August 6th, 1998

Froggy76 writes: The music on your site is really awesome! Where did you get all of it? It's just totally awesomely cool!

Ice: The thing I get the most compliments on here is my music. And why not? It's great! I found some of the files cruis'n around the 'net, but I made a lot of them personally, and the majority of them were made by my little group, Platinum Ecstasy. We were quite talented.

Navie: Yeah, at least you did SOMETHING right!

SCNWO writes: I think that a lance should be a weapon in Zelda 64.  I've read that you can use the sword and bow/arrow while on the horse, so why not a lance?  Think about it, you could run right at an enemy,decapitate them (Nintendo probably wouldn't decapitate them), then continue riding, instead of aiming with the arrows. P.S. Thanks for publishing all my letters and giving them a serious response!

Ice: No problem, you bring up a lot of good points and ideas. The lance would be a lot more realistic and easier for riding on the horse. Using the bow and arrow is a little unrealistic, unless Link falls off every once in awhile. A lance would suit that time period well, too.

Navie: Oh, Ice is a genious! Hooray for Ice! Ice is melting!

Ice: Navie is babbling!

Navie: Ice is STUPID!!!

JMK: I think a lance would be a fun weapon to use. Hey SCNWO, let me guess- you used to play alot of "Joust" on the NES!!

Ice: Great game, Joust was.

JSpark2053 writes: does link fight himselfe in the 64 game?

Ice: Link probably won't fight a double of himself or a shadow, like he did in Zelda 2. All these theories and predictions you guys are thinking of for Zelda 64 are just awesome! And there are a lot of good ones, not just "Link will wear a green shirt!"

Navie: Then make a Predictions section, dummy.

Ice: Why didn't I think of that...?

Navie: 'Cause you're an idiot.

JMK: I predict that Ice and Navie will never stop arguing because they both think it is too much fun!! I predict that Zelda 64 will be the coolest game so far!! I predict that if you don't agree with me than you're not a true Zelda fan!! I predict that I should shut up...

I'm a Hog! writes: Hey, Ice, I was browsing through the old Letters and saw that you use to have a guy named Ganon! Whatever happened to him? Where is he? Is he JMK or Navie? Anyway you have a great site and I come here everyday. Awesome updates. And I picked a funny name like people used to do a ling time ago!

Ice: Well, Ganon's long gone. He never did anything, and he was basically impossible to deal with. He was a lot like Navie, actually.

Navie: Love your name, Mr. Hog. Ganon was a loser. And I resent that comment, Ice! I resent that almost as much as I resent YOU! Almost as much as I resent the next letter!!!

JMK: Sorry Mr. Hog, but I would never name myself after a fat, ugly pig that sits around and picks his nose all day.

Ice: Ganon was a pig, you know. Are you in the Anti-Zelda movement?

Navie: Are you in the Anti-Intelligence movement, Ice? I think so...

Ray Steitz writes: you know ICE comics are PICTURES AND WORDS not just words. When people look at the sunday comics they look at pictuers and words but not with your page just reek words. GO BACK TO PRESCHOOL!!!

Ice: You handle this one, Navie. Heh heh heh...

Navie: Gladly. And I thought YOU had a mental problem, Ice. READ THE INTRO PARAGRAPH ON THE COMICS FRONT PAGE!!! It's a description of the existing comics, not junk that we make up or put up to serve as comics! It's info ON the comics, not actual comics! And about going back to preschool, I just finished a few days ago, I doubt he wants to go back.

JMK: Hey Rey, you're stupid. In fact, you're incredibly stupid. I feel sorry for you. I didn't spend about 14 or 15 HOURS of my time typing out the descriptions of the first Zelda comic ever issued so that some low-life, no-brain, MORON could try to criticize Ice for it!! The comics were typed so that there is some kind of record on this site of a RARE set of Zelda comics. Please don't write back unless you plan on apologizing to Ice, Navie, myself, and all of the other people that took their time to send in descriptions of the comics they have been lucky enough to find. You think you're funny, but you're not. You probably thought you were cool when you sent that letter, didn't you? Well how do you feel now DUMB-A*S!?!?! (Sorry, Ice.)

Bond17Z writes: What is the code to save without dieing?

Navie: It all depends on what you want to save before you die. Rumor has it that you can't take anything with you to the life beyond this one, so no matter what you do, you can't save anything here on earth. I know it's depressing, but you can probably live without Zelda 64 in heaven.

Ice: True... very true... but I believe he was referring to Zelda, you blockhead. To instantly quit your game (for the two NES games), pause it, and then press Up and A on controller 2. Very useful if you're using the invincibility code for Game Genie, now, isn't it?

JMK: I wouldn't be surprised if heaven had room with a Zelda 64 on a movie screen!!

Ida writes: I'm really glad to see that you have the info on the comics on your site. I'm looking everywhere for one of the comics, and I'll copy it like JMK did as soon as I get one.

Ice: The comics are extremely rare. Good luck finding them. You'll need it.

Navie: They're like trying to find a brain cell in Ice's head. IMPOSSIBLE.

JMK: Unlike Rey up there, Ida knows the significance of the Comics section. If you ever find one, remember this while typing it out: ""Patience is a Virtue".