The Forums are not a Bad Idea

By Jeff Combs

This is in response to the editorial that Master Link wrote about forums on IZC. They are NOT a bad idea, even I don't feel the need to partake in the festivities myself.

Other parts of the site are certainly not in danger with the forums around. That should be obvious. As far as fan contributions go, IZC is having an even better month than it did last month! Just look at the updates!

This makes sense of course, because IZC is almost through it's second month, and fan support has been growing. I've met people all over the community who are very supportive of Ice and his mission, and this has allowed the site to gather a bigger fan base.

Master Link says that the Letters and the Opinions are "down for the count", but those sections are still being updated!

The forums just add another dimension to the site. People can still e-mail if they want to, and they do. People can use the Contact Form on the site if they want to, and I'm sure that they do. Now, they can use the forums if the want to.

Sure, they can attract trash and spam, Master Link. But there are people there making real posts. Moderate the spam, or mentally filter it out. It shouldn't bother you too much, our internet lives are filled with spam.

I've browsed the forums, and I don't have the time or desire to get involved yet, but Ice has a good thing going there.

He wanted forums, so why can't you just accept that? If he stops wanting them, he'll shut them down.

If your goal was to convince him to shut the forums down, it didn't work, because they're still up.

This goes out to the people that want the forums to survive: let your voice be heard! I'm fighting for you, and I don't even go there. I'm sure you can make a difference if you band together.

Note from Ice: They have been voicing their opinions of the forum already. Someone started a poll, and the forum-goers definitely want the forum to stay. Wish granted!