Disney Princesses vs. Nintendo Princesses

By Zelda F. Barrow

Nowadays, little girls around the country are sporting Disney Princess apparel. Not only are they doing it, but so are college girls (well at MY school which is full of stripers and “pink princesses”—the spoiled ones).They associate themselves with a Disney Princess. But, what have THEY done to contribute to their stories besides being rescued by a beggar-boy (Aladdin) from an evil wizard? Nothing!

Now, Nintendo has their own line of princesses; Princesses who actually DO things to help their heroes save the world and THEN themselves. Case in point: Zelda. In Ocarina of Time: she held Ganon in place while Link delivered the final blow. In Wind Waker: she shot Ganondorf with Light arrows to weaken him. And in the cartoon: she actually SAVED Link’s life a couple—excuse me FEW—times. Peach and Daisy are also pretty cool: Peach gets her own game! (Coming next week). And Daisy is quite the bad-ass when she races in Double –Dash (she can actually “hit” people who are next to her).

So next time you hear of Disney’s “The Princess Collection”, think about this article and try buying your daughter—if you have a little girl—a video game console, instead: they’ll have a better sense of self-worth because of their efforts to actually make sure the hero succeeds. Because I had one, growing up, I wound up idolizing Princess Zelda instead of those good-for-nothing damsels Disney calls “True Princesses” (well and it is my name) Pathetic!

For the record: Zelda could take out all six of Disney’s little damsels with Din’s Fire. Peach could take out at least TWO of them with her “butt-bomb” (Smash Bros: Melee). And Daisy could bayeena-slap that Frenchy-faux-princess, Belle.

The Princess has spoken!