June 26th, 1998

Courtney writes: The party was marvelous, Ice. I am convinced that you have the best Zelda site in the world. Just always keep it up. Let's just sit back and watch it grow. Oh, and the new theme song is great, as is the quiz thing (you'll get it working), and all of the exceptional updates just leave me absolutely dazzled.

Ice replies: Yes, the 1,000 visitor party was quite grand. We'll have another get-together someday soon.

Patrick Davis writes: Hey, Your site is the best on the web. I have listened to all of the songs in the music section. They are all great. I was wondering if there was any way i could get a copy of your discontinued album. Also, do you know if, in Zelda 64, when you find a secret it will make the same noise as in the other one. Thanks.

P.S. My birthday is November 22. Can you guess what I'm asking for?

Ice replies: Surprisingly, your request isn't the first one that I've had for a copy of Platinum Ecstasy's discontinued album, The Legend of Zelda. I'll get with you later on that. And thanks for taking the time to listen to all the songs on the music section. They took me a great deal of time and stuff, especially the Platinum Ecstasy ones that we through together. I am terribly sorry, but the album is discontinued, though, but I've got a few copies left, I'll get back to you with that. And with the Zelda 64 question, well, there are people that actually know the answer to that, and I have tried to contact them, but I have been completely unsuccessful. I saw an article that said "and on-target, elaborate marimba fanfare sounds when you discover an item or uncover a secret...", so I think it will be very similar to A Link to the Past, only more elaborate, and probably more of an echoeing sound to it. And as for your birthday, gee, uh, you're asking for a, uh, new bike, right? (For the few of you who don't know, Zelda 64 is scheduled for release on November 23rd).

Jamie Christian writes: On the very first part of Zelda 3, when it is raining and you have to get inside the castle to save Zelda, where is the secret passage into the castle garden?

Ice replies: I belive you are talking about the very first puzzle in the game. Okay, here's what you do: Leave the house, and travel north. You wull eventually get to the castle gates, but a soldier will tell you to go home. Since when do you listen to a grown-up? Now go right until you reach a really big rock. Go up, and lift the bush covering a squar-like thing. Heck, lift all the pushes (get close and press the A button). You will eventually find one that is a hole. Fall in. You will now be in a dungeon, where you find your Uncle mortally wounded. Take his sword and shield, and continue through the dungeon. You will eventually emerge in the castle garden, where you can enter the castle itself and begin your quest. Good luck, dude.

Jeremy writes: I know you probably receive questions like this all the time, but I would be more than grateful if you could answer. I used to have a Nintendo many years ago in elementary school, but I sold it a few years later, and I owned the two Zelda games for that system. Now I am buying a used NES and a few games (including those two) so I am becoming a Nintendo fan again. Well, my question is can you tell me all the Zelda games ever made and what systems they are for? Your answer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Ice replies: Another letter from our pal Jeremy! (Well, the first one was a Guestbook signing). I'm glad to hear about you becoming a Nintendo fan once more. In my opinion, the original NES had the best games on it. They weren't exactly technologically advanced, but developers took what they had and worked miracles with it. The NES had the most imaginative games ever, including two Zelda games. Here is the list:

The Legend of Zelda: NES

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link: NES

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Super NES

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: Game Boy

The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time: N64 (November, '98)

Zelda 64DD: 64DD (1999 or 2000)


Ice replies: Well, sir, the weapon gallery will be online soon. I have been spending a majority of my time with Hyrule, and as soon as I get around to the weapons gallery (it will be very similar to the enemy gallery), then I will put it up. Expect it sometime in July. For now, though, read my Zelda 64 preview if you want pictures of Link using some of the weapons.

Ganon writes: Wow you have a great collection of midi !!Can you let me add them to my music section ? Be sure that i'll put your name beside the midi's that you composed !   By the way, is the Zelda 64 midi really from the Zelda 64 game ? Where did you got it ?Thanks.

Ice replies: I love getting compliments on my music. Thank you very much. And, surprisingly, you're the first person who has asked about the Zelda 64 MIDI. Both of them were composed since E3 1998, and one of them was done by a Nintendo employee (the longer song). No one is exactly sure which employee did it, but he works on Zelda 64 and has heard the song so many times that he was able to compose the MIDI almost exactly like it was in the E3 1998 version. the shorter version of the overworld, which isn't as exact as the other one, was done by me and my band, Platinum Ecstasy. And you are quite welcome to use my music on your site.

Wicked Clown asks:Can you help me on Zelda: Link to the past. If not can you tell me where I can get help. I need to know how to get the second glove to pick up the "Black Rocks".

Ice replies: Well, Wicked Clown, I don't know how far you are in the game, but the second glove is in the fourth palace in the Dark World. And your question has got me thinkin', so I launched the Zelda 3 Stratagy Guide today. It doesn't have much, but I'll finish it some day. So check out the Games section for it. Oh, and the fourth palace is in the Village of Outcasts. You go to the Gargoyle Statue in the middle of the village, and you pull the front of it like it was a rock. Have fun in there, it's pretty dark and dreary. Oh, and to beat the boss, you have to go to the top story and through a bomb in the middle of the room farthest to the right. Throw the bomb right where the crack is. Then, desend to the lowest level. The rooms to the left hold the Titan's Mitt (second glove), and the rooms to the right hold the girl. Take the girl to the room where the compass says the boss is. If you bombed the top floor correctly, then light should shine through. Charge up your sword, and take the girl to the middle of the light!