May 25th, 1998

Courtney writes: Oh, Ice, the new layout looks marvelous! Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... Your page looks a lot "nicer" now, instead of the subtle darkness or evil look that the old one presented. And the Zelda 2 section, simply awesome! Your site had a short little stumble there in the middle of May, but it has recovered and is doing better updates in one day than Zelda Headquarters does in week! Literally. Everything is just so cool now, your own personal Chat Room, your own Guestbook, all the animated graphics on the page... I love it all! (especially that spinning "NEW" thing!) I am so glad to see that you are so dedicated to Zelda and the magic the series brings. I just can't find the sufficient words to tell you how awesome the site has become, and all of this happened in ONE WEEK! You went from a plain, dark site with a little Letters column, an empty Games page, and a small FAQ to this mammoth that you are today. And I guess you were right about being able to do everything yourself; you don't need my help or anyone else's. I would just like to congratulate you on your brilliance and success. You had 78 visitors on the first day that your counter started working! That was simply amazing, considering how young your site is. There's really nothing else that I can think of that you can really do to make the site better, but I trust that your ingenious mind has a few tricks up it's sleeves. Finish your secret projects! I know that you are doing the best that you can, and any amount of time that it will take I'm sure will be worth it. But please, try to hurry it up. When all three of them are completed, then you will be ready to completely take over Zelda Headquarters. Oh! I just thought of something that you need to have. A Link's page. You could rate the top 10 or so Zelda-related sites on it (please do not put Zelda Headquarters first!). And try to finish Secret Project C first, and then Secret Project A, and then B, okay? I really don't know much about any of them, but do the easiest Zelda related one first (C), and then continue in the order written above. I can't believe how bossy I'm being, sheesh! Well, I'm a woman. That's my job. I think I'll just let you run your site how you want to. That's obviously the best way, if what I've seen here lately is any indication. Thanks, again, Ice. Can we set up a time to meet in the Chat Room some time? I would love that. Ever since I first saw your site in early April, I was hooked immediately. I visited every day, and I've always wanted to talk to you in person. The Ice's Zelda Central Chat Room is just the next best thing, I suppose. Well, thanks for your time. And it looks like I wrote you another novel to stick on your page. Sorry about the length, I just have so much to tell you. Bye, Ice, and thank you.

Ice replies: I don't really care how long your letters are, Courtney. It's always great to hear from you. And yes, a Link's page sounds like a very good idea. Look for it later this week. Or maybe even today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever. And I am trying to finish my secret projects, but they all take so long to complete, that I have to update the site, too, and do Letters pages, and everything else. So progress is slow. And I am currently working on a Zelda 3 Stratagy Guide also, but that won't be done for a long time. Zelda 3 (the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) is such a huge game, that it will take me quite possibly well over a week to get it done. Right now, I'm focusing on finishing that and Secret Project C, since that one's the easiest. And then I'll do B, since that's the second easiest. Who knows when A will be out. Well, thank for writing me again (I get a letter practically every day from this girl). And about the Chat Room thing, how about today at 4:00?

Ronald writes: wuz up with this Courtney dude? I thbk thats cheep. I rite you almost everyday too, and I haven't been on up yet! I thbk that's cheep. I demand to now why! Now! tell me, or i'll kill gram.

Ice replies: Do you really want know why? It's because your letters make no sense! I'll kill gram? And you ask the same question over and over again. No one cares how many blades of grass are in the castle courtyard! Courtney has intelligent questions and comments, and that's why she gets posted up here a lot, okay? Now go count grass or something.

Jimmy Crack Corn writes: Hey, Ice, I have been a regular visitor to your site for four days now, and I like what I see. You have alot of great stuff here. Lots of sections, and your updates are huge compared to some other sites. I just wanted to tell you all that. Thank you for reading this. Jimmy Crack Corn, And I Don't Care! Jimmy Crack Corn, And No One Cares! Then Why Does He Keep Cracking Corn?

Ice replies: Thanks for your comments. It's good to see a regular visitor to the site. Regular visitors is what makes a site great. And I honestly don't know why the hck Jimmy keeps cracking corn if no one cares.

The Harpist writes: In response to IM72's letter in your last section (May 23rd, I believe), the whistle in Mario 3 does not make the same sound as the whistle in the Legend of Zelda. Sorry, guys, but no cigar. They are kind of close, though, but there are distinct differences.

Ice replies: Thank you for clearing that up. I didn't really think that they were the same, but I wasn't exactly sure. Thanks for your insight. We are all now wiser for knowing the answer to that mysterious question...


Ice replies: Well, first of all, the title to Zelda 4 is not "Link's Awake", but rather "Link's Awakening". And the title makes sense, really, because it pertains to sleep (as does the rest of the game), and Link defeats all of the evil plauging Koholint Island by waking up the Wind Fish, and thus waking up himself. And this sort of pertains to the question below.

Kerron writes: I've always wondered about something. Link's Awakening is by far the most confusing Zelda game yet. (well, I haven't played the first two for Nintendo so I probably wouldn't exactly know) The story line about the whole Wind Fish asleep thing and Link being asleep and dreams and all of that just makes my head spin. Please explain it to , so I can finally sleep at night.

Ice replies: Well, Kerron, the Zelda 4 storyline isn't really something to lose sleep over. The fact is, no one is really sure about whether Link is asleep or not. We know that the Wind Fish was asleep, and his dream was Koholint Island. But did his dream make the island real, or was Link inside of the Wind Fish's dream. If so, how did he get there? Was Link still asleep? And Nintendo wasn't much of a help, because all they have ever said about was "though the action may or may not take place in a dream...". Was Link still asleep? Why was he trapped there, if the island was real? Couldn't he just sail away? And if Link was trapped inside of the Wind Fish's dream, why Link? Why not Bob Marvin down the street? So to be trapped there, Link would have to be in the Wind Fish's dream. And to do that, Link would probably have to be dreaming himself. So this is what I think happened: Link was sailing, when a terrible storm arose. His boat slammed into the shore of a deserted island. Link fell into a coma. He started dreaming, and his dream created everything that happens in Link's Awakening. And it ends with him waking up. But the Wind Fish was real, so that can not be completely accurate. Maybe Link just landed on the island that the Wind Fish's dream created, and since he was on the island, he was stuck in the dream until the Wind Fish woke up. And then the island disappeared. Hmmm... I don't know. Write Nintendo about it. I'm doubtful that Zelda 64 will clear any of this up, but, you never know.

Zelda writes: Hey, my name is Zelda (seriously). I was searching for a good picture with my name in it when I ran across your site. And I was hooked on Zelda forever. I searched my attic, and came across my old Nintendo System and Zelda 2! And your Zelda 2 stratagy guide got me started, but since I have exceptional will power, I only got my selff started, and I am now figuring out the game on my own. Zelda 2 is truly magical. My brother has a Super Nintendo, and I am going to get the Super Nintendo game as soon as I beat Zelda 2. Thanks you so much for introducing me to the world of Zelda! I love you!

Ice replies: Well, I'm glad that my site is truly doing something for the Zelda cause. Thanks for letting me know about how my site is making a difference.