June 28th, 1998

Someone writes: Now that is a COOL site ......!!!!!!

Ice replies: Thanks. You have a lot of people that agree with you.

ecrad writes: Ice why don't you have links awakening in the gallery?

Ice replies: Well, the only reason for that is that I only have one picture for the epic Link's Awakening, and I just put that up recently. If anyone has any more pictures from Link's Awakening, I would be extremely grateful if they would send them to me or tell me where I could find some.

john smith writes: How do you put music on your page?

Ice replies: Well, putting it up is the easy part. Making it is the hard part. All you have to do is upload the file to your server and then put a hyperlink to it somewhere on your page. I'll e-mail you a more detailed process.

IkeTurn574 writes: I know that sales are bad in japan but do you know how they are doing here in US.

Ice replies: Well, it's very true, sales are horrible in Japan. Nintendo is literally dying out there. But, quite the contrary, in the United States, the sales of Nintendo 64's are excellent. They often surpass the Playstation. Within a few months of it's release, the N64 unit hit 2,500,000 sales. That was a video game console world record. the U.S. has been called the "Land of N64 Oppourtunity", and that is by no means a lie. So basically, if the 64DD or anything else like that comes out in Japan, developers and producers are sure to bring it over here. The N64's main trouble in Japan is the lack of RPG's. Players in the U.S. don't care that much about Role Playing Games, they like shooters like Goldeneye and Turok, and action and racing games. Racing games don't hit it off very well in Japan, with the exception of F-Zero X, and the N64 has probably seen more racing games in one year than the Playstation has seen in three, so sales are worse in Japan. Never fear, though, the N64 is dominating the United States.

Krypton00 writes: In Zelda 1 the original in the second quest where is leval 4?

Ice replies: I am literally shocked at all the game-play questions about Zelda 1 that I recieve each day. And, as always, here is your response. Go to the Lost Hills, better known as the never-ending maze by the waterfall where you go up a lot of times to get to Level 5 in the first quest. Make sure you have the Power Bracelet, and start pushing the rocks around. You'll undoubtably find Level 4, one of the most difficult levels to find in the entire game. Good luck.

Ganon writes: Thank you very much. You site is really impressive ! And the musics are so good !! Keep up the good work !

Ice replies: He was thanking me for his lofty position on my Links page. And I thank him for my position on his. Meeting awesome, nice webmasters of other Zelda pages is one of the things I love best about running this page. Now that I think about it, I guess my site really does stack up pretty decently against a lot of the others. Well, this guy is the nicest webmaster I've ever known. Long live Ganondorf Dragmire!

Lorkay writes: fabulous , boats , water ..sky ..great the music is really Cool !!! thanks !

Ice replies: So far, I have only recieved positive comments on the new look on my site. I think that is reason enough to keep changing each individual page. Thanks for all of your positive and wonderful comments, everyone. And, as I have gotten accustomed to saying, thus endeth another letters column.