July 14th,


James "J-Man" Wiggins askes: Hey,do you think that Link would ever star in a multiplayer?

Ice replies: Well, that's a tough question. I'm almost positive that Zelda 64 will not have a multiplayer mode. While it would be cool, I just don't see it happening. There is a possibility, however, that Link may participate in a game with a multiplayer mode. I was extremely disappointed that he didn't make an appearance in Mario Kart 64. Link is almost as important to Nintendo as Mario is, and many people consider him way better, so I really don't understand why Link wasn't in Mario Kart 64. I think if Zelda 64 was done before MK64 came out, he would have made it. Link's look and voice wasn't decided in time for him to be in Mario Kart 64, so that was probably a reason that he wasn't in there. Plus, the Mario series was a lot more cartoony than Zelda, so that could be another reason. I really can't see Nintendo putting Link in any multiplayer games. And I would rather them not, really, because if Link was in a game, I would want him to tower over the other players in ability, but that would make for a pretty sorry multiplayer game. The future is grim for an appearance by Link in a multiplayer game, but I'm not saying that it can't happen. I probably won't, though.

JMK: I don't think we will ever see Link in a multiplayer game either. It just doesn't make any sense. I mean, in order for any Zelda game to be multiplayer, it would have to go AGAINST it's own legend. The Legend clearly states that, to find the Triforce of Courage, "Only a mighty hero, possessing special powers and a strong character, would be able to discover it." It also says that this hero would have a mark on his hand around his 16th birthday. I think that both of these facts imply that there can only be ONE Zelda hero. And, as far as Link appearing in a multiplayer game other than Zelda, I don't think Shigeru Miyamoto would ever go for it.

Navie: You pretty much said it all, guys, so I'm just going to take this time to introduce our new letters guy, JMK! He wrote a summary of the 1st Zelda comic. It really gave Ice's Zelda Central an edge on the competition. Thanks, dude.

Ice continues: Isn't she sweet?

Navie: Don't make me vomit, cowboy.

Ice: Hey, not all Texan's are cowboys!

Jaraad786 writes: hey ice man, First of all I would like to say you have by far the best zelda site i have ever seen, Zhq. com has nothing on you (by the way most of their info is copied from other sites). great music collection, although i guess something is wrong with my computer cuz your page theme sounds like music from a NES system, while at my friends house the music sounds totally awesome and more like what the n64 is capable of, maybe it is jsut my computer. anyway i wanted to tell you that on your study of characters you said that Link I (in Zelda 64) has reddish hair, infact it is orange!!! a bit redish but it is your call. I was wondering if you could help me out with something, on all the drawings and are of the Zelda 64 link, his hair is blonde while in the game it is reddish/orange, what's up with that? then i got a good look at the "mysterious harp player" and wouldn't you know he looks a he*l of a lot like link and the harp player's hair is blonde. Does this mean that the harper is the real link and the supposed link is someone else in zelda64? hope you can help me, thanx!!!

Ice replies: Well, Link I's hair is indeed now orange. the character study was taken back when Link had his second face (long story), and back then, his hair just had a tint of red in it. Now, it is full-fledged, without-a-doubt orange. I'm glad that the Zelda development team did that. It gave the Link's a little uniqueness and individuality. And the reason the music sounds worse on your computer could possibly be because you have an older sound card, or your MIDI player has limited channel capability, which would stifle some of the background notes and harmony and bass. And I really don't know why Link is drawn with blonde hair, while in the game it is red. why Nintendo does what it does is really beyond me. Just as long as they deliver Zelda 64 on November 23rd without sacraficing quality, they can draw Link however they want to. I would like a little consistantcy, though. And about your Harp Guy - Link conspiracy... I'll let someone else handle that one.

Navie: NOT ME! You go for it, JMK. And Ice, I know that I have mentioned this before, it's not ORANGE! HAIR IS NOT ORANGE! IT'S RED! Being a redhead myself, I get REALLY annoyed when people do that. SO DON'T! I have a cr**py (sorry, incapable) sound card, too, so the music sounds pretty cra**y on my computer, too. Ice? I expect an apology about the orange thing.

Ice: Fine then. I'm really, really, really sorry about that. It won't happen again. JMK? Care to take a crack at the "conspiracy theory" about the Harp Player. Good luck (chuckle). I love torturing the new people.

