WW Expectations: The Truth

by Ice and Zed

Yesterday, I put up an editorial called Wind Waker Expectations, which displayed some of your thoughts and hopes about the new Zelda game coming out this month. Well earlier last week, I let a friend of mine who imported the game have a look at it, and he kindly answered some of these questions. The quotes are in italics, and Zed's responses are in gold.


- I'm looking forward to the dungeons. I think they'll be twice as long and twice as hard as Ocarina of Time.

Zed's answer: Sorry. They aren't twice as long, and they aren't twice as hard. They are a LITTLE longer and a LITTLE harder, but not much. And there aren't as many of them.

- I think there will be some cool new items. They won't be as revolutionary as OoT's items though.

Zed's answer: There are a couple new items. The newest thing is being able to use your enemy's items after you defeat them, but you can't carry them into the next room. There aren't many items in this game.

- Enemies. Lots and lots of enemies.

Zed's answer: There's quite a few enemies.

- I hope the music will be better. The GC has had pretty good music so far (SSBM anyone?), so I have high hopes.

Zed's answer: The music is good. There are a lot of tracks from other Zelda games.

- I think there will be some cool bosses, but they'll probably be too easy.

Zed's answer: Yes, cool and easy. Too easy.

- If it's half as good as the Oracle games I'll be a happy man.

Zed's answer: I didn't like the Oracle games, but I liked WW.

- I want some interesting enemies, and interesting towns. I hope there's more than one town this time.

Zed's answer: There is one big town, and a few VERY small ones.

- I hope Link and Zelda finally kiss!

Zed's answer: They're just kids.

- I hope it's as good as the Ocarina of Time!

Zed's answer: It is.

- Malon better be in it. I hope Princess Zora isn't.

Zed's answer: Not really.

- I hope there is a surprise second quest.

Zed's answer: No, but you do get two new surprises when you play through the game a second time.


Zed's answer: Ganon plays a huge part in this game.

- I hope there's a shooting gallery, and I hope you shoot targets that look like the staff of the former ZHQ.

Zed's answer: ??????????

So there you go. And for those of you who, like Zed, didn't understand the ZHQ reference that someone made ... don't worry about it =)

Zed's final comment: There wasn't anything about the graphics in here. I'll calm your fears about them. They are awesome. The best graphics I've seen in a long time.

Thanks for letting me do this. I look forward to the American release of Wind Waker!