Opinion on the New Look

By Neostorm

Let me just ask you a question. Did you ever see the REALLY EARLY OoT screenshots? They looked really odd, very blank, and had not much to them. What about the Gamecube?

You'll see. I am OK with the new look coz it may not even look like that. This is early footage from Spaceworld, and the game has more than a year to go before it is released. SO GIVE IT A FREAKIN' CHANCE! Don't start blowing your top off coz it looks a bit different. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't go nuts about this and signing petitions (like so many are.)

1. They may change it again--I'm not a big petition fan when it comes to this, but a petition might force Nintendo to reconsider. Or, other circumstances could force them to change the game(like SW 2000.) It may look like that again. Nintendo likes to give people what they want.

2. Very Early Shots--Look at how early this movie is...it's the first time we've ever seen the game, and you're already judging it. Listen: if I saw the early Oot shots and thought that was the actual game (before it came out) I would have thought it sucked. My point: it can change. The only things I don't like about Link are his eyes. Did you see that one attack he did with the backflip? That rocked. It could get more of an anime style over time, too.

3. And anime rocks...so...

4. It's cel-shaded and cel-shaded stuff is cool.

5. The enemy thingies could just be a couple of really stupid enemies in the game. Zelda always has its share of purposefully stupid characters (like Tingle, and if I offended anyone, sorry, but...) so maybe that's what they are.

6. It's a Zelda game and they're all good...except for The Adventure of Link, but Nintendo REALLY didn't know what they were doing then.

7. If the Oracle Series was on the Cube, it would probably look like that, too. And Oracle of Ages is my favorite Zelda game.

8. If it really did suck, (doubtfully) I have some ideas and stuff for good games: A Zelda RTS with SHARP graphics Cube Wars-- Kinda like Advance Wars, but only on the Cube Sign a petition to bring Square also to the GameCube and give us Final Fantasy games and tons of others. Just think: FF7 completely remastered...ah..........

OK--so that's it. I hope I changed some minds about the new look.