August 3rd, 1998

RAleNobles writes: Could it be possible that "The Girl" may be Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening? My friends and I have been in some heated discussions about the idenity of "The Girl". So, we've came up with that "The Girl" might somehow be Marin, who somehow got out of Link's dream and landed in Hyrule by magic or something. My friends are now waiting patiently for our answer to be right or wrong and hope to see her actual name be Marin.

Ice: That's an interesting theory, uh, sir! We have had a lot of really cool theories like this, and, as always, nothing will be known until Zelda 64 comes out. That's a great theory you've got.

Navie: Write an editorial about it!

Ice: Oh, Little Miss Sunshine! Glad to see that the demon had left you! You were truly possesed last month. Don't worry, guys. I won't ever let her take charge like that again. Ever.

Navie: I think I did a good job last week. What do you think, JMK?

Ice: Yeah, tell her what a horrible job she did! Really let her have it, dude.

JMK: Sorry Ice, nothing against you, but I'd have to say that I think Navie did a pretty darn good job handling the Letters section last week. It appears that she has quite a few devoted fans, which, in my opinion, is because of her unique personality. Now, as far as this Marin theory is concerned: If you beat Link's Awakening without dying (Which only Ice has done to my knowledge), Marin flies past the screen in the ending sequence. The problem with this is that in order for "The Girl" to be Marin, she would have had to travel BACK IN TIME to get into Zelda 64, since Link's Awakening takes place AFTER Zelda 64. Then again, Zelda 64's official title IS "The Ocarina of Time"... but Marin never had an Ocarina. So, maybe Link uses the Ocarina to travel to Marin's (and the Harpist's) time before the island disappeared. But, how can you travel to a dream? Who knows? Only TIME will tell!!

Ice: Unique personality. "Unique" is another word for "special", and "special" is another word for "mentally challenged", which seems to fit quite well.

Howard writes: Most likely, nothing I can say will change your mind about the quadraforce, so I found a picture from your own site illustrating that the quadraforce does in fact exist.  You don't have to post this letter, as the biggest part is the enclosed picture.  it is taken directly from your site, unaltered, merely sent directly to you.  It is not a virus!!!  All you have to do is look at the shield and count the little triangles, a task I'm sure even Navie is capable of.

Ice: Eeek! Using my own website against me! Yeah, there is another triangle there, but it's not actually part of the actual Triforce, and it appears to be more of a decoration. However, only the release of Zelda 64 will tell.

Navie: I strongly suggest you write an editorial about your theory.

Ice: Oh, and that "a task I'm sure even Navie is capable of"... that was classic, bro! Not to mention true...

Navie: Shut up, Ice! Oh, and Howard? Stuff a sock in it, will ya? Take you and your stupid theory, write and editorial, and JUMP OFF A CLIFF!

Ice: I'm really sorry about her, she gets a little sensitive sometimes. Okay. I lied. ALL the time.

Navie: JMK, tell Ice to shut his frozen little mouth!

JMK: OH NO!! Don't try to get ME in the middle of this. You two seem to have one of those love/hate things goin' on. Or is it more hate/hate? Anyway, all I can say is that Navie is a girl, and girls are SUPPOSED to be sensitive. Normally, I'd side with Navie because I LOVE girls, but Ice is my friend, and it is his site, so I'm out of this one. As far as this "Fourth Triforce on the Shield" theory, not likely. You see, some of the shots DO show a bird carrying a triangular object, some show just another triangular object without a bird, and some of the other shots don't show any extra triangles AT ALL. Most of the ones that don't show any extra triangles have a big, yellow V-shaped thing at the bottom of the shield. Now, if you go to the news section and look at the pictures of the Link action figure, you will see that the bird IS NOT carrying another triforce, but more of a square shaped object. All of these facts, along with the fact that no fourth triforce has EVER been mentioned in any of the four games that take place AFTER Zelda 64, lead me to believe that the "Four Triforce" theory is lame.

Ice: Expertly spoken.

Kaneda816 writes: Your Zelda site is pretty cool, do you know where else there are good midis

Ice: Well, for Zelda MIDI's, Ice's Zelda Central can't be beat, with over 135 of them. I'll e-mail you with a few general MIDI links, though.

Navie: Wow, Mr. Computer Man! Such a genious!

Ice: Fly away, you annoying little fairy.

Bob1942 writes: In the screenshots it shows a fourth piece of the Triforce, however it isn't in a bird's claws. The bird with the mysterious piece is only on the character art. The fourth piece is also shown on the Master Sword, but is really small, and is near the hilt, possibly only in Nintendo's Character Art. Love your site's music!!! You got a great site! the best! And you will be the first to know about the fourth piece of the Triforce!

Ice: Not this again. You handle it, JMK.

Navie: Chicken, Ice? JMK has more brains in his little finger than you have in your whole freezin' body!

JMK: Sorry Bob1942, but, from what I can see, you are wrong. I've just spent the last hour or two looking at all of the pictures of the Master Sword that I can find. I see what you think MIGHT be another Triforce, but it is not. At the base of the swords blade there is a 3D triangular object that is part of the handle, but it is not an EQUILATERAL triangle like the Triforces are. The two sides that point upwards are much too long to consider this a Triforce piece.

Jaraad writes: ummmm... hey ice, sup? something has been bothering me. i was reading the 100 miyamoto questions and at the end Mr M said and i quote," It will definitely NOT be done by December. Sorry." Sniff....does this mean that zelda will not be out by november 23, as promised i might add, because if it doesn't i think a heck of a lot of people are going to convert to PSXers. Not me of course but you get what i am saying. Anyway hope you can straighten this out.

Ice: Oh, uh, sorry about that. The Miyamato interview with the 100 questions was taken in July of 1997, so Mr. M was referring to December 1997, not '98. Good eye, though. I guess I should clarify my material better.

Navie: Ice, you screw-up.

Bond17Z writes: Tell me the way to go in the Level 9 Quest 1

Navie: Tell me the way to go to get Ice to SHUT UP.

Ice: Hmmm... difficult. Losing memory... Site's memory going down... Description going to take millions of words...

Navie: What the hell?

Ice: I'll e-mail you with the directions.

Me writes: zeldas cool

Ice: Gnarly is more the word.

Navie: Tubular.

Ice: Cowabunga.

JMK: Your da*n right Zelda is cool!! "Cool" would be an understatement!!