelda 64 may take place 1,000's of years before Zelda II, so, in contrast with what JMK said, Goron will not be the current capitol when Z64 is released, Mido still will be.

Navie: Caroli, newsflash! : You suck!

Sheik: Who cares about what the capital of Hyrule is in Zelda 64, I just want the game. Also, the fan-fiction isn't cr*p.

Stalfos333: Um...No. The castle is the capital of Hyrule in Zelda 5, which is what you are talking about. Goron wasn't called the capital of Hyrule, just the capital of the mole looking people. Just thought you might like to know. As for Mido being the capital, Ice should have clarified a game, which he didn't.

SCNWO: Do me a favor Caroli, tell me why ZHQ is better.  I'll tell you why IZC is A LOT better.  Ice's updates are not empty, shallow ones, we have better strategies, we have better music, we know more about the games, we'll soon have WAY better logos, and I find our letters sections better.  Go ahead, I'm waiting................

PyRoMaNiAc writes: I was watching the promo movie of Zelda 64 from ign64, when I noticed something a bit odd. Towards the end, there is a scene with someone running out in front of Link and gets hit by some magic that was cast by the fire and ice witches. Does anyone have any idea as to who this person is? Please e-mail me ASAP!!!!

JMK: Hmmm... that is a darn good question!! I have been pausing the movie over and over again at that part (2:39) and I still can't figure it out!! The person getting hit appears to be wearing a long, white robe and has red/orange hair. At first, I thought it might be Sheik because of the outfit, but upon closer examination, I don't think so anymore. I guess this is ANOTHER mystery that only the release of Zelda64 will be able to solve!!!

Ice: It was Navie's mom. Wait - the thing was running. My bad, Navie.

Navie: Wanna know why it was running? It smelled you coming, Ice!

Sheik: I haven't had a chance to download that video.Everytime I try, there's too many people downloading it.I'll give it a try in a few days and maybe I'll understand.

Stalfos333: I noticed that too, but I have no idea as to what it is. That's a first, huh?

SCNWO: I'm personally waiting until this preview plays in the movies to truly experience it.  If I know who it is then, although everyone will probably know by then, I'll tell you.

George writes: Will the game (zelda 64) and/or 64DD release use a rumble pak or a memory card?

JMK: I think Mr. Miyamoto has been quoted saying that Zelda64 will be rumble pak compatible, but only SLIGHTLY because he doesn't want people without a rumble pak to miss out on much. I also know that the game will have three save slots so it will not be necessary to get memory card. Whether this means you CAN'T use one is still unclear to me though.

Ice: Yes, Zelda 64 uses a Rumble Pak. You can't use it until you get a special item though, which is cool. You kind of have to win the Rumble Pak ability. But if you don't own a Rumble Pak, and you feel the controller vibrating, don't worry, it's only Navie's stomach.

Navie: Wrong, it's Ice stomping down the stairs in a mad, slobbery rush for his 10-minute snack!

SCNWO: Your both wrong, by that time it will be ZHQ's empire crumbling down to the ground.  We'll smash 'em, we'll smash 'em good, hehehehehe........sorry.

Stalfos333: Let me clarify. In Zelda 64, you need to find something called the Stone of Agony in order for the rumble pack to beat like a heartbeat when you are near a secret. The game has three save slots, much like the other Zelda games. Feel free to put a save pack in your controller and pretend to save on it if you like added complication (it won't save).

FuquayMan writes: Hmm...do my eyes decieve me or does your page seem surprisingly similar to ZHQ? If I were you, I would keep my mouth shut and quit bashing ZHQ because it's pretty darn obvious which one is the better site. Take my advice and make your OWN web site...not just a cheap imitation of ZHQ. Although I will commend your wishful thinking even though it will never come true. It will be a cold day in hell when your web page surpasses ZHQ. Thanks...and...no hard feelings.

JMK: I think your eyes are decieving you. I really don't see how you could consider this site an "imitation of ZHQ". I have already made my reasons for ZHQ-bashing crystal clear, and has nothing to do with the content of their site. Yes, it is obvious which is the better site, and if you are reading this response, then you are at it right now!! As far as your "no hard feelings" comment...... you are an idiot.

