September 12th, 1998

Howard writes: For the record, the picture of Saria you credit me as having given you is not the one I sent you.  I really couldn't care less, either way, so you don't have to change it.I also think Navie should post some answers to questions other people ask, such as: 

1. How long is a game day?
2. About how many citizens were in town?
3. How far could you see?
4. Could you climb trees? 
5. How does the hookshot work(can you fire it upward to
climb?  Do you just go strait across a pit or something when
it's used, or do you drop down and have to climb up?)
6. Are you still invincible? 
7. Have you ridden the horse?
8. What weapons are available when your on your horse(The bow
9. Did you use Adult Link?
10. Are there any differences in the enemies when you're Adult
11. Is the King actually there? 

Ice: Ouch. My bad. Howard did send me a similar picture of Saria, though. Sorry about that. Have fun with all those questions, Navie.

Navie: I intend to. Here are the answers to ALL of your questions:

1. A game day was quite a long time, actually. It was anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes, maybe longer. I don't have a real good concept of time while playing.

2. There were a fair amount of people walking around. About the same as Quest 64.

3. In most places, I could see almost infinately. There was pretty much polygon popping, though, which I was surprised at. Remember, though, the game is not done. The portions of the Overworld that I played had the only real noticeable polygon popping. I could see for the equivilant of miles, though.

4: I didn't try to climb trees... but I suppose it's possible. In Zelda, ANYTHING'S possible. Trust me.

5: I didn't fiddle around with the Hookshot all that much. I just tried it on a few things, especially the roof-tops in Kakariko Village. When you first press the button, it switches to first-person view, and you can aim anywhere, even straight up or straight down. I didn't actually try it on a pit, but you can go straight across without a doubt. You should of seen how you can just soar across the roofs!

6: No, I took damage. Link made this girly little gasp whenever I got hit. Ugh.

7: Yeah, I rode the horse. It has awesome, whippin' that fool!

8: I only tried the bow on the horse, but I bet you can use a few other weapons.

9: I did use Adult Link.

10: The variety of enemies is very good. There are different enemies for little and big Link, but some of them are for both. And for some of the ones that appear in both time frames, there's a slight change in appearance. In some of them, there was an obvious one, but in others, it was small.

11: That may sound like a weird question, but it's not. The answer is even weirder. Ganondorf marches up to a throne (well, I got the impression that it was supposed to be a throne), and he stops and bows. Someone starts talking to him. Zelda and Link, watching from a window, begin talking amongst themselves, and Ganon glances over at them. So I DID NOT see the king, but they were implying that he was there. Odd...

Thanks for all your questions. You probably just saved me five or ten e-mails from other people.

JMK: Hey Navie, you should just make some sort of an FAQ so that people don't ask the same questions over and over again.

Ice: Trust me, JMK, by the time she got around to doin' that, Zelda 64DD would be out.

J-Man: Seroiusly.

Navie: Are you implying that I'm lazy? I don't see J-Man doing anything!

J-Man: Shut up, you annoying little faerie, or I'll tear your wings off!

SCNWO writes: Please print anything that makes fun of ZHQ.  That site sucks so bad it's not even funny.  Their updates offer absolutely nothing, they stink at playing video games (especially Zelda games), and yet they still think they are the best Zelda site on the net.  Stop being so nice and never saying bad things about ZHQ.  It's time for you to stand up and say, "Ice's Zelda Central is the best Zelda site on the net, period."  You update at least twice a week (with good stuff), you love Zelda games, and you print my stuff....what more could I ask for? P.S.  Just wanted to mention again that ZHQ really sucks

Ice: Well, this isn't really a Zelda 64 question, but it's a very important issue right now. My site is beginning to grow tremendously, and in some areas it does pass ZHQ, and with Link's Shadow gone, I'm back in the top three Zelda sites. Zelda HQ is by far the best out of all of us, and in the spirit of good sportsmanship and respect for Niels and what he is doing and has done, I myself will not slam ZHQ. I have no control over what my readers and the rest of my staff writes, however, and due to the enormous amount of letters I recieved telling me to go ahead and publish Navie's editorial, I guess I'll do it. But let it be known tha I won't ever, under any circumstances, talk badly or degrade anyone else's page, whether I'm better or not. ZHQ is a very good site, and Niels at one time was very dedicated to it, but honestly, I think they could do a whole lot more, since they got a 16 member staff. The more, the merryer, I guess. I have four staff members, but when's the last time they did anything significant?...

