September 6th, 1998

Howard writes: Did Rich Ellis actually do any research before writing that editorial?  Nintendo might not put the 64DD out in North America because add on systems rarely do well in the US.  I agree that an internal clock would be good, but not better than the system in Zelda64.  Who want's to wait 12 hours for a sunset then have to be awake all night to play the game as it looks at night?  And just where did he hear all this information anyway?  The most I've been able to turn up is that the 64DD is speculative, and that it plays CD's rather than cartridges.

Ice: Well, Rich is took the time out to write us an editorial, and the least we could do is publish it! I'm not sure how the real-time clock would work in Zelda, but I agree that if it works the way you described, that would be pretty lame. On the other hand, it woul dbe kind of cool. And the 64DD doesn't play CD's, it plays disks.

Navie: Rich is a little... dim. And if anyone says one comment about my mother, I'll pulverize 'em!

JMK: I think the real-time clock would be pretty cool!! I mean, if Zelda64 is going to take 100 hours, then ZeldaDD SHOULD be AT LEAST as long, so 12 hours doesn't seem like very much time!! Plus, what if you get it at night?!? What if you get it 1 hour before night? I could go on and on. The point is that I think it will be cool that it will be night outside while it is night in the game, morning outside when it is morning in the game, etc., etc. I don't think it will just be night and day. I think (and hope) there will be MANY different stages of the day, like this: sunrise, early morning, mid-morning, morning, late morning, noon, early afternoon, afternoon, late afternoon, sunset, early night, and (FINALLY!!) late night. That way, you won't have to wait so long to notice a difference in the time/day!! Plus, I'm sure you could set the time to a different hour if it really bothers you that you have to wait.

SCNWO: Many N64 sites contain the information he stated, but as for the 64DD being realeased in North America, I believe Nintendo will instead use its ideas for their next system.

Stalfos333: Howard, you need to be less cynical. Rich probably spent some good time writing that editorial, and if you don't like it you should just cram it. You're getting worse than Navie!!!

J-Man: Uhhh.....Ice? *Tapping foot* Why the heck didn't you tell me we had new staff members!!!!! I'm always the last to know stuff. Anyway, welcome SCNWO and Stalfos333. I just wanna say that you better not be dead weight, because we already have enough. *Points to Navie* That little faerie slows you down, a lot.

Jaraad writes: hey ice, i keep trying to get the new zelda 64 mp3 on your site, but it never works. I always says: Not Found The requested object does not exist on this server. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it. Please inform the site administrator of the referring page. could you please fix the link or if the problem is my computer, please send me the mp3, i would really appreciate it thanx!

Ice: My old buddy Jaraad! I fixed the screwy link problem, so you can listen to all the wonderful Z64 music! (and static)

Navie: The music on Zelda 64 is awesome! Trust me. I've heard it. And it's even better than the MP3 sounds.

JMK: The music BETTER be awesome!! Music can really get you into the game, and, in some cases, it IS the game.

Stalfos333: Music is a great accouterment to a game, but the game should never rely on it. Zelda doesn't appear to, anyway.

J-Man: Music is indeed a very important element in the enjoyment of a game. If you are in a very creepy area, creepy music helps add to the fun. If you're in a very weird area, weird music is very appropriate.

Navie: And if you sit there and babble all day, a punch in the face is appropriate, J-Man.

Fairyix writes: How do you get the final key in level three there is a room in the top of the map where there is three bomb guys that you kill to get a key how do you get in to the room it s blocked by a rail and I can't get to the key to get in to the nightmares lair. Please Help!

Ice: Just so you know, I e-mailed her the solution.

Navie: Hey! How come I'm a fairy, and you never help me out?!

Ice: 'Cause I don't like you, Miss Sensitivity.

J-Man: No offence,Navie,but I wouldn't help you if my life depended on it.Unless,of course,if you need help shutting up.

Navie: J-Man, shove it.

J-Man: Don't you have some faerie dust to sprinkle somewhere?

djhdmd writes : You can get a bunch of pix at Realms of Hyrule if you ask.

Ice: Uh, thanks, but I've got enough.

Navie: This guy's always talking about Realms of Hyrule. What do they have that we don't, huh? NOTHING! Niether does ZHQ, for that matter.

JMK: That's right, ZHQ SUCKS!! They think they are SO D*MN COOL... they're a bunch of freaks if you ask me.

SCNWO: In the next few months, ZHQ will suffer a slow, painful loss of fans, while IZC will flourish.  Trust me.

