June 24th, 1998

Courtney writes: Hi, Ice. I don't have long today, so I'll make it short. Your hit counter is really rocketing up there! I believe you had over 100 visitors yesterday! And I entered you in some search engines, so you'll get a few more visiotors. Well, keep it up, you're doing great. And I wouldn't miss that 1,000 visitor party on Thursday for the world. Thanks again. Keep it up!

Ice replies: Thanks, Courtney. You're great.

PEC5252708 writes: will you be able to play at night...I think it would be cool to play with a moon in the sky.

Ice replies: The question is referring to Zelda 64 (the game will have real-time day and night), for those of you who don't know. And I would imagine that you will be able to run around and stuff at night. Nintendo Power has said that you will encounter different enemies and stuff at night then you will during the day, so I am sure that you will be able to play around with the large, impressive moon floating high above you. Maybe even crickets and stuff will chirp. With a game as real as Zelda 64, anything is possible.

John Smith writes: Just a loyal fan of Nintendo trying to get an answer to a question.  I agree that Star Fox by far is one of THE best games for sound and vision: An oldy, but goody.  Anyway, here's the question (actually questions):  Will Zelda or any other game coming out (preferably RPG) have multiple endings?  I would like to know because I believe that a game should have multiple endings so the player won't get bored with it the minute it's over. 

So what's your opinion or fact?  Has Nintendo planned any games that will have multiple and VERY different endings for what you do during the game or how fast you beat the game?  PS-  Any update on what voices are going to be used for Zelda?

Ice replies: Yes, Star Fox 64, with over 600 voice messages, is a prime example of great sound and amazing memory compression. So I'll tackle the voice question first. Well, there isn't much of an update on the voices in Zelda 64. Link still doesn't have a voice yet, and it is undecided whether he ever will or not. But Navie, Link's little fairy, had a completely new voice at the E3 1998 version. When asked about the voices, Miyamato said that the sound was far from complete. He also stated that he did not really like Navie's voice in that version, and it will undoubtably be changed. Okay. Will Zelda have multiple endings, like Metroid, the best one earned when you complete it in a fast time or earn every item? It is still too early to tell. I can't give you a solid fact on that right now, but my guess is that sadly, Zelda 64 will only have one ending. It may change a bit depending on who you met in the game, like Star Fox 64's changes a slight bit if you meet Bill or Kat (they fly over your ship), but I would be genuinely surprised if Nintendo would include more than one ending for Zelda 64. I really wish that they would, it would add so much reply value to it, but, with my experiance in seeing how Nintendo functions, I can almost assure you that there will NOT be multiple endings in Zelda 64. What we'll probably get instead will be an epic, ten-minute long cinimatic event, which I guess is almost as good. There are a few games that are scheduled for release that will have multiple endings, though. Earthbound 64, an RPG for the upcoming 64DD, is sure to have multiple endings, since the game will also have about 20 or so paths. If that isn't replay value, I don't know what is. But no games coming out within the next six months or so will have multiple endings. But if you like RPG's, may I suggest Quest 64, especially if you consider the value of an RPG by how long you play it, and you won't be disappointed. Thank you for bringing up the topic.

Jeremy writes: This is an excellent website regarding the Zelda series, and I really must congratulate you on your excellent work and effort. I really enjoy the thoroughness with which you have managed to create each page and the vast choice of selection that you provide. There is no doubt that I will be coming back here much more frequently to check your updates and just to peruse your incredible work. Long live Zelda and Link!

Ice replies: This was actually posted on the Guestbook, but he words things so well that I just had to put this up here. My friend had to pull out a dictionary to read his message. Thank you, Jeremy, for the wonderful array of compliments.

John Goguton writes: Ice, your site is so cool, I love the village it is the best I can't wait to see what awesome ideals you and your helpers will come up with. Hey can you set up sometimes where we could meet the all famous Ice, maybe put a time section in th village to notify us of times when you will be in the chat. I have a PROBLEM when I click on the messege borad it shows that there is a error and I can't leave a messege I mean it was working fine one night then I could not get back in it. Well I guess I should have e-mailed you this but this way is much faster. I love your site and I love your dedication to the site. Keep up the great work and maybe you could be bigger that ZHQ. I believe you already have more stuff than that site as well. If you ever need any help just e-mail me and I could help you. I don't know that much but I will try. I am sure working with this site would be a prevlige. DOES ANYONE ELSE AGREE I bet all 500 people that have visted this site would agree I cant wait till we hit 1,000 you gotta have something for the 1,000 hit are you planning on anything beacuse at this rate we will hit it by August and that is pretty well considering it has only been up since May 23. Your band is awesome to I cant wait till you put some of there music up it will defentily be a treat to the whole world. Well sorry to take up all your memory on your webpage but I had a lot to say. Do I get a reward for being Ice's Zelda Central most loyal fan. Again your site is awesome, about the only thing I could find wrong with it is that you need to have the page more colorful with more gifs and stuff but that is not important at all really I am just trying to be helpful. Well keep up the great work and keep on those secert projects they will put your site on the map I can just feel it a week after they are up you will be on every search engine in the world as number 1. ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE ICE

Ice replies: This was also on the Guestbook, only this was posted quite awhile ago. So, as you can see Mr. Goguton, I have fixed many of the problems on the site. Thank you for all of the compliments and suggestions. I would have written you back, but you didn't leave your e-mail address, so I went in through here. Thanks again.

FreySIM writes: hi--i was browsing the internet for a map of the second quest to zelda, but no matter how hard i looked, none was to be found. anyway, i found your site and it had an email place.  so i figured i would ask, 'do you know where i can find a map of the second quest to the original zelda game on the internet?'  or, better yet, if you have one on your computer, could you please send it to me? thanks for your time ps, great music on your site.

Ice replies: Okay everyone, for a free map of the second quest of Zelda, click on the address below:



It's in two parts, so go to both. And always remember, Ice's Zelda Central is the best place to get Zelda info and help!

Kimmy says: you really have a great web site going here. i am a real big zelda fan (not fat big, but big on zelda), and i really like your page. you have a lot of music, and i like music, so that is good. thanks for the web site. it is great.

Ice replies: You thought I had a lot of music yesterday? Well feast your eyes on the Music section today! I added 44 NEW MIDI'S! And thank you for the compliments.