Why the Forums are a Bad Idea

By Master Link

The forums have been around for about a week, and I thought it might be a good idea to evaluate whether they're a good idea or not.

I've carefully considered the evidence, and even though I really enjoy the forums, I've actually decided that they're a bad idea!

Here's why:

For one thing, other parts of the site are in danger while the forums are around. It's easier to go and post messages on the forums than it is to e-mail, so that makes the letters section in danger. The opinions section could just be reduced to a simple thread.

That's two of Ice's major sections, down for the count because of the forums.

What's more, is that some people tend to go to the forums and forget the site. It happens all the time. The website is Ice's bread and butter, not the forums. The forums should just support the site.

The forums can also attract all kinds of trash and spam. Members that shouldn't be allowed to post are posting. They put in stupid topics and don't contribute much to the development of the site. Case in point: right now, there are videos of South American kids dancing to the Ghostbusters theme on the forums. I mean, really...

It's hard to moderate the forums. Ice has not set up a moderation team yet, and it doesn't look like he's going to soon. A lot of people don't have the time to do it, and it's a position that requires a lot of trust. Since the forums haven't been around long, I don't see anyone that Ice can trust yet.

Rules will need to be set up soon. That will require a lot of time for Ice. We can't set up the rules, because it's his site, and he's the one that needs to set them up. His wishes need to be communicated, not ours. I don't think anyone could run the site as well as Ice could. It's Ice's Zelda Central!

One last thing: there are a lot of forums already on other sites. IZC is special because it does stuff that other sites don't do. The forums aren't very original (although Ice's forums look better than all the other ones).

Let's just reconsider the forums here. I'm open to discussion, and I'm sure Ice would love to hear some of us out.

Go to the forums and discuss it (ironic, huh?)