June 21st, 1998

Courtney writes: I'm going to write to you everyday of my entire life, okay, Ice? Well, if you don't want me to, just tell me, and I'll stop. You haven't updated in quite a little while, Ice. When I told you slow it down and take it easy, I didn't mean to STOP COMPLETELY! Keep it up! The counter has been racing up. You got over 75 visitors one day I think, so keep going! Don't stop now! This is the time for conquest! This is your chance! Start advertising! You can do it. Today, 600 visiotors. Tomorrow, 700! Then 850, 1,000... and the world! Have a big party when you hit 1,000, okay? And can I be invited. Just joking... sort of. Have an online party. Get really cool music for your title page. Yeah, and just have a little website party. But only for one day, because then, most likely only faithful, regular visitors will be there. And that will be their reward for being loyal to the site, okay? And I'm sorry for sending this so late at night, but if you're a daddy, happy Father's Day (I have no idea how old you are). And that brings up another point. We really don't know who you are, or even anything about you. I guess that's kind of special, you know, the mystery of it all. But I would really like to know more about you. Not neccessarily a name, or even a picture, but just a little insight. Thanks again for your time, you are a very special and dedicated man: the best webmaster in the world.

Ice replies: Did you guys know that she has E-Mailed me every day for over 75 days in a row!? It's simply amazing. And about my, er, secret identity... I won't tell you anything. Well, alright, my name is Amanda Kissinhug, and I am 4,000 years old, I live in Antartica, and I like pizza with green chocolate on it. All of that information was fake, by the way. Don't believe me? Alright, I like red chocolate. Seriously though, my identity will be cleared up for hardy adventurers who can do a certain thing in Secret Project A... NO MORE INFO!

yuri_to2 writes: Hello Ice. My name is Yuri Gosnika. I am just writing to tell you some information on something. Not to sound rude or anything, but for being a Zelda master, you really don't know very much about the enemies in the game. I know about three or four of the names that you put "UNKNOWN" for. And, since you are the "zelda master", I will not tell you what they are. Figure them out for yourself. Let's see you do it all by yourself. Ha! Oh, BTW, great site.

Ice replies: Thanks... I think. Well, due to your request, I put the rest of the names that I knew up there on the Character Gallery. The only reason that I couldn't think of them the day that I did that was because I had been on the computer for hours and I simply couldn't think straight anymore. Thank you for the challenge, though. I like recieving challenges from visitors questioning my abilities or knowledge. My friend has called me the "World's Foremost Zelda Historian", but I don't think that I'm the absolute best, but I do consider myself pretty knowledgable. Don't believe me? Check out the next question!

Hark! The Fruit! writes: Okay, first of all, the Story section was very nice. You did a really good job. It was very confusing, though. Three Links and three or four Zeldas? It must be true, but that didn't make it any less confusing. You did a very good job, though. You must be a writer. And if you're not, you should be. Anyway, back to the reason that I am writing. I think that a series of comic books existed for Zelda, in fact, I'm positive that they did, so, I was just really wandering, where did they fit into the timeline? Which Link were they? Please explain. Thank you for your time.

Ice replies: Well, there actually was a series of comics for Zelda, for those of you who didn't know that information. Try as though I have, I just can't seem to get any though. But back to your question. Where did they fit in? Okay. They took place after Zelda 1 and Zelda 2 (for the NES), which means that they are the latest events chronilogically. So they are about the third Link and the third (or speculated to be the fourth) Zelda. In fact, the eternal struggle between good and evil, Link and Ganon, are apparently coninuing even now. I will write more abou this in the Story section soon.

CHAPEL writes: i would just like to say ; YOUR ZELDA PAGE KICK AS*; i am a biiig fan of Zelda well 4 many reasons i would like to talk to you about Zelda


Ice replies: Thanks. I've always wanted my music to be "trigonomis". And, I hate to have to say this again, but I do not like any form of swearing in the letters that I recieve. This is just about the last one that I will accept like this. Thanks for writing, though.

Buttaluv12 writes: how do you get the whistle in the second quest of the original legend of zelda. i's the only thing that keeps me from beating the game. thanks for any help.

Ice replies: I'll have all my readers know, I e-mailed him a long and detailed way to get the whistle in the Second Quest (it's in Level 2), so I'm not going through all of that again on the letters page. But I'll still accept any in-game questions, but there is a slight chance that you won't recieve an immediate response, even though I'll try. I just get so many letters a day, and in-game questions are not a priority, especially with the detailed Games section on this site. Check that before you e-mail me a question, okay? Thanks for all of the game questions, though, everyone. You really keep my hoppin'.

Jimmy Thorn writes: Thanks once again.

Ice replies: You're welcome once again.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Web says: "Not one of the prettiest sites to look at. Worth checking out, though."

Ice replies: Thank you, Link the Legendary Hero. Your site ain't too shabby, either. Well, thus endeth another letters section. Happy Father's Day, goodbye, have a nice day, and drive safely.