April 29th, 1998

Welcome to the second edition of our Letters page. Spring is in the air. This time around, we've got a lot of naughty words and Final Fantasy fans. I hope I haven't discouraged you from reading this. Let's roll!

The Bone writes: Hey, I just seen your site, and I wonered what your opinion was on emulation. Oh, and you might add a little to your sites look. The Graphics you have for it look like cr*p [edited]

Ice replies: Emulation is totally illegal. For those of you not familier with emulation, emulation is a process in which a company takes a game and copies it onto the computer without a license. I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject, but Niels, the head of Zelda Headquarters (undoubtably the best Zelda site on the internet and my personal favorite site), had written an editorial or two on emulation. I have provided a link to Zelda headquarters right here.

Mr. Boner writes: Ice! Ganon! Who are you people! Why the h*ll [edited] won't you just use your real names?

Ice replies: I'm afraid we'll have to keep our identities a secret. What's the point of you knowing? And try to tone down the "naughty words" when you e-mail us. I don't like them, and neither does Ganon. (Well, this Ganon, anyway.)

Ganon inquires: Mr. Boner, sir, are you related to The Bone, the writer of the first letter?

Ice says in disgust: Um, no, Ganon.

A Man Named Stan writes: What do you know about Zelda 64?

Ice replies: Well, a lot of stuff. Soon, every little bit of information that I can get my icy little hands on may be posted up here. But the time I get around to doing all that, Zelda 64 might be out already, so it doesn't seem likely that I will even get around to doing that. But wait! Yes I will! I don't know what I've been drinking lately, but me Zelda 64 preview is almost complete! HA HA!

Ganon states: Um, no, Ice.The currently believed release date for Zelda 64 is November 21, 1998. Just thought I'd throw that in.

The Final Fantasy Highlander writes: why waste your time with a zelda site. final fanatsy 7 is the best game ever made, and it will kill zelda 64. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. why waste your time with zelda.

Ice replies: Why waste your time with capitolization?

Noteman Ray writes: Finl Fantisy 7 si the besst game ever done. i thinl it is wa bettr then ZElda. what du U thnk, ice? Finl Fantisy is a hole lot bettr then Zelda wil evr bee.

Ice replies: Well, two Final Fantasy fans in a row. The first one couldn't capitolize, and the second one couldn't spell. Does that say anything for Final Fantasy fans?

Ganon adds: I agree that Final Fanstasy is a great game, but how can you compare a game that isn't even out yet?

Ice wraps it up: Right. Well, thus endeth our second letters page. I still haven't figured out how to fix my e-mail thing, so if we get desperate enough, I'll pull out letters from my newsletter that I have, and have had, for over four years now. Some of them might be a little outdated though...