September 21st, 1998

Lone Wolf (Ryan) writes: Ok, wait, so, is this what you're looking for?

1. ********* 2. ********* 3. *********

So, now, who the heck is ******** ? You? And how many other people have figured it out besides JMK, Marco and I? Well, I must admit that Hyrule was pretty cool, even if the dungeons aren't up yet (I think I found like 3 of them), but hey whatever -- you've done a pretty d*rn good job for only having existed for a few months. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't impressed. As for me, well, I've been a casual reader of zhq and BowZa for almost a year now, and although I've looked at a couple other sites, I haven't seen any others besides yours that intrigued me at all. But see, my interest was sparked with all that commotion over therewith the zhq letters, and even though I wasn't expecting much of your site from the quality of the fans who kept insulting Niels and them, I was very happily surprised! Next subject: you guys. "Hehe." That's my main comment. That is the most gigantic collection of mother jokes I have ever heard in my entire life, JMK! I just read through the entire history of letters last night, and even though Navie can be a bit of a "bimbo" (substitute another b-word, to be more appropriate) at times (no offense, my dear), she was freakin' hilarious most of the time! Hehe. Oh, and I also find this sort of love triangle that you 3 have going on pretty interesting as well. I find it very hard to find any female video game fans, but you, my friend, seem to have them fighting all over you! Unbelievable. You gotta tell me your secret....(oh, and if it's making an incredible webpage, forget it, I don't have time!) At any rate, I'm glad to see another good Zelda webpage out there, and I hope we can all get along and stop bashing our competing website -- I'm not referring to you personally, Ice, of course. Keep up the good work, and know that there are lots of us out there who appreciate what you're doing.
Lone Wolf (Ryan)

P.S. Oh, and for prizes, well, duh! Some info on the mysterious you, of course! and some info on what times the chats will take place, cause I didn't quite figure that out yet....but I'm sure I can find that info on IZC if I just look hard enough, but right now I need some sleep, as evidenced by the fact that I'm rambling....so just send it to me, please? :) seeya....

Ice: You solved Hyrule, buddy! And as soon as I start getting more time at the computer, I'll make the dungeons. School has just kept me so busy, with all the work, friends, and, well, you know. Everything else. Actually, you didn't get the second sentence exactly right, but I'll give it to you anyway. As for your prize, I think what you wanted was quite okay, to a certain extent. I don't want to give out too much information on me, or else some of those crazy Zelda HQ fans will come and kill on me! Good work, though, and I'm glad to see that all the publicity on ZHQ (thanks, guys!) has attracted a bit more traffic to the page. Oh, and before you people have a cow, Navie is out of town, so she isn't on the Letters today. Deal with it, Irma.

J-Man: Navie's not here?! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! Oh,and Ice, there is no way on God's green earth that Navie is in love with me!!! She hates my guts and the feeling is mutual!! For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, Ice and I were talking with our Yahoo pagers, and I quote."I think Navie is madly in love with you." Ice, man, I hope she isn't!

JMK: I have a brother named Ryan... of course, he doesn't call himself the Lone Wolf though. Anyway, good job on solving Hyrule!! I wonder why no one else has done it yet. I mean, do some of you find it that hard?!?! I'll admit, it IS a little time consuming. Well, I'm glad to see that people are still gettin' a kick out of the momma' jokes!! And you're right, Navie is comedy. Until this letter from Ryan, I had a notion that ALL ZHQ fans/staff were snotty, stuck-up brats. This notion stemmed from the fact that almost all the letters Niels has printed about us are durogatory in some way or another. Then there was some "Mark Langsley" guy (ZHQ fan) who sent about TEN e-mails to me saying all kinds of immature stuff. Needless to say, I didn't appreciate any of this. I would like to say to Ryan that I would also like to see the ZHQ/IZC bashing stop, BUT until people like Mr. Langsley change their ways, the end is no where in sight. In all fairness, I do realize IZC has their versions of Mr. Langsley. I have also contributed to this war myself. I was not pleased that: (1)we were not being acknowledged by ZHQ, and (2)Alot of ZHQ's staff hadn't even PLAYED all the video games that their site was about. Now that I see we are on their links, I guess I am not as angry. I'm still a little sore about the fact that they act like they are untouchable while most of their staff hasn't played all the Zelda games. I would also like to say that "Conrad" from ZHQ has mailed me a letter, and, aside from spelling my name as "JNK", he seems to be respectable. As for the rest of their staff, I'm not quite so sure about them... Anyway, thanks for writing Ryan, you have done good for your fellow ZHQ fans.

