Top Ten Things that could have Happened to the Articles 2000 page

By Brent Cook

Number 10: Falco-X somehow deleted it. Simple as that.

Number 9: While MC was eating a can of Spam, he propped his feet up onto his keyboard and POOF!! The articles page magically disappeared.

Number 8: Being the mindless person he is, MC started pressing the delete button to hear the sound it makes again.

Number 7: *Shakes his head* MC and his Viruses, enough said.

Number 6: It was deleted as part of a scheme to combine all the article sections into one big, not to mention downright frightening, section.

Number 5: It is the first minor step in the merger with HtLoZ.... yeah, right.

Number 4: Seeing that IZC hits were going down by a minor rate, Ice decided to make stuff interesting and deleted it just to get rumors circulating.

Number 3: This space STILL for rent...

Number 2: Nebula actually decided to try and do something to IZC for a change but instead she deleted the 2000 articles section. [Editor's Note: You're *really* pushing your luck on that one, dude...]

And the Number One thing that could have happened to the 2000 Articles section is......

I started running out of things to make Top Ten lists out of and deleted it myself. [Editor's Note: *sigh* We *wish* he'd run out of things...err...nevermind...]

Until Next Time,

[Editor's Note: As always, the opinions expressed by the individual known as Brent Cook are not necessarily that of the staff of IZC or their lackeys. Coming up next week, Brent's harrowing encounter with Conrad VanderWoude...and his imaginary friend, Billy the Blender.]