July 19th, 1998

Jeff writes: Mr. Ic, I would like to tell you that your background has a triforce in it. It lookscool. But why a triforce? Why not a dog? If you continue the animal abuse, I will never come back to your site.

"Ic" replies: Well, now that I think about it, it is quite ridiculous to have a Triforce in the background. After all, I'm a Zelda site. Triforce. HA! What was I thinking? Bring on the dogs!


JMK: Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE dogs! In fact, I own three myself. But Jeff, based on your letter, I would have to classify you in the "mentally challenged" category. Unless Link adopts a dog, I don't think you will find one on this site. But don't despair, there are many pictures of Link's horse!!

Marco writes: Hyrule: 1:***************** 2: ********************** 3:***********************

Ice replies: And another person solves Hyrule! JMK was the first, ain't that right? So, congrats, Marco, as soon as I finish the prize, it will be in your E-Mail box! And if anyone has any suggestions for upcoming prizes, I'd love to hear them.

JMK: That's 100% correct, Ice. Good job, Marco!! Someone besides me finally solved the Hyrule puzzle. Now if Ice would just finish the prizes, it would be a perfect world! I've been waiting for my prize for somewhere around a month now, hopefully you won't have to wait as long.

BMRLY420 writes: Do you know where the bow,ladder, and raft are in the second quest? If you could tell me,it would help alot.

Ice replies: Sure, no problem. Okay, the bow, believe it or not, is in Level 5. It's in a room with a bunch of red bubbles, pretty tough to miss once you're there. The raft is very difficult to find. It's in Level 4. To get it, go through the invisible door above the Triforce. Kill all the enemies, and start pushing blocks. You'll find it. The ladder is in Level 6. This is another tricky one. Get the map, and go to the room farthest left (it's down towards the bottom. There are those pesky spike thingies in there. Push the block farthest to the left (you must push it vertically), and a passage will open in the upper-right corner of the room. You now have the ladder. I'm overjoyed that people still play the original Legend of Zelda.

Navie adds: What a memory.

JMK: I can still remember fighting over the controller with my friends. That was a great game!! I still replay it every now and then just for fun.

Jaraad writes: alright ice!!! i'll take your advice and write the editorial ASAP, just one thing. For my evidence to support my theory i need you to put just two pictures on my editorial, if you could do that i would really appreciate it, and i would also like it if you could tell me what you think about Zelda 64 as a whole. thanx a bunch, hope to talk to you l8erz. thanx, Jaraad Virani

P.S. your site blows all those other sites out of the water, zhq.com has nothing on you buddy!

Ice replies: Thanks, dude. This guy's gonna write an editorial about his Link = Harper theory, which will be interesting if nothing else. I really don't see how this could fit into the storyline, but, let's just see what this guy comes up with. It's really a cool theory. I can't wait for you all to see what he has to say about it. And about what I think of Zelda 64, well, even if the graphics were worse than Cruis'n USA, the play control worse than MK Mythologies: Sub Zero, and the storyline as strange as Geoman, I would still love it. But technically speaking, Zelda 64 will turn out to be a nice game, excelling in the graphical area. The play control will probably be above average, the sound below average (I'm still sore about the Link voice thing), and the storyline decent. The challenge probably won't be too good, though, judging from everything I've heard.

Navie adds: I don't care about the game's challenge, really. And just as long as the fairy talks, I'll be happy with the sound. Voices don't really add that much to the game.

Ice replies: Go shave your ORANGE head! Voices are the definition of a game!

Navie: Ice.....>( >( >( >( >( >(

Lorkay writes: photo's and background missing tonight ?? looks like icycles melted ??

Ice replies: I would like to sincerily thank you, Lorkay, for always being quick to alert us to problems with the site. Thanks to you, we can keep it in proper working order. I have been informed by various people that the media server for Tripod went off-line again several times, and it has been doing so almost every night. Tripod is scrambling to get it together, but until they do, Ice's Zelda Central may suffer severely.

Navie interrupts: How come Zelda Headquarters and Z64 don't have these problems?

JMK: I would like to name Lorkay the Official Zelda Central Website Problem Detector!!

Jimmy Corn writes: Thanks, dudes!

Ice replies: You're welcome, dude.

Navie adds: I am NOT a "dude", thank you very much.

JMK: Jimmy, what do you keep thanking everybody for?

Jimmy the Corn Husk writes: Corn is good, eat corn! Corn will make you grow up big and burly, just like Curly, with gobs of ears, with no fears, corn is nice, just like Ice!

Ice replies: sniff... sniff... That was beautiful.

Navie says: Here's a notion, Lack of Brain Motion, eat the corn, or your head will be torn!

JMK: A tribute to corn; Corn, wonderful, wonderful, corn. So sweet and crunchy. So yellow and mellow. Off the cob, it's very good. On the cob, it's even better!! Popcorn! Corn tortillas! Corn nuts! The state of BEING corny! Corn, wonderful, wonderful, corn!!

Ice: Hmm... Jimmy is another one for the "mentally challenged" catagory. What is all this talk about "corn" on my website? This is a Zelda website, not a corn website! Wait a second! I just had an idea...