May 23rd, 1998

Courtney writes: I was overjoyed yesterday to see the Zelda 64 section! Wow! That just affirms what I've been saying this whole time. Ice, you are the most dedicated Zelda fan ever, and you would do anything to please other loyal Zelda fans and visitors to your site. I really have nothing more that you could improve on in the immediate future. If you keep up these major daily updates like you've been doing, then you will easily surpass Zelda Headquarters in maybe a month or so. Wow. That would be amazing. Zelda Headquarters is a great site and all, but their updates are only about once or twice a week, and they've been getting smaller and smaller every time. They just casually add another Letters section and update their precious About section. Give me a break. Go for the gold, Ice. You can do it. Tomorrow, or maybe later today, I'll send you a list of stuff that you need to do to beat them. You can do it, Ice. And since you're so busy, I'll be happy to do anything possible to help you in your goal. And I've heard that you are somewhat of a writer, Ice. That really has nothing to do with Ice's Zelda Central, but it is a significant thing about you. And I'd like to compliment you for awhile on your Zelda 64 page. It's really great. It must have taken a long time to find all of those pictures and put them up there. And your detailed preview was really great, too. I think that before you worry about conquering Zelda Headquarters, you should conquer Bowza's Zelda 64 Page. And then Zelda Headquarters. Because once Bowza's page is out of the way, you will have the biggest Zelda 64 section on the entire internet. First the largest music, then the fastest growing, soon the largest Zelda 64 part, then the largest Zelda I review, then the biggest Letters section, and, finally, Zelda Headquarters has been defeated! You can do it, Ice. And if you need any help at all at any time, please tell me. I want to help you, Ice. Together, we can build the largest Zelda site on the whole entire internet and become the greatest Zelda source in the entire world. You can do it, Ice. We can do it.

Ice replies: What a letter! Yes, I guess it is true that I am the most dedicated Zelda webmaster in the world. You just say the word, Courtney, and I'll do it. And that goes for everyone else. Do you have a suggestion? Complaint? Anything that will make my site better? Please let me know. Right now, I have been cruising the 'net and going to different schools and talking to a lot of different people to see what they would want on a website. And I'll put just about anything on here to please my many visitors to the site. Even though Ice's Zelda Central is a little over a month or so old, I reached my 225th visitor mark yesterday. Wow! I really am the fastest growing Zelda website on the whole entire internet!

Mene Gangrene writes: At fierst I was a little bit skepticle, but now I know that you really are an okay dude, Ice. The zelda 64 page was pretty cool. That's just about it. Thank you for your time.

Ice replies: Thanks for the compliments. Remembers, all of your comments, complaints, and whatever else is always welcome. I'm always eager to hear what my readers have to say. Without readers, Ice's Zelda Central just wouldn't be Ice's Zelda Central.

Charlene writes: Did you have to kick Ganon out? I admit, he didn't exactly do much, but, still. He was a pretty good guy, and I guess you did the right thing if he wasn't doing anything. But, still. Unless he went willingly, I guess you wwere kind of mean to him, Ice. I wouldn't go around kicking you off of my sdite! So, I suggest you be a little bit more nicer if you ever get another helper agian. No wonder he never did anything for you. You're too mean.

Ice replies: Ganon hardly ever did anything, and, though I didn't really like doing it, I had to kick him out. He went willingly, I assure you, and the only reason that he never did anything was because he does gymnastics for several hours a day, and those hours are increasing even more this summer. And Ganon didn't know html, something that is essential in website development. I just mainly let him help me out because he was my friend. He's mainly lost interest, anyway, and he didn't know that much about Zelda to begin with. It was a friendship thing, not a vicious struggle.

IM172 writes: Does the whistle in Super Mario Brothers 3 make the same sound as the whistle in Zelda 1? I was just kind of wondering. They sound very similar to me.

Ice replies: Ladies and Gentlemen, my new buddy, IM172!!!! He's sort of my internet pal, and I was talking to him earlier, and he came up with an interesting question. I'm not exactly sure, does it make the same sound? I went to check today, and couldn't get SMB3 to work, so, please, any insight on this would be appreciated!

Tickle ME, Elmo! writes: This is my second time writing to you. I wrote yesterday, asking about a Zelda action figure. And I did what you suggested, I e-mailed Nintendo and suggested it. And they just wrote back, saying something or other about not accepting ideas from customers, yada yada yada. So I researched the subjct. And I found that there were indeed Link action fingures in 1987! They were more like little scenes, not posable or anything, but, they were still around! I have been trying desperately to get my grubby little paws on one, and if I do, would you be interested in purchasing it?

Ice replies: That's a mighty great thing you found out there, and if you do happen to get your "grubby little paws" on one, I'm your man. Anyone out there have one or any information concerning a Legend of Zelda Action Figure? Contact me at zeldaice@usa.net.

Garth Brook's #1 Fan writes: your site is really great. it is a really good zelda site. but there are just some zelda things that i need that your site doesn't have to offer. you need a links section, okay? just letting you know. garth brooks rules! forever! yes!

Ice replies: Ladies and Gentlemen, Garth Brook's #1 Fan! A Links section. Now why didn't I think of that sooner? Thanks, Mr. Garth Brook's #1 Fan, for the awesome suggestion. So it has been decreed, and so it shall be done.

Steven Donte writes: Hey, Ice, I bet you know who I am. I'm your best friend's cousin's husband. And I just want to tell you that it's great to be connected to you this way, since I live farther away and I don't get to come in to my wife's old home and visit you little boogers. I just wanted to e-mail you with a question. In the Zelda 1 section, it said that a picture was loading, but nothing was happening. So I waited and waited and waited, but nothing still happened. I just wanted to alert you to that problem. Call ya sometime.

Ice replies: Ladies and Gentlemen, my best friend's brother-in-law, Steven Donte! Actually, pictures were loading. You always were impatient, if I remember correctly, and it took several minutes before even a glimmer of the pictures would show up. Therefore, I have redone the Zelda 1 page, and I took out all of the pictures that were rudely clogging up the system. The Zelda 1 Stratagy Guide is now running quite smoothly. Well, it was great hearing from you, Steve, but, as I have grown accustomed to saying, "Thus endeth another Letters page." It was great hearing from all of you, and I can't thank all of you enough, especailly those who wrote in with encouraging letters and suggestions for the site.