September 1st, 1998

SCNWO writes: While looking through the first person view, can you move, or just look around?  If you can move, how are the controls configured?  Also, after seeing the latest Turok 2 screenshots, do you think Zelda 64 would even need a 4MB pack?

Navie: As most of you know, I had a chance to play Zelda 64 for almost TWO HOURS! So ask me anything about it! And it looks like I got my first question... When you're in the first-person view, you can just look around. On the horse in first-person, when you look to the left, Link and the horse go left, and when you look right, you go right. The controls are just like when you hold R on Goldeneye to aim around. There may have been some way to walk around, but remember, I was playing with the version that the programmers use, without anyone around to tell me how to play. But the game was very easy to learn, and I had the basic moves down in a matter of minutes.

Ice: Then it must take normal people a few seconds to learn.

Navie: Shut up. As for for the 4MB expansion pak, I don't think it would even help Zelda all that much. The graphics on Zelda are the best I've ever seen on any N64 game, and the only problem with them is that they are low-res, even though you can't even tell. The only thing that the 4MB would do is add resolution, which wouldn't even do all that much. There is nothing past perfection.

JMK: YEAH NAVIE!! I bet NONE of the other Zelda sites have a staff member who played Zelda 64 for TWO HOURS!! Hey, did you see ANYTHING that suggests there is a fourth triforce piece?!?! I sure hope not.

Navie: Hell, no!

J-Man: Thank the stars! I'd kill Nintendo if they put a fourth Triforce piece in that game!

Yurgo9871 writes: You played Zelda 64! Yes! Then I guess you can answer my question that I've for a long long long long long long long long [edited, the guy put over 50 "long"'s] time. Does Link grow or does he just teleport between the time frames. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks [edited again, he put over 50 "thanks"'s!].

Navie: I'm not really sure. I was forced to play from the E3 menu, since my dad didn't feel like sorting through the code and putting me in different levels (he had just been doing something or other to the rendering or something for several straight hours).

Ice: I do know. Nintendo Power recently ran an article that said that Link does his little thing as a child, and then "something horrible happens", and Link is frozen for several years. When he awakes, he is fully grown. From then on, Link can time travel using the Master Sword, not the Ocarina.

JMK: That's weird. I always thought that if you were frozen then ALL of your bodily functions were frozen too. That's why frozen things can be preserved for so long. How can you grow if all of your organs are stopped?

Navie: I know! How did Link use the restroom? WAIT! I don't want to know...

J-Man: If Link was frozen in time and grew anyway, then he would have to have woken up a few times to actually grow. I think it'd be physically impossible to grow if your body has temporarily shut down. I think I'm too smart. I need to get dumber! Navie,can I borrow your life for a while? That'd surely make me dumber!

Ray Steitz writes: Ok you little Dumb A*s I'm sorry or do I need to shove that up your A*s? Oh sorry there is too much up there already!!!

Ice: *knock* knock* Who's there? Oh, JMK, I believe it's for you.

JMK: WOW!! You actually spelled CORRECTLY this time (hmm... how long did THAT take you?). GOOD JOB!! Now all you have to do is go back to pre-school AGAIN and learn how to PUNCTUATE (who's the dumb-a*s?)!! Well, I think this confirms my statement- RAY IS A FAG!! Here's the answer to your question- uuh, sorry. I'm not interested in any of that GAY stuff. Maybe you should be sending your mail to a HOMO-SITE instead of a Zelda site. By the way, I'd watch who you call "little"- chances are I could REALLY hurt you!!

J-Man: JMK, uhhh I think you need to calm down a little, bud. You got your point across, but you did it a little harshly, don't you think?

The rest of the staff screams: NO!

Howard writes: How can anyone vote for "All" on your poll?  Have they ever played Zelda64?  Have they heard anything more than a rumor about the Zelda64DD?  The DD might not even be introduced into the U.S., for Pete's sake!!!  About half probably haven't even played the second one!!  Besides, how can all of them be your favorite game?  Or for that matter none?  Even if you strongly hate all of the Zelda games, one has to be hated less than the others.  Loki Loki Loki Loki Loki

Ice: I don't get it, either. Hey, at least people are voting. That's all I care about.

