May 3rd, 1998

Welcome to the third installment of the Letters page. This time around, we answer questions about the Color Game Boy and the possibility of another Zelda game.

Tama Tama writes: What is this stuff that I've heard about a color game boy? Is it posible? I've heard this rumur on a couple websites, and I was just curious. I thought maybe ICE would know.

Ice replies: Yes, I do know. Good choice. Though this question isn't Zelda-related, I'll answer it anyway. Nintendo HAS confirmed that there is a Color Game Boy in production. A North American release date hasn't been determined yet, but www.nintendo.com will keep you posted with the latest news on it.

Courtney writes: Ice, Ganon, I would just like to say "thank you" for making a Zelda site like you have made. Zelda Headquarters is great and all, but that guy Niels sucked has in several other Zelda sites, and that's not right. I just think that it's cool to see another Zelda site surface that can give Zelda Headquarters a run for their money. And Ice, it was really nice of you to put a link to them in your second letters page, even though you probably knew that doing so would suck away a lot of regular readers over to them, since they are currently bigger and better. You aren't concerned with how many readers you get, you just want to give Zelda fans the hard-core information they want. Someday, Ice, you will have the greatest Zelda site ever. I can feel it. And I'll be glad to do anything that I can to help you do just that. Are you looking for help in anything, Ice? If so, I would be glad to do anything. You name it, I'll do it. Oh yeah, and, what I guess what I'm really trying to say is: great site.

Ice replies: Wow. Thanks for all the complements, Courtney. Currently, I am not looking for any "assosiates", but when I do, I'll e-mail ya. I want everyone to know this: I am not out to destroy Zelda Headquarters. Zelda HQ is the best Zelda site ever made, and I would be lucky just to make their Top 10 Links list. I have great respect for Niels and what he is doing, and the sites that he "sucked in" went willingly. Oh yeah, and you have perfect capitolization, punctuation and spelling and stuff. Never lose a characteristic like that. It will serve you well in life.

Martha writes: Is Zelda 64DD a confirmed title. IF so, what will it be about. Ive heard stough about it being a town and level maker. Is that true.

Ice replies: It's nice to see that there are so many female Zelda fans, as well as males. And my sister said that all girls hate Zelda. HA HA HA! Well, anyway, Zelda 64DD IS a confirmed title. Mr. Miyomato, the creator and producer of the Zelda series, at first hinted that it may be a town and level editor, but has recently confirmed that it will be an expansion disk of Zelda 64, adding new quests and new places to explore. That is really all that is known on it at this moment. No screen shots or nothin'. But when this site starts drinking it's milk and grows up to be big and strong, then Zelda 64DD will be covered very thoroughly as new information is made available.

Ganon states: The best speculation that I can give on Zelda 64DD's release date is Fall, 1999. Just thought I'd throw that in.

Pigeon Eater writes: Where is all the Zelda V info? Zelda Headquarters (the biggest and bestest Zelda site ever) has the hugest Zelda V preview of them all. Try to beat them at it. I dare ya!

Ice replies: This site is still young, and I'm still trying to figure out how to do a bunch of stuff, so by the time I can get a sufficient Zelda 64 (Zelda V) preview up, Zelda 64 will probably already be out.

Ganon states: Zelda 64's subtitle will probably be The Ocarina of Time. And the release date is rumored to be September 21st, 1998.

Ice says: Thank you, Mr. Release Date Man Guy Dude Ganon Man.

Ganon replies: Your welcome... uh... Ice.

Quacker Jack: I was at www.nintendo.com yesterday, and saw that there is going to be a color version of the ever popular Game Boy! And that got me me to thinking. Since that is coming out, why not make a new Zelda game for it? It seems highly likely, since a Zelda game pretty much comes out with every system (let's just forget Virtual Boy for awhile, okay?). And many Zelda purists perfer the overhead view oppose to the 3-D of Zelda 64 and the side scrolling of Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link. And Gsame Boy games are easier to make, anfd Wario Land is 8 MegaBits, so why not? And with Zelda 64 coming out and Zelda 64DD coming out and the Game Boy thing for the 64DD, then a Zelda Game Boy game sounds very likely. What do you think, Ice?

Ice replies: I'll have to agree with you there, dude. A Zelda Game Boy game does seem likely and perfectly logical. For those of you who didn't get the part about the 64DD, let me explain a little. There is a confirmed Game Boy pouch for the 64DD, a system expander for the N64 coming out in late 1998 or early 1999.

Ganon screams: Hey! The release date was my part!

Ice continues: Sorry. Anyway, the not much is known about the Game Boy pouch, but it can apparently transfer data between the N64 and the Game Boy game. That, combined with the Color Game Boy, would make one heck of a game and one heck of a profit increasment for Nintendo. So I agree with you. Why not? And it seems likely. Watch www.nintendo.com Any release dates for us, Ganon?

Ganon murmurs: Uhh, Sumo 64 is scheduled for Fall '98.

Ice inquires: How about for another Game Boy Zelda.

Ganon admits: Got me there.

Ice wraps it up: Well, thus endeth another eventful letters section. Right now, I'm only taking stuff from my newsletter. But a few people apparently have my e-mail address, so I'll have enough material to pump out a lot of letters sections a week. It's just a matter of time. I'm a very busy man, doing all this stuff with the website (especially converting all that music stuff. Aspriin!). I'm also a programmer, and I am currently attending school. So the daily updates may slow down a bit, but I doubt it. As Courtney in one of the letters stated (how the heck did she get my e-mail address?), I am completely dedicated to bringing you the best Zelda news and entertainment, so if it means loss of sleep to entertain my readers, so be it.