July 30th, 1998

Howard writes: I was just wondering what was known about the mysterious fourth Triforce(wait, no, Quadraforce)piece that appears on Adult Link's shield(in the bird's claws) and on the Master Sword. I've seen it somewhere else also. What's it the Triforce of (the others are Power, Wisdom, and Courage)? What happened to it? Will it need to be found in Zelda64? I know these are tough questions to answer, especially with so little of the plot known, but I would appreciate any info at all.

Ice replies: You wouldn't believe how often this is brought up. I really don't think that there is a fourth Triforce. Why would it be called a Triforce if there were four pieces?

Navie: This rumor has been pulsing around the internet a lot lately, and I'll tell you something about it: I HATE IT! It's sacreligious to say that there are four Triforce pieces! And you can quote me on this, "THERE IS NO FOURTH TRIFORCE!" So when Zelda 64 comes out, expect a huge I TOLD YOU SO in you e-mail box!

JMK: I agree with Ice and Navie. I've seen alot of stuff on Zelda games, and, other than people that think that they have discovered something, I've never seen anything about FOUR Triforces. In narrative ever written by the people that make Zelda there are ALWAYS THREE, and I don't expect that this is going to change.

J-Man writes: Hey,Ice,listen,I once made a prototype of a game called "Legend Of Zelda:Mystery Of the Triforce".It stars Link;his brother,Chain;and Zelda herself.

Ice replies: Sounds great, man. If you want to hear about J-Man's idea, I hear that he's in my Chat Room on Tuesday afternoons. Check it out. I'd love to hear more about that, J-Man.

Navie screams: Geez, what's with you people?! Four Triforces, Multiplayer Zeldas... YOU GUYS NEED HELP! THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU! YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR TRADITION! To heck with "Out with the old, in with the new"!

Ice mutters: Speaking of "Out with the old and in with the new", Navie, I'm getting really sick of your explosions, and I think you might not have much longer on this staff...

Navie: Ice, dude, shut up.

JMK: Do you two ever stop?!?! Hey, J-Man, that's pretty cool. Is there anyway I, or any of the viewers of this site could play your game? I want to know what Chain and Zelda are like.

Jimmy writes: Hey Ice! Hows it goin? I am from England and have started playing Zelda 3 on the snes. I am a bit stuck on something. Please help. How do you kill the boss in the Gargoyle`s domain. I know you slash at him but he just grows another head. After two floating heads and a body I die. Am I doing the right thing. Oh and where is the Cape.

Ice replies: Yeah, you're doing the right thing, Jimmy. Get bottles and the net to keep fairies in, so when you die, they'll revive you. The cape is in the Light World graveyard. Just ram (with the boots) the grave that you need the Titan's Mitt to get to (top right corner of the graveyard).

Navie adds: Jimmy, here's a little advice: Don't EVER crack corn!


Ice replies: Thanks, Ruth, comments like yours keep this site going.

Navie adds: Going? With no help from Tripod, of course.

JMK: Tripod SUCKS!!

SCNWO writes: In Zelda 64, when you change to a first-person view, how does it control? Do you play it from there like Goldeneye's 1.2 solitare, or still use the analog to walk (I think that 1.2 solitare is the best control for any first-person game).

Ice replies: I would imagine that the first-person view uses the same controls as the third-person to avoid confusion when switching between the two, but I'm not completely sure, because I searched endlessly for someone with the facts, but I could find no one. I'm almost positive that the two views use the same controls, though.

Navie: What brilliance.

MFman67 writes: Recently, the subject on Zelda comics has come up. I seemed to remeber having a few. And so the search went on, I did manage to find one of my old Zelda comics from about eight years ago. It was entitled the legend of zelda, from nintendo comics system. It is the second issue, but i'm not sure of which volume. it contains two stories. The first story is continued from the first issue. The story introduces some never before heard of characters, including Impa (dont ask) and some captain Krin guy. The second story simply involves one of Link's friends named Bagu who secretly tries to steel a piece of the triforce. I can remember having another, I believe it was the third issue but I cant seem to locate it. In these comics, Zelda is projected as very independent and seems as though she can take care of herself, and Link is often seem as an idiot in mental standards, when in fact we all know both pieces of information are very false. Nice job on your site, there cant be much competition, because when I compare it to other sites this one is the best!

Ice replies: You take this one, JMK.

Navie adds: Fine, then.

JMK: You have the second issue? That's great!!! You've gotta' find the third!! I know this sounds like a lot, but do you think you could type out the storyline? You would be contributing a historic piece of the Zelda legacy to this site. We've already got the first issue, and if we could get the second (Third?) that would be AWESOME!!!!! I'm sure all of the Zelda fans that visit this site would appreciate it, and I know that Ice, Navie, and I would be forever greatful. As far as the "unheard of" characters are concerned, I've heard of two of the three. If my memory serves me correctly, Impa has been around since the first Legend of Zelda was released on the NES. I'm pretty sure I can remember seeing her in the instruction booklet, but I could be wrong. I KNOW she was in the first issue of the comic series, introduced as "Zelda's loyal nursemaid, Impa". She is an old wise magician of sorts. You can see the first issue's storyline on this site. I've never heard of Captain Krin, so if you can't write out a storyline, PLEASE send in a description of this guy, as it might be an old character with a new name OR, as you said, he could be an entirely all new, unheard of character. Bagu was introduced into the Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link on the NES. He lives in the woods to the left and up from the graveyard. You need to get a letter from him so you can cross the bridge to get the Hammer. I'm interested to see how he plays into the story in your comic. Good job MFman, the second comic has been found!!!

Zorro writes: Greetings, senior! I have emerged and am ready to begin the new world Zelda internet order! You have only one task, my friend. Take Stuart's Zelda 64 Page off your links! There's a good amigo! Once Stuart is gone, you and the other sites will have an oppourtinity to take over the internet! Who am I, you ask? Well, ha ha, I am an old enemy of Stuart's, and I am prepared to pay him back for what he did to me! So long, amigo! Z

Ice replies: Uh, that's great, Zorro.

Navie says: The only Z's I saw during your horrible movie were those of the guy in front of me sleeping.

JMK: What did you call yourself BEFORE the movie- Godzilla?!?

Navie says: Batman? Peter Pan? Mary Poppins?

Ice: George of the Jungle? King Kong? Beavis and Butthead?