BS Zelda Overview

By Ice

Back in the early 90's, Nintendo created an add-on for one of their game systems in Japan. This add-on was satellite-based, meaning that the user could connect up to a satellite and download games for their system (kinda how Audio Galaxy works ... kinda). It was a great idea, but like most Nintendo add-ons, it failed pretty badly. One of the games created for it was BS Zelda, which was a Zelda 1 remake with Super Nintendo graphics and sound. Game play was virtually unchanged, but the game still did fairly well from what I'm told.

The only way that BS Zelda lives on now is through the use of ROMs and Emulators. However, the only ROM that I've been able to find is incomplete and doesn't contain Level 9.

It looks like this game is the closest thing to a "Zelda All-Stars" that we're going to get ... so try to get your hands on one somehow.

The game plays exactly like the original. And what's interesting, is that with the satellite setup, players would have a time-limit. This would add another dimension to the game.

Super Mario Bros. 2 had a lot more added to it when it was converted to satellite format. It's interesting that they chose to keep The Legend of Zelda pretty much exactly the same. Well, like I said, try to get your hands on one. You'll be glad you did!