J-Man: He called me "FanFic guy".

SCNWO: Good job, not too many people have been able to do that.  As far as ZHQ, my first letter was a friendly, joking letter.  Then, after being called racist against blacks (for no reason), I exploded.  I don't hate the entire ZHQ staff, just a few.  I also don't feel the site leaves you feeling satisfied, unlike IZC.

Juliet: Um... I have had a few bad experiences with ZHQ myself, but have restrained from sending them hate mail. So far, anyway... So I probably won't be "bashing" them in any way, unless they fail to acknowledge the fact that I *can* write. And Ryan, female video game fans 'do' exist, we're just a bit rare :-)

Max writes: Hi Ice, JMK you be D' bomb! and as for Navie, well I think that you should really look into some serious medication/treatment. I would also like to add that Just about none of your movies work (only one works).I also have a question for Navie (D*MN!), I was wondering if you could inflict damage on the pedestrians or whatever. Sorry about the length of this letter.

A fan forever,


Ice: My mom must be a terrorist, 'cause I'm D' bomb! I just hope no one's around when I explode. As for Navie's mediation, trust me, nothing helps. I know about the movies, and I'm going to slap them on my server as soon as I finish the dungeons. But by then, Z64 might already be out, so I'm not promising anything. And I remember Navie mentioning that she couldn't hurt pedestrians or the horse. Your letter wasn't too long, Max. You had a lot to say.

JMK: At the risk of sounding like a snob: I know I'm D' bomb (atleast, that's what all the chicks tell me)!! But thanks for the compliment Max, it's nice to hear. You asked a pretty good question and it is too bad Navie isn't here to answer it, but I'll try to give it a shot. It is my GUESS that you will NOT be able to kill pedestrians, here is why (besides the fact that Ice said he remembered Navie saying you can't hurt the horse/pedestrians): In most games, INCLUDING the Zelda series, you get important items and learn valuable information from pedestrians. These items/information are usually necessary to beat the game. If you happen to kill one of these important people before you can get what you need from them, you would be screwed. I don't think that Mr. Miyamoto would let this happen.

J-Man: What's this? You didn't say that me, SCNWO, or Stalfos were D'Bomb! Oh, well. Anyway, it would be really stupid if you could kill the pedestrians. If you kill one, the others wouldn't want to five you info now, would they?

SCNWO: I was the one who asked about hurting the horse, and she said she tried, but you can't.  Oh well, maybe I should hunt real horses!  (just a joke)

Juliet: Erm, what kind of mindless person would want to inflict damage on harmless folk and animals? Hehe... From what I hear, you can't anyway, and besides its nearly always been that way in Zelda games. I don't think Nintendo will change it.

djhdmd (Dan) writes: This is Dan... again. Could you please tell me what Pachinke Balls are . On the Realms of Hyrule page it said they where going to be a weapon in Zelda64. Please tell me . It's driving me INSANE!! I looked up that word about a thousand times.

A desprate plen,


P.S. Thanks for answering my last question.

Ice: Pachinko Balls are the itty bitty explosive balls that itty bitty baby Link shoots out of his itty bitty little sling shot. I think the name has officially been changed to Deku Nuts, though.

JMK: From what I have seen/heard/read, Ice is exactly right. I'm pretty sure they are going to replace bombs too. I have been wrong before though...

Sheik: Hey JMK, what do you mean that they will replace bombs too? I haven't heard anything about that.

