Wind Waker is the Best Zelda Yet

By Dark Link

When people think of the best Zelda game of all time, there are some common themes. Many agree that the first was the best, since it started a whole new genre of video games. Other people tend to think that Zelda 3 is the best, and I agreed with them for a long time.

There are a few weird people who even think that Zelda 2 was the best Zelda game of all time.

The most common belief is that Zelda 5, the Ocarina of Time, was by far the best Zelda game of all time. But I'm here to explain why Wind Waker was actually the best.

Wind Waker was the first Zelda game for the GameCube, a system that could run circles around the Nintendo 64. Thanks to the awesome hardware, as well as a SpaceWorld demo that showed Link and Ganondorf fighting in awesome 3-D, hopes were high for the GameCube Zelda game.

It was almost humorous when the real screenshots were revealed, and people saw that Link was just a "badly designed anime character". I laughed out loud when I read other site's reactions.

Like several people, I bit my tongue until the real game was released. I played through it in one week. After it was over, I realized that I had just completed the best Zelda ever... no, the best GAME ever.

Why is this so?

Wind Waker combines the best elements of every Zelda game. That's why it's the best. It combines the feeling of exploration from Zelda 1 with the huge ocean. I combines that different continents and role of water from Zelda 2. It takes the mythology of Zelda 3 and some visual design from Zelda 3. It takes the feel of the characters from Zelda 4. It takes many game mechanics, such as Z-targeting (or L-targeting) from Zelda 5, and it takes the cue from Zelda 6 to take the story in a different direction.

Everything I love about Zelda is in Wind Waker. I don't care that the graphics aren't "realistic". They're beautiful in their own right.

The puzzles are very creative. The dungeons have a great feel. Not enough of them you say? There are as many as there are in Majora's Mask, and Majora's Mask is Ice's favorite Zelda game!

The characters are awesome. The storyline is detailed. The items are great. The graphics are great, the puzzles are great, the music is great. Wind Waker deliveres in every way.

Maybe next time you blast the game, you'll think about this article, and how Wind Waker took all the great elements from every Zelda game.