Is the Wait Better?

By Jared

Sometimes it feels like the wait for Twilight Princess will never end. But do you remember the wait for Ocarina of Time? Or the wait for the Wind Waker? Those waits seemed like they would last forever, and they didn't. Those games have come and gone, and Twilight Princess will too. But it seems like the wait is taking forever!

Think about something how. Think about how it felt to wait for Ocarina of Time. Think about how it felt to get each and every piece of news. I know I personally devoured everything that was given to me. Each and every tidbit was important. Screenshots were analyzed for hours. Ice himself did a lot of that analyzing work, and his efforts made the wait much more fun for fans like myself.

We didn't know the release date of Ocarina of Time, or Wind Waker really, and we don't really know the release date of Twilight Princess. What we do know is that they're taking their time, and that we're getting an incredible game because of it!

Is the wait worth the game? It always has been, in Zelda's case. When it comes to their best series, Nintendo is not one to disappoint.

The point is, I look back on the wait for Zelda games with great fondness. The wait is just as good as the game. In fact, it's better. There's nothing else like it. Nothing in the game, or after the game, can recreate the feeling of waiting for something that you really, really want.

To all of you who are complaining, the wait for Twilight Princess may seem painful, but you'll look back on it with fond memories. This is especially true for those of you who haven't waited on a Zelda game before.

Enjoy the anticipation!