April 27th, 1998

Welcome to the first edition of my letters page. You can ask us anything you want, just as long as it's Zelda related. Well, here we gooooooooooo! (Mario 64, in case any of you haven't played it.)

Fanny writes: Hey, Ice! Your site is kind of dull, actually. I mean, hey! What kind of a chance does an all-music Zelda site have against something like Zelda Headquarters? Why does your site only have music on it? An all Zelda music site is pretty boring.

Ice replies: Well, Fanny, I'm very happy to see that someone in this world can spell and punctuate. Anyway, I'm not competing against Zelda Headquarters, really. There's no way that any Zelda-related site can have even a chance of getting to be as grown and developed as it has. And as you can, see, my site isn't all music anymore. And I'm a composer, so music will probably be the strongest point of this site. Thanks for your letter. It's the momentous first on the site! Congradulations!

The Bobman writes: Since your site is azelda site, I was hoping that you could answer a burning zelda question. where is Level 7 in the legend of zelda?

Ice replies: This is the third question that I have recieved about Level 7. And don't worry, in the future, I will have complete Zelda stratagy guides for all four (and going on five) games. Oh, and for Level 7, I'll turn the keyboard over to my new assosiate, Ganon, who will be handling a majority of the in-game questions (not that I can't, I'm better than him at Zelda).

Ganon: Thanks, Ice! Okay, Level 7 is at the lake where there is no fairy right around Level 3 and to the left of the lake with a fairy in it and right in the woods with the, well, red trees. Okay. When you get there, play the recorder that you get from Level 5. And presto! Welcome to Level 7!

Stanny Manny the Fool writes: I was just cruisin around on the internet one day, and your site popped up on my search engine list thing. There are over 35 Zelda sites! What posessed you to make another one? Everything has been done!

Ice replies: Well, "Stanny Manny the Fool", everything practically has been done, but Zelda has been my favorite game ever since I got it way back in 1987. And I love all four of the Zelda games, and my dream ever since about 1994 or 1995 has been to make a website to Zelda's tribute. Unfortunately, I wasn't ever very good at making websites, so I started a Zelda newsletter for all my friends (I call them assosioates more than I do friends, because I'm, well, Ice. A mystic guy...), and the newsletter hit it off real well. And I have a letters column in that newsletter, so if the e-mail is ever slow, than I've got tons of letters from that to print. But right now, this site isn't really headed in the "Letters" direction. I think I may just stick to music.

Ganon adds: I'm pretty much Ice's best friend, and I love Zelda too, so we really went all-out in making this site. But it isn't quite what we'd want it to be yet...

Yurko writes: You have a Zelda site, and I hope that youll answer my question. In Zelda (the one for Suoer Nintendo) where is the flute?

Ganon replies: The flute. That's sort of a tough one to explain, but I'll do my best. First, you go to where you see the flute boy playing in the grove. He'll vanish when you approach. Remember that spot. Return to the Dark World, and go to that same place. There should be a... thing where the flute boy was in the Light World. Okay. Talk to him and get the shovel from him. Use the mirror. Now go to the Northwestern corner of the grove and dig wherever you find flowers. The flute should pop up just like a rupee would. And that kind of leads us into the next question.

Mary writes: I just got The Legend of Zelda for my SNES, and I have been playing it every chance I get. I have a question though, and my brother said that you guys could probably answer it. My question is What is the purpose of the flute. I just play it and play it and nothing happens. I've tried playing it in front of everything. Please answer. Thank you for your time.

Ganon answers: Evidently, you haven't tried playing it in front of everything. Play it in front of the weather vane in the village. You will thus release the flute boy's bird (what the heck was he doing in there?) Now, when you play the flute in the Light World, the birdie will take you to one of the eight (or maybe it was seven) desiered choices on the map.

Ice adds: It's eight, buddy.

Ganon continues: Sorry, Ice. I haven't played that game in SO long.

Ice concludes: Well, anyway, thus (cool word, Ganon) endeth our first letters page. We'll try to pump one out weekly, but for awhile, we'll probably be doing one a lot more often. This is kind of fun! Oh, and right now, you can't submit letters, because I'm having troubles with setting up links. But don't worry, I should have that problem fixed soon. It appears that only people with a certain kind of browser or something can access the link to my e-mail address. Weird, huh?