Stalfos333: ZHQ needs to fire about 15 guys, and hire people who can actually do stuff.

J-Man: IZC is to ZHQ,what an A-Bomb is to a small,third-world villiage.We are,with out a doubt,over a million times better than ZHQ.And,with the addition of SCNWO and Stalfos333,we will open up a can of Whoop A** on ZHQ!!!!!

Ice: How'd you people get off on ZHQ?

SCNWO writes: I think you should give dates and times for people to go on your chat rooms, because whenever I go on, no one is there.

Ice: Yeah, SC's right. We had a nice chat Sunday, and it was a lot of fun. We need more of it. If you get Yahoo! Pager, you can contact me personally at Ice_IZC. And before you say anything, Navie, I am not a spokesperson!!!

Navie: Yeah, the chat was awesome. I bashed Stalfos333 and Ice real good. Had to be there.

JMK: DARN!! I missed it. I DID hear some interesting things about Navie and a certain "Joel" character though...

SCNWO: That SCNWO guy has some good ideas

J-Man: There was a chat on sunday? DARNIT!DARNIT!DARNIT! I wish I coulda been there, but I had to do some stupid report on the cheetah!!!

Stalfos333: Yeah, the chatroom was cool. Funny how the only one on the site without a Yahoo pager is Navie...

Joel writes: When you played zelda 64 was it in a gold cartridge?
How many questions do you get in a day?
Do I have to pre-order Zelda 64 from a specific store(s) to be able to get it in gold?
Is the offer available in Canada?

Navie: I didn't play off a cart, I played off a CD.

Ice: We get anywhere from 10-35 questions a day. One time, we got 73 (thanks to ZHQ). And about preordering and such, it depends on the store. Yes, the offer is available in Canada.

JMK: Hey Navie, it's Joel!! By the way, I heard somewhere that the cartridge WILL be gold. I hope this is true.

Ice: It is! It's the same guy!

Stalfos333: Good old Joel. He always is good for a...well, he's always...Oh, forget it. The Zelda64 games should be in gold, unless Nintendo likes angry fans.

J-Man: Who's Joel?

Chris writes: The people gathered (Numbers 11.32) to see the battle (1 Sam. 14.28) and sat

down to eat and drink (Ex. 32.6) old corn...and (Joshua 15.12)
sweet water.

(James 3.11)

Eli sat upon a seat by a post (1 Sam.1.9) and he stretched
himself (1 Kgs.

17.21) that he may see good. (Ps. 34.12) So the people shouted:
(Joshua 6.20)

"Where are the nine? (Luke 17.17) Let the young men now
arise and play before

us." (2 Sam. 2.14)

The first came out (Gen. 25.25) and went into the field (Num.
22.23) and stood

every man in his place. (Jdg. 7.21) And Peter called, (Mk. 14.72)
whether it be

good or bad. (Lev. 27.12) As one mocketh, another do (Job 13.9)
with loud

voices: (Lk. 23:23) "Thou art blind!" (Rev. 3.17) And
he stooped to (1 Sam.

28.4) make clean...the platter. (Lk. 11.39) And the trumpeters
sounded: (2

Chron. 29.28) "Kohath shall pitch." (Num. 3.29) And
Samson went and caught. (Jdg


David was up (2 Sam. 24.11) on the left side (Eze. 1.10) and he
struck it into

the pan (1 Sam. 2.14) foul. (Matt. 16.3) The second was offered;
(Jdg. 6.28) he

striketh-- (Job 34.26) he missed! (1 Sam. 20.18) On the third
(Gen. 22.4) he

struck him out! (2 Sam. 20.10) So Levite went in; (Jdg. 17.10) he
stood and

measured the earth; he beheld, and drove (Hab. 3.6) for an homer.
(Hos. 3.2) And

all the people shouted with a great shout. (Ezra 3.11) And Noah
went in, (Gen.

7.7) and did fly (2 Sam. 22.11) into the field. (Num. 22.23) And
Jotham ran away

(Jdg.9.21) and looking back (Lk. 9.62) gathered it. (Isa. 62.9)
And Aaron went

in, (Ex. 5.1) and he worketh it (Isa. 44.12) two and two. (Gen.
7.9) And Samson

said: (Jdg. 15.3) "Strike it!" (Ex. 12.7) And Aaron
spake: (Ex. 4.30) "A good

man would (Rom. 5.7) be not one of them that strike." (Prov.
22.26) And the man

refused to smite. (1 Kgs 20.35) And Aaron took, (Numbers 16.47)
and he walked.

