Zelda Anime

By Neostorm

Have you ever noticed that there isn't any Zelda anime or manga in the U.S.? I wish it were coming, but I doubt it ever will. I think that we should convince some people to haul some over here. I personally really like anime and manga, and if The Legend of Zelda had that dimension to it, I would love it even more than ever.

I know there's Zelda manga in Japan (kudos to your feature on that =), but it seems that we'll never get any in the United States. HOWEVER, I have seen in my frantic search, a full-fledged Japanese manga called The Legend of Zelda: Gag Battle. It is on sale for $17 or something like that on this one manga site. I'm wondering if that's the stuff you have posted in the editorials section. I have to ask a question, though, to all Zelda/Manga(& anime) fanatics out there: do you think that there will ever be LoZ manga here? No, I'm not talking about that stuff in Nintendo Power from a few years back.

Another thing that would be really great would be a LoZ card game. Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Harry Potter trading cards are out, so why not Zelda? Personally, I think this would make a GREAT thing to purchase. I hope someone can put in a good word to Mr. Miyamoto and/or Wizards of the Coast on that. L=D

Besides a Legend of Zelda anime in movie theatres, I really can't think of anything else that could be here at the moment, but (DUN, DUN, DUN) I shall strike again!!!