A Zelda Movie?

By Ice

One of my fellow Zelda sites, Ganon's Tower, has recently learned that Joe Morriss has been busily planning and creating scripts for an animated movie based on Zelda (the scripts are actually DONE) that he hopes to create in the near-future. I've exchanged a few e-mails with the webmaster about this project, and I've offered assistence and a degree of involvement in the event that the movie begins being made ... although it would probably be unwise at this point to discuss the ways in which I'll potentially be involved.

To make this movie, Joe Morriss needs a lot of resources. What seems to be the primary concern right now, however, is getting Nintendo's blessing on the project.

Nintendo, of course, doesn't give a rat's behind about the project ... I've suggested to Joe (and the webmaster of Ganon's Tower has suggested to Joe) that he create a small trailer or clip demonstrating his vision for the movie ... Joe says that he's worried that no one will download it because of the immense size that the video file would be.

If you'd like to see this movie made, I strongly suggest that you e-mail Ganon's Tower and let Joe know about it. Also let him know that you'd be more than happy to spend the time downloading a trailer, if that's the case.

More info can be found at Ganon's Tower, which is an excellent Zelda website.