J-Man: That sounds a little like bombs. I think they'd made pretty darn good weapons for a little kid. But give me a mighty blade, anyday. Preferably a katana.

Stalfos333: Okay, Dan. The reason you probably can't find information on them is that you have the name wrong. Try Pachinko balls, and I'm sure you'll get a better response. They are small steel balls, and work like a less powerful bow and arrow. I also know that the things that explode are called Deku Nuts(The enemy is called the same thing, I realize this) and are basically flash bombs. They will never replace bombs, and don't actually inflict damage.

Juliet: Not sure on this one. I think they are the explosive balls, from what I've heard.

Link3Zelda writes: I got the the Legend of Zelda For the gameboyand I was wondering if you know about the mushroom cave I need to know were it is if you know E-mail me

Ice: I e-mailed him the best answer I could think of. Mushroom Cave? Hmmm... it boggles the mind....

Sheik: If the answer Ice gave you is right, here is a detailed way toget to the cave. From Marin's house, go left, left, up, up, up, right, up, right, and there it is.

JMK: ????? Huh? Is it a level? I just got done beating that game (again) a couple months ago. I don't remember any mushroom cave. Where did he get "Mushroom Cave" from???

Ice: I think he meant the cave near where you get the mushroom.

J-Man: I think you're right, Ice. I've beaten the game about 20 times, found every secret, and never saw anything called the "Mushroom Cave".

SCNWO: Maybe this guy ate some wild mushrooms and got confused

Juliet: Hey guys! Give the poor lad a break! Hehe. You can get a mushroom outside one of the caves in the woods, the one south of Mr Write's house. There's NO mushroom cave though.

The Mad Goat writes: Hello Ice. I think you should begin to trash ZHQ as much as possible.(I completely agree with SCNWO) You should have seen the way they trashed you. It was unbelievable. I know you said you would wouldn't ridicule, trash, or make fun of another site, but this rivalry has to stop, OR become all out war. I would rather you go to war and stand up for yourself (with your fans support of course), than to see you looked down apon like that. Also they think SCNWO Fan Art sucks. It is very good, I would know, I used to be able to draw that good many years ago. One last thing, Anyone who wishes to contact me via ICQ, my IP# is 14366230, or E-mail me at the_mad_goat@hotmail.com

SCNWO: Yes, this guy is cool.  Please draw some art so we can actually surpass ZHQ, and put that a$$hole Maarten Bakker in his place.  He said some other things to me I shouldn't mention, but they involve his MALE/female relationships (I think you can understand).

Ice: True, SCNWO's Fan Art is very good. Go to war? Why does everyone keep talking about a war? If you want a war, go ahead and start one. But you won't get me to fight in it. If you want my site to surpass ZHQ, then you do some work, too. Don't just sit around, start a war, and watch while two internet parties are driven mad. I want to maintain friendly relations with as many people as possible, and I would like to repeat that I am not responsable for my visitor's or even my staff member's actions. I think me and Conrad from ZHQ are the only sane people around here sometimes. Even with Navie gone.

JMK: I think this is getting blown out of proportion a bit. I am going to reply to Conrad at ZHQ soon and see what's up here. One thing is for sure SCNWO's art does NOT suck. AND, I have seen BETTER art than what is featured at ZHQ's. With all due respect, I will say no more in response to this letter.

Ice: That's the way, dude!

J-Man: *Draws a sword* We must prepare for battle! Armor your steeds, ready your weapons, and prepare for the onslaught that will appear in our wake! *Snaps out of it* Huh? Jeez, I need to lay off the cheesy medieval movies for a while.

Ice: And I thought that we were rid of psycho-paths since Navie wasn't here.

Stalfos333: I don't know exactly what you people mean by a war, but my personal stand on making fun of ZHQ is an eye for an eye. I would like to encourage our fans to not encourage ZHQ to verbally attack us by sending hate mail. Rather, if you have something to say, word it in a non aggresive manner.

