May 19th, 1998

Courtney writes: Hello again, Ice. I hate to keep troubling you with all my letters, but all I'm trying to do is help you improve your site a bit. A daily Letters page! That's not really all that long in the world's eyes, but for me, Ice, it means a lot. And I was overjoyed yesterday when I saw your new Games section. All those pictures did take quite some time to download, but it was all worth it when I was greeted with full-color maps for what was quite possibly the best Zelda game of them all. The page took way too much time to download, though. But there's no real way that you can improve that. I'm so glad that you took my suggestion to heart, Ice. It really shows that you care about your faithful readers and what they think, and that you really will go to all ends and extremes just to provide us with the best possible Zelda stuff that you can. You're a dedicated and admirable man, Ice. And I hate to give you another suggestion, but I think you know that any suggestion that I give is for the good of your site. Someday, Ice, if you keep it all up, I know that you can be better than Zelda Headquarters. You have the dedication and character it takes to do so. Anyway, here is my suggestion: I think that since you are trying your hardest to bring us the best news and Zelda-related stuff possible, then you should do a Zelda 64 page. I know it's a lot to ask, but I know that you can do it, and I know that you want to do it. It will be for the betterment of us all. That way, I won't have to go to other sites to find out stuff about Zelda 64. Everything that I'll ever need will be right here. Please, Ice. I want this site to be a nice, clean haven for all true Zelda fans, who just want hard-core information and entertainment. And the largest Zelda music collection on the internet helps, too. And remember, Ice, I'm always here for you, and if you ever need any help at all on anything, I'll do it. I'd do anything for you, Ice.

Ice replies: Wow. Your letters are no trouble to me at all, Courtney. In fact, I absolutely love hearing from you. And the Games section is actally costing me a great deal of money to keep up there, but it doesn't bother me. Yet. But soon, I'll take all those huge pictures down and redo the Zelda I section with just maps and tips and secrets. But that won't happen until about the end of the month. So savor those pictures while you can. The maps and text that I'm going to do will be better than those Nintendo Power pages, anyway. And expect sections on the other games soon. I'll probably have them all up by June or quite possibly July. And I love readers suggestions, especially yours, Courtney. And I will go to all extremes to provide you with the best stuff possible. Not all people have the time or the RAM to view my current Zelda I page, so, as I said above, I will have to redo it. A Zelda 64 page? Since you are a very caring and understanding person, and just a downright cool dude, I'll start making a Zelda 64 page. Now let's all thank Courtney! Thanks, Courtney! Oh, and perfect spelling and grammer, as always.

THE MAN WITH A TACO IN HIS PANTS writes: Yo, dide! If you want to make us fans REAL happy, then you should do a Zelda V page! Zelda HQ has an awesome one, and you should try to do better! Go for it, man!

Ice replies: As I said above, I am going to make a Zelda V (Zelda 64) page. And I love these names you people have! The Man With a Taco in his Pants? If you just think of a name like that, I promise you a spot on the Letters page!

The Mystic Inquirer writes: Waz up with this Ganaon dude? He doesn't do anything on the site except answer a few lousy questions and give da*n [edited] comments on the music! Waz up wit him?

Ice replies: Well, Ganon started out doing a lot of stuff, but he competes in gymnastics a lot, and he, well, I'll just let him answer that.

Ganon answers: Waz up wit' you? I don't see you doing anything on this site except writing trashy letters that we only stick you on here to take up space! YOU don't do anything but sit around on your lazy as-

Ice interrupts: Ganon! Watch your language!

Ganon continues: Sorry. I'm just a very busy man, as is Ice, but he is more dedicated than me, and he spends hours just working and trying to think up stuff that can please idiots like you.

George of the jungle writes: Hey, Ice Man! I visit you site once a day. Your site was pretty cra**y [edited] at first, but it has really improved, first with getting the largest Zelda music collection on the enteire internet, then with hetting a daily letters section, and then with getting a Zelda I review. Keep up the good work, man!

Ice replies: Well, thank you very much, George of the Jungle. I'm very happy to see that I have more daily readers than just Courtney, although even if I just had her, I would be satisfied. I love to attract visitors to this site, and daily ones are hard to aquire, but they usually find my particualarly large daily updates a big plus to the site, and that itself is one of the most rewarding things. Oh, and George of the Jungle, watch out for that tree.

Tickle ME, Elmo! writes: Do you think that there will ever be a Zelda action figure? That would be awesome!

Ice replies: I agree totally. Maybe you should write to Nintendo of America and tell them your idea. When I was little, I used to pray for one every night. I even looked up Howard Lincoln's personal address and wrote him about it! But I never got a single reply...

Warren writes: I go to your site almost once a day, and I like your daily updates. Even though your site is still young, it is better than over half of all the other Zelda sites. I have a slight complaint, though. When I went to your Zelda 1 part of your site, it took several hours to download all the pictures. If I were you, I would rather not have them. Anyway, besides that, you have an awesome site.

Ice replies: I have been seriously considering just yanking all of those hefty pictures off right now, but I'll wait until I have the time to totally redo the section at once. In my plans for the future Games section is a list of dungeon and item locations, codes (there actually is one for Zelda I), secrets, and a lot more. Look forward to it.

WEHRBTDUBNYT! writes: Your site is really great and all, and it is, in my opinion, the second best Zelda site on the entire internet, second only to Zelda Headquarters. And they've been around for almost three years now! And I would like to tell you something. You site is the fastest growing Zelda site on the entire internet! Did ypou know that? Well, it truthfully is. And you need to say that somewhere, right next to where you should say the biggest Zelda music collection on the entire internet. Okay? And since your site is so awesome, you need more publicity for it.

Ice replies: Thank you for helping me realized that I am the fastest growing Zelda site on the entire internet. and it's all because of people like you and Courtney, who tell me stuff that is not totally Ice's Zelda Website worthy or stuff that should be forgotten all together. And I especually appreciate all of the light-hearted suggestions that people give me. My site basically thrives on suggestions, and, thanks to those very same suggestions, my site is able to thrive. And last but defiantely not least, if people don't have a suggestion or anything, and they just tell me how much they like my site, it makes the endless hours that I put in at the computer worth it. Thank you, everyone. And thus-

Ganon interrupts: Oh, let me say it, Ice!

Ice retorts: NO!

Ganon begs: Please!

Ice affirms: No.

Ganon hopes: Maybe tomorrow?

Ice answers: Maybe. Well, thus endeth another Letters page. I loved all the compliments that I got, and it's because of people like YOU (and Courtney) that made this site the fastest growing Zelda site on the entire internet. And don't expect that to change. A Zelda 64 page will be headed you way very soon! Maybe even this evening...