JMK: Well, I happen to be one of the people that voted for "All". Here's why: each of these games has their own UNIQUE characteristics that make them EACH a favorite. Like Zelda 2, for example, has all the side scrolling levels and stuff- but that doesn't mean I like it any more or less than, say, Zelda 3. I mean, Zelda 3 is a much better/bigger game (graphically superior, more items and secrets), but there is something very special about the first two (which, I might add, are EXCELLENT for the system they are on) that can't be overlooked. Then again, Zelda 4 is AWESOME too!! It's like how your parents don't have a favorite kid- they love them all SO much that they can't pick a favorite. Now, I haven't played Zelda 64 yet, but it made much more sense to click "All" then to click each game except for Zelda 64. Plus, from what I see, Zelda 64 WILL be the "greatest" Zelda game yet (and it should be, considering the "recent" advances in technology). What makes the Zelda games SO cool is not only the gameplay/graphics, but the STORY, the CHARACTERS, AND that little touch of "magic" that Mr. Miyamoto somehow instills into each and every little Zelda gamepak- things like that CAN'T be judged...

J-Man: I couldn't have said it better,JMK! Every Zelda game is a favorite in a certain field. Zelda 1 for it's fun factor. Zelda 2 for it's originality. Zelda 3 for all the secrets and items. Zelda 4 for it's characters and enemies. Zelda 64 for it's graphics and storyline. And Zelda 64DD for it's......uhhh it's........I don't know! I know nothing of Z64DD!!!!!!!!That one's out of my league!!!!!

Navie: Pee Wee Football is out of your league.

Bubba writes: Yowsers! Ouchies! The game rocks! Ohhh!! The game rocks! Like tennis! I am the itch of the universe! Oucjies! Yowsers! I am Bubba McCloud! Ouchies! OOGA!!!

Ice: That's great, Bubba. How about next time, you just keep all that to yourself.

Navie: Well, Mr. Itch of the Universe, if you e-mail us again, I'll get my fat Aunt Bertha to scratch you!

JMK: Uuh... Yeah.... OOGA, OOGA TO YOU TOO!!

J-Man: Uhhhh.....I honestly have never seen such an odd letter! Bubba, I suggest you calm down or I'll have to call the nice men in the white coats to come and put you in a nice, padded room!

Navie: And if you downright refuse to calm down, I'll have them stick you in a room between Ice and J-Man!

Jarrod Pyper writes: Nice site zelda. I am a zelda freak. I think it is the first and best RPG game ever! I just wanted to know if you had any zelda stratigies, codes or secret's to the first or second game of the zelda legacy.

Navie: First of all, Zelda wasn't the first RPG ever. In fact, catagorically, Zelda isn't an RPG at all. Action/Adventure/RPG, to be exact. And if you are a Zelda freak, than that means that you must be good at exploration. Well, idiot, how come you couldn't find the Games section on our page when it's right in front of your nose? Want stratagy? GO THERE!!!

JMK: Sheesh!! Take it easy one on the poor dude, Navie!! I mean, yeah, his questions/comments WERE pretty stupid- but he wasn't being like that Ray dude or anything...

J-Man: Jarrod, I think you should look around a bit more, ok? I'm not criticising or anything, but you obviously haven't looked around enough.

Navie: After all, Jarrod, it's not like trying to find a brain in Ice or J-Man's head!





ATNT13710 writes: HI, I WAS JUST WONDERING HOW U GET ALL THESE SOUNDS AND info do u get it from nintendo? and when u wright about the game story u sound like if u have played the game. have u played some kind of demo? if so how send me info please. thanks.

Navie: Well, genious, I HAVE played the game!

Ice: Please excuse my friend. We get most of the info from Nintendo, and Navie has played the game, but the story wasn't incorperated. Nintendo releases a lot of info about everything. Too much, if you ask me.

JMK: Navie is a MANIAC!!

J-Man: *Singing* She's a maniac, maniac, that Navie.....

Navie: Don't sing.