El Diablo Cerdo (Devil Pig)

By Princess Zelda

Ever wonder who was really responsible for all of those horrible, natural disasters? No, not G.W. Bush (whom liberals say is the Devil’s incarnate). God? Allah? No and No! The correct answer: Ganon. Or as other faiths call him: The Devil.

According to the cartoon from the late 1980’s, Ganon was only a pig-faced wizard who was also a big screw-up and could never successfully get the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda. Even in the video games, he was not portrayed as the Devil (although some may say that his evil über-lord reputation among the Hylian people could actually make him a Satan-like character). Shigeru Miyamoto may or may not know the idea behind Ganon.

After thoroughly reading Ice’s article “Can Ganon Really Die?”, I have put more thought into that topic. In the article, he gave solid evidence telling the reader when he does not die. But, he failed to give us a theory of why he can’t die. That is why I am writing an answer to Ice’s question: I want to further elaborate my theory that Ganon is in fact Satan (Lucifer, The Devil, El Diablo, whatever you call him).

Ganon is Nature. When one thinks of Nature, we tend to think of the Roman Goddess, Gaia. But, if Nature were as such, why is She causing all of those horrible, deadly Natural Disasters? The Islamic faith says that “Allah” is not only benevolent, but also cruel. Christianity and Judaism say that it is “God”. They all agree that “God” does it because he is angry.

Naroin is a religion based on the belief in the Three Benevolent Goddesses Nayru, Farore, and Din (yes, the same Goddesses from The Legend of Zelda series). In this faith, Narolans believe that the Goddesses do have an influence on the environment, but this influence is kind and nurturing. The Goddesses bring Rain to nourish the land and give man hydration; Wind to blow Her sister, Nayru’s rain clouds into an area that needs water; and Fire to keep man warm and cook his food to help prevent him from getting food poisoning. All of these help sustain life on Earth. To every good there is an evil and that is where Ganon fits into the picture. He takes natural phenomena and makes them violent. Ganon floods the land to ruin crops: destroy what man’s greatest invention, agriculture gave to the world and drown animals to further implement starvation; he brings hurricanes to destroy the house man built to shelter himself, and wild fires to burn all of the trees to prevent man from building his home or possibly burn his home to the ground. Whenever it rains just after a major disaster (Ever notice how that always happens?): that is Nayru crying because She was not able to prevent it. She cries even for those who do not believe in Her: She loves all people.

Ganon is immortal. He does much more than control nature: he also likes to disguise himself as “God” and do all of those nasty things. He uses trickery and manipulates man into believing that he’s “Benevolent”: a parent that nurtures and punishes is children (that is how preachers I have met describe him). He punishes Man with these atrocities because man did something wrong and now, he’s going to destroy everything and murder massive amounts of people. The last time I checked, my mother did not kill thousands of people because I forgot to do the dishes. He uses coercion as a way to justify implementing fear into man. And he uses “Man’s mistakes” as a way to justify destruction to the land and murdering people. If Ganon were a person, he would have over a billion charges of first degree murder, arson, vandalism, and one extra charge for Identity Theft.

And that is why Ganon cannot die. I will not rewrite Ice’s article, because I feel he did a good job pointing out that Ganon cannot die and no matter what Link did, he would always return and wreak havoc. I only offered a religious perspective.