(1 Kgs. 15.3) Amon sacrificed (2 Chron. 33!

.22) and Aaron ran (Num. 16.47) into the second, (Heb. 9.7) and
overran! (2

Sam. 18.23) And with the bag (Micah 6.11) afar off-- (Gen. 22.4)
a good man out.

(Matt. 12.35)

Now Jeremiah came in; (Jer. 37.4) then he went out, (Gen. 31.33)
being caused to

fly, (Daniel 9.21) And the men of Israel retired. (Jdg. 20.39)
Then the

Philistines went up (Jdg. 15.9) And Joseph was...captain (Gen.
39.1) of the

Philistines. (Jdg. 3.31) And Absalom pitched. (2 Sam. 17.26)

Then Joseph commanded to fill their sacks. (Gen. 42.25) Shimei
came forth (2

Sam. 16.5) and stood and walked. (Acts 3.8) The pitcher
(Ecclesiastes 12.6)

looked this way and that; (Ex. 2.12) He stretched out (Hos. 7.5)
and threw.

(Acts 22.23) And Archers hit. (1 Sam. 31.3)

And it came to pass on second (Lk. 6.1) Job caught (Job 38.5) the
line (1 Kgs.

2.28) and threw (2 Sam. 16.13) at the first; (Gen. 13.4)
Therefore David ran and

stood upon (1 Sam. 17.51) the first, (Gen. 13.4) put forth his
hand, and caught

(Ex. 4.4) the toss. (Jer. 5.22) This is the second death. (Rev.
20.14) Then

Joseph could not refrain himself, and he cried: (Gen. 45.1)
"Goodness, if thou

continue in (Rom. 11.22) going down, (Gen. 15.12) our hope is
lost (Eze. 37.11)

and my garments (Isa. 63.3) and job." (Job 32.3)

And Abram went up (Gen. 13.1) and Abram drove (Gen. 15.11) into
the air. (Acts

22.23) And Judah came in (Gen. 38.8) under it, (Dan. 4.14) and
through idleness

of the hands (Eccl. 10.18) the fly (Isa. 7.18) droppeth through
(Eccl. 10.18)

giving him a double. (Lev. 21.17) Abraham took wood and (Gen.
22.6) caught hold

of (2 Sam. 18.9) an hard (Matt. 25.24) and high (Rev. 21.12)
delivery (Isa.

26.17) and smote it (Jdg. 7.13) into left. (Lev. 14.15) Thus and
thus (Jdg.

18.4) Israel fought against (Josh. 10.29) the Philistines (1 Sam.
19.8) till the

ninth. (Lev. 25.22) For each, one (Num. 7.3) in the first, (Jer.
25.1) and seven

times (Lev. 25.8) after that they (Eccl. 9.3) gathereth eggs.
(Isa. 10.14)

In the ninth, (1 Kgs. 25.1) Israel went out (1 Kgs. 20.21) in a
row, (1 Kgs.

7.3) and none came in. (1 Sam. 18.13) He sent divers sorts of
flies among them

(Ps. 78.45) And they caught them every one. (2 Sam. 2.6) The
first man (1 Cor.

15.45) for the Philistines (1 Sam. 28.15) drew the third, (Rev.
12.4) and the

fourth (Dt. 28.20) came to the outside; (Jdg. 7.19) he walketh.
(Job 22.14) The

pitcher (Eccl. 12.6) climbed up upon (1 Sam. 14.13) the mount
(Dt. 1.7) and

pitched. (Ex. 19.2) And Moses put it on a pole (Num. 21.9) for an
homer, (Hos.

3.2) and Israel was beaten. (2 Sam. 2.17)

And behold, the man clothed with linen, which had the inkhorn by
his side,

reported the matter (Eze. 9.11) and wrote it in a book. (1 Sam.

Ice: This is just cool! Thanks Chris!

JMK: Hey that's AWESOME!! I wonder how long it took him to compile that...

Stalfos333: Whoa, too cool!!! That's too much work for me, though. Not exactly Zelda related, but then again, what do I know? There just might be a biblical baseball minigame in Zelda 5!

J-Man: In the immortal words of Sailor Moon, wickedcool! Oh,and everyone on the staff and everyone reading these letters, please, submit some fan-fics. I can't do these all by myself! I admit, I'm a little good on these things, but you guys (And gals) have to have some ideas! Just remember that Chain, Vix, Fordo, Samanot, Alex and Alexus are copyrighted by me.You have to ask for my permission to use them. Well, Quote Of The Day: Navie is a big, fat loser.