Ice: It'll be a cold day in hell when we surpass them? I wouldn't use that terminology... I am ICE!!! I specialize in freezing!

Navie: Ice! You specialize in farting!

Sheik: FaquayMan, I think you need glasses.

SCNWO: Hey sped, we're the ones who had that design first, ZHQ copied us.  Also, is it just me, or are they updating more since they knew of us.  They're not scared, are they?  As for a cold day in hell, that's probably when your a$$ will get out of the second grade.

Stalfos333: Um...Navie, could we lay off Ice for a second? FuquayMan is rippin on the site you work for. Are you gonna take that?

Caroli (yet again) writes: Your music in the village section is so false that I wan't to say these rude words: Suck the water up when the Ice has melted, you b*st*rd son of a hippopotamus!

-Caroli-(The rude Zelda-fan)

JMK: Gee... how nice. It is becoming painfully obvious to me that Caroli has nothing better to do than trash our site. Maybe this makes her (?) feel good about herself. To my knowledge, Ice has a father and his mom is not a hippopotamus, so calling him a "b**tard son of a hippopotamus" would be incorrect. Caroli..... stop being such a lamer.

Ice: Okay, Caroli, you just hit the wrong freakin' button!!!!! You can trash my website, you can trash me, you can even trash my parents... but NO ONE TRASHES MY MUSIC!!!!!!!

Stalfos333: You hear that Navie?... Lay off the man's music!!! Oh, and Caroli, just what was so wrong with your mother that she dropped you so much as a baby?

SCNWO: I got something you can suck right here.  I was talking about some LifeSavers of course.

Mack Fyck writes: hi guys i just recently found your site from the letters section of ZHQ . Your sites are both awsome but off the recorde your site is better well see ya

JMK: I will agree 100% with the second comment.

Navie: hi mack i just recently found your letter in our mailbox from IZC. your grammer are both awesome but off the recorde my grammer is better well see ya

Stalfos333: this agree but he no understands what much grammer it have so us guys rocks

SCNWO: Don't say off the record, go ahead, tell ZHQ we're better (it's not like they don't already know).

Jarrod Pyper writes: Hey Ice. I was wondering if you could try somthing out for me. My friend told me that he found a wierd screenwarp place. To get to it, first go to level six, go inside. Then go left one screen. There will be two passageways going up. Take the left one. You should see this bubblesnake type thing and a fireball. Go up one more screen. Then screenwarp to the left. (This part I'm not quite clear on) You should either end up in a room thats not on the map or you won't screenwarp at all but have to go out of the castle and then you'll automatically screenwarp. (that's a mouthful if you say it out loud!) I have not been able to try it because I'm letting my friend borrow my zelda game. He started out from the beggining and he's now farther than me! I've also got one question. Where is the fire rod in level eight? Well talk to ya later.

JMK: The Magic Rod is located in Turtle Rock, in the upper-right corner. You must have found the first six Small Keys to reach it. To get there, from the starting point, go up two rooms and right one room. Push the Flashing Block right to the wall, then straight up all the way. Go up one room, right two rooms, up one room, then left three rooms (using a Bomb). Unlock the top block, then go to the right one room along the top of the room. Hookshot to the bottom middle of the room, unlock the locked block, then take the stairs. When you exit, go down one room to find Blaino. Avoid Blaino's attacks, then hit him from behind several times to defeat him and open a door going up. Go up one room, then open the chest to get the Magic Rod. If there are three blocks in the way, hit the Crystal Switch near the start of the level, then come back to the chest. As far as the "warp" thing: I have no idea.

Ice: Dude, you can screenwarp off the edge of the map in any dungeon. You just end up in a blank room with walls, no enemies, and no escape.

Navie: Yeah, right, Ice. The only thing about you related to the word "warp" is your mind.

Stalfos333: See, I had a hard time figuring out what you were talking about. I wish a game number had been included, but as long as Ice and JMK understand...

SCNWO: If there is something I've learned, never let a friend borrow a game you haven't beaten already, especially a Zelda game.  And never date a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her.

Ice: You went out with her too, huh?

JMK: Stalfos, Jarrod was referring to Zelda GB. As far as that "never date a woman with a tattoo of a dagger on her" comment... sometimes I LIKE my women a little dangerous!