June 12th, 1998

Courtney writes: Oh Ice, Secret Project C is absolutely wonderful! It's totally awesome! In my opinion, it's better than any other story section ever made. I read it three times! Hurry up and finish the rest of it. Your site is turning out to be great. You now need to start advertising it more. I'm doing all I can, but my internet powers are so weak, yours so great. Go for it Ice. And I guess trying to conquer Zelda Headquarters is sort of pointless, and I finally see it the way you see it. Just try to be the best that you can be, and that is definately good enough. And who knows? Maybe one day you actually will be better. But who really cares? Just be a good Zelda site Ice, and this is what you have been saying all along. Don't worry about competition. Mr. Miyamato doesn't, and look where he is today. Just be as good as you can be. And finish that Story section! It's totally awesome! That's my favorite section on the entire site right now! I'm eager to see the Character Study. 'Till tomorrow, Ice.

Ice replies: Thank you for another terrific Letter, Courtney. It's always great to hear from you. I'm glad you finally see things "my way". And look for the rest of the Story section very soon. And I'll keep today's Letters short because I need to work on it!

Riga writes: You said that you would do a eneimy list once you finished the secret project. Well, it's done, and no enemy list! What do you say to that? (sorry if I sounded rude, but I didn't meen to be)

Ice replies: Tomorrow, I'll have the Gallery up. That's a promise, okay? It's quite difficult to work on, though, and it won't be very big, but I'll expand upon it slowly, gathering new pictures, names, and information.

ret_na writes: So the Story section was your famous secret project C, eh? And I have to admit, it was pretty darn good. Seriously. That's one of the only good pages on your site though. You need a few things here. Anyway, I think you have a good site anyway. Just keep on going, but make sure you get it better.

Ice replies: Keep in mind that I am still a very young site over here. I think it's tremendous how much the site has grown in such a short amount of time. However, being a young site, my site is still not what it should be. But don't worry. By this time next month, I'll have all the new sections settled down and under control. I can't wait to see what the future will hold for Ice's Zelda Central.

bara_bara17 writes: you have a great site and all, but there are a lot that are a lot better. but there are also a lot that are a lot worse. i think that the best one is zelda hedquarters. they really show you up, fool. anyway, your okay, so i won't be too hard on you. they are a lot better, though.

Ice replies: The only thing that I can't understand is: "WHY THE HECK DOES EVERYONE KEEP COMPARING ME TO ZELDA HEADQUARTERS?!!!" I can't understand it! I have a site, Niels has a site. Niels has a much better site. And does it look like I care? There are a lot of better Zelda site's than mine, and I'm not the least bit involved or worried about the competition aspect of the internet. My purpose for having this website is provide the best Zelda-related information and things to do as possible. So I am not in competition with Zelda Headquarters, or any other website. I'm just here to help out in the Zelda world where I can. It's flattering to know that some people consider me slight competition for Zelda Headquarters, though.

The Mysterious Harpist writes: Good day Ice. I am writing in regard of your music section on your site. You really do have the most music out of any other Zelda site, but I others are coming very close. I'm sure that Zelda Headquarters has more, they just haven't put it up yet. So, just so you know, you need to put more up there. I love the music, and that's practically all that I go your site for, so please elaborate on it even more than you have in the past.

Ice replies: Actually, I have about 15-20 more MIDI files to put up. But I've been so busy with my secret projects that I haven't had the time to upload them and put them up. Sorry. But I'll do it soon. Very soon. Just as soon as Secret Project C (the Story section) gets completed, and I have a good head start on Secret Project A, the Music section will get a facelift. But until then, enjoy the existing music files.

Jimmy Thorn writes: Thanks.

Ice replies: You're Welcome.

Ganondorfuserie writes: Ice, are you insane? There can't be two Links and two Zeldas! Are you insane? There's no way! That's sacreligious!

Ice replies: Indeed, there are multiple Zelda's and Link's. That's the accepted theory, and there are several facts to back this up. Read the list of clues at the beginning of my Story section, or even ask Dan Owsen of Nintendo for yourself. Nintendo itself has said that there are more than one. And they would know. They wrote the story and made the games. I didn't like the idea of it myself, but it's true. Sorry.