Navie: Ha! I, on the other hand, agree completely with scnwo. ZHQ sucks, so why not let everyone know? My editorial will be up very shortly, if it's not already.

JMK: Yeah, ZHQ sucks BIG time. How can you have a Zelda site when most of the people there haven't even played the games?!? That's REALLY lame. They won't even put up a link to this site!! WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS!! Sorry Ice, but ZHQ BITES THE BIG ONE!!!

J-Man: Sorry, Ice, but I must say that ZHQ is the largest pile of manure I have ever had the misfortune of setting eyes on. You are, in my eyes, the absolute Zelda Master, Ice. ZHQ may have a 16 member staff, but what counts is quality not quantity. You could either have 16 morons, or 4 geniuses. You decide.

Craft Matt writes: Can you please tell me all about Zelda 64. I want to know everything. Thanks

Navie: That question's a little broad, don't you think? I guess not, because otherwise, you wouldn't have asked it. Check around Ice's Zelda Central's Zelda 64 section, and then ask me any DETAILED questions that come to mind.

J-Man: You go, girl.

Navie: You shut up, THING.

Craft Matt writes again: I am sorry if I was intrusive but I really want to know about Zelda 64. I don't know where to go. Can you please tell me about your experience of Zelda 64. Thanks

Navie: I e-mailed him the response I wrote above, and he STILL doesn't get it! I even gave him the URL to the Zelda 64 section! Matt, don't even worry about Zelda 64. With your intelligence, you won't make it out of Link's house. Or even figure out where to stick the game, for that matter.

JMK: Hehehehe... =]

J-Man: Heh heh heh :)

Navie: What are you idiots cackling about?

Ice: I think your breath has knocked 'em senseless. In concordance with J-Man, you go girl.

GT5001 writes: I was wondering if you start the game as adult link or young link and when do you change from young to adult and why and how? I heard u collect three jems as and the ocarina as young link and you get froze in a cyrstal and you are let out to save the world when u get older. If u could give your answer to me. i would really aprecitate that.

Navie: I played from the E3 menu, but after talking to a bunch of people who had played Zelda 64 at E3, I had a different option on mine that wasn't on theirs. I had the option "Linear", and E3 didn't. When I went to that option, I started out in Link's house, and Navie took me to the Tree of Deku. I was young Link. And to change, though I didn't actually do this, I have read in various places that you use the Master Sword. What you heard about the three gems, Ocarina, and getting frozen was true. I'm not sure of the reason WHY Link gets frozen and why he gets let out, though. Ganon probably freezes him, because he knows that he will someday become the Hero that kills the King of Thieves.

JMK: I STILL don't see how you can grow when you're frozen...

J-Man: Me neither, my friend.

Somnus Fable writes: Ok, you played Z:TOoT, now, I have one question...Did you see anything that remotly looked like an Octoroc? Nintendo better have put thesein the game or I'm going to have to crack a few skulls...

Navie: I saw two things that looked like Octorocs in Zelda 64. The first was sort of a floating purple head that shot little stones or something at me (and was only found in the Mouth Dungeon), and the second was something in the Overworld that crawled around and shot rocks at me. I remember Nintendo saying earlier that the purple things were the Octorocs, but so much has changed in these last few months that I'm sure at least one of those species are Octorocs.

J-Man: I think the red things sound more like the octorocs, though I'm probably wrong.

Navie: You go, girl.

djhdmd (Dan)writes: Navie, In Zelda 64 when you have full power can you throw your sword like in the other games? Thanks

Navie: Of course! I would kill Nintendo if they left out such a traditional feature!

JMK: Good question... and a BETTER answer!!

Ice: And thus concludes our Letters for today. Keep sending in your questions for Navie. She's finally of some use!

J-Man: Quote of the day: If you don't have anything intelligent to say, then shut your pie-hole.