Sheik: I wasn't here when this first started so I don't know much about it. What I don't get is, what is the problem with ZHQ and IZC? They're both very good Zelda-related sites, but why do they have a grudge against each other?

Juliet: ZHQ is too much at times, I'm sorry to say. Niels latest remarks about his London visit drove me up the wall, and the fact that they continually ignore my submissions just plain annoys me. But we shouldn't fight a war here. One day, they'll get their comeuppance, I can assure you. I know, because I'm going to be part of it.... It is also utter cheek to critacise SCNWO's fan-art, because it is actually very good. But let's stop the fighting. It's a bit pointless really.

LifeStream writes: I have a few things about your site that i would like to discuss. For one i heard that u guys have been making accusations that ZHQ Sucks. Well i don't know if its true but i can't blame u guys if u hate it. I hate it too. Second thing is that I LIKE the idea that u have many sections but I Dislike the way you organize them. It makes the page very hard to navigate yet the information you hold is about equal or more than ZHQ's. You really should try to organize the sections and make the frames coordinate (like things match and such). Anyways i just thought I'd spread my words of advice. If u wanna see my page just let me know. We working on the design now.

Juliet: Yeah, I found the site hard to navigate on my first visit LifeStream, but spend a little longer here, and you'll soon figure it out :-) I also admit to disliking ZHQ intensely, but I'm afraid I'm going to keep my mouth shut about what I think of them.

Ice: For one thing, I have never, nor will I ever, make fun of or trash out ZHQ. They're the best Zelda site on the 'net. Period. Organization and look are my biggest problems. I'm going to have to figure out a different look for the page someday, probably after Zelda 64 comes out.

JMK: I don't think this site is hard to navigate at all. ZHQ is not what I think sucks, certain members of their staff are.

Sheik: I don't think that too many staff members are saying anything about the other sites, I think it's just fans of the sites.

Stalfos333: I do not hate anything, either. A quick look at one's attitude wouldn't hurt them, though.

J-Man: I think this site is actually pretty easy to navigate. I like it.

SCNWO: I think the navigation is pretty easy, and I am one who does hate some ZHQ staff members.  I also don't like their limited updates and lack of playing Zelda games.

Ice: It's just that there is so much here, it's overwhelming to a first-time visitor.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Web writes: We all know about the thieves in the Lost Woods. They sneak up behind you and take the items you need most. This has happened to me. Only in my case, the thieves go by the name of "school." These people have robbed me of my free time. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Web will not shut down, but will go dormant, much like a bear does in the winter. This includes all activities such as the Knights of Hyrule, Zelda Quiz, and the con-artist in the General Store. Hopefully I can meet you again in the spring when the bear wakes, or when the police capture the thieves. Post Script: I will still check my e-mail.

Link, the Legendary Hero


Ollin the Fourth


Roger Bacon


Sheik: I've never been to your site but I still hope everything goes great and it continues to stay on the net.

Ice: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Web was one of the best pages out there, but I'm afraid that it has gone the way of Link's Shadow. I'm going to save you a funeral speech and just tell you that this was a great page, and it's really sad how the best pages end up dying off. Your presence will be missed greatly.

JMK: Man, that REALLY, really sucks. I would like to offer my best wishes.

J-Man: Man. School's influence claims another site. Personally, school is what keeps me from opening my own page. But,I've managed to slink by school and keep a chat room up. If you wanna see it, got to http://pluto.beseen.com/chat/rooms/r/10617.Yes, I'm the guy who thought of the name. It stinks, doesn't it?

SCNWO: CURSE you school, CURSE you.  Why must you torment us so?

Stalfos333: It is truly a sad day in a man's life when a truly great web page passes over into the great internet in the sky.

Juliet: It's just too bad. First the excellent Link's Shadow shuts down, now one of my other favourite sites! I have resolved to keep my three sites open, and work for the three other sites I help out on, despite the onslaught of college... School sucks, plain and simple.

J-Man: Quote of the day: When Navie's away, J-Man will play.