JMK: Link is Link, plain and simple. Maybe the mysterious harp player is Link from another game, but reincarnated or something. I was thinking he might be Link from Link's Awakening, but I don't know if a harp is one of the instruments you find or not. Anyway, it's not likely that the supposed Link is a fake. How are you going to have someone other than the real Link star in a Zelda game? It doesn't add up!! By the way, my computer has and excellent sound card (Sound Blaster AWE/64) and sub-woofers, which makes the music sound TOTALLY awesome!!

Ice adds: You know, JMK really does have a point here. And in Link's Awakening, that Link does find a harp (the Surf Harp), and no one knows what happened to that Link after Zelda 4, so it is possible, but highly unlikely.

Greg writes: Hello my name is Greg. I have the legend of Zelda a link to the past . I can hardly wait for Zelda 64 to come out. However I have a question In the Ice Palace you can drop from B1 to B2 but there is a switch that covers the bomb hole. WHen you hit the switch down it blocks you're way to the hole. Please help me. THenks

Ice replies: Eeek! And the day was going so well! I HATE THAT QUESTION! I'll answer any question on earth but that one. So I'll let Navie answer it. Go for it. I love torturing veterans, too.

Navie adds: Oh, thanks a lot, Ice. Okay, the first thing you should do, is FORGET THE ICE PALACE, and go on to Level 6. It's really quite easy, and there, you will find the Cane of Somoria, which will be all you will need to solve this puzzle. Once you have the cane, go back to the Ice Palace, just keep going, and use the staff to make a block to keep that yellow button down so that you can continue. Please don't EVER ask this question again!

Charby69 writes: u need to fix your music page

Ice replies: Thank you for alerting me to that, but the music files (or lack thereof) was not my problem, it was Tripod's (Ice's Zelda Central's server). They just disappeared one day, without a trace. Boy, was it fun repairing it. But Tripod is a good server, all in all, and I'm pretty content here.

Navie adds: I hate Tripod.

Lorkay writes: The background music on the site would not come thru ? message author of page has not authorized it ..? the site always had background music before ?? liked the music on the site ?? why did you remove it from we little people ?

Ice replies: Well, as I explained above, the music was mysteriously removed by the little Tripod fairy (probably related to Navie), and that explains the sound problem. Last I heard, the music was working again (after over two hours of painful uploading), and everything is running normally again. And I'd like to take a little time right now to thank everyone for all of their positive comments on my music, I've worked very hard on a lot of these files, and I love to hear all of your comments on them.

Navie interrupts: All of these comments on the music makes me realize how much I really need a new sound card, just like my pal Jaraad up there. And thanks for writing again, Lorkay, we love hearing from you.

Jimmy Corn writes: Thank you lots.

Ice replies: You're welcome lots.

Navie adds: STOP, JIMMY!

JMK: Jimmy "crack's corn" too much...and I don't care!!

Navie: So if Jimmy cracks corn, and no one cares, WHY THE HECK DOES HE KEEP DOING IT?

Courtney writes: Ice, you haven't been printing my letters lately! =( You made my little smily face real sad! Oh well, they have been a little too personal, and I honestly don't care if you print them or not. I just wanted to excercise my little typing fingers. Yes, that's it... Anyway, thanks for writing back to me every day. And finish your book! Your site really is better than Zelda Headquarters, and I congradulate you for that. I knew you could do it from Day One, and you honestly have. You just need to let people know about your site more than you are. Thank you Ice, thank you for everything! I would love to meet you someday. I think that would be awesome. This site, honestly, has been one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Seriously. It got better than Zelda Headquarters in only two months, it gives me a reason to come to the computer every day, and I've met the most wonderful person in the entire world through it. (that would be you, Ice). Just keep it all up. Love ya.

Ice replies: Courtney makes a heroic return to the Letters page! She has written me every day since around April (I don't even remember when it was), and has been one of the main reasons that I even kept up Ice's Zelda Central in it's early years. When I had the old hit counter, I averaged about ten-fifteen hits a day, and I was wondering whether or not all of this work was worth it or not, and she was the only visitor who assured me that it was worth it. Without her, Ice's Zelda Central wouldn't even be around any more.

Navie says: That's great, Ice.

Ice retorts: Hey, and you would be out of a job, you dumb little fairy!

Navie replies: Uh, I really meant it! Uh, yeah! That's GREAT, Ice!

Ice hopes: JMK, you'd better help me out here, so I can get rid of Navie! (just kidding, sort of...)

JMK: First you get rid of Ganon, and now there's talk about dumping the fairy!! Ice, your ruthless!! I guess I'd better watch my hide!!