Top Ten Most Unlikely Articles Ever to be Written for IZC

By Brent Cook

Number 10: Spam Land, a complete history of Spam and the company that makes it, by Maniacal Clown. [Editor's Note: Spam in the place where you work...ham and pork. Think about nutrition wonder what's inside it now...]

Number 9: Staff Members that are dumber than a bag of hammers. [Editor's Note: What about former staff members? *evil laugh*]

Number 8: The many hairstyles of Ice. [Editor's Note: We can ask Nebby to write about that one...]

Number 7: The history of crossdressers in Hyrule, by Challenger [Editor's Note: Ahh...the running man...]

Number 6: Top Ten explanations of how The Legend of Zelda relates to Jello. [Editor's Note: No comment...]

Number 5: Dave Mathews speaks on the subject of Zelda. An interview by Maniacal Clown. [Editor's Note: Actually, Dave tends to speak on things that we can't discuss here...]

Number 4: The assassination of Navi and what IZC did to aid it. [Editor's Note: That's "Navi," not "Navie" for you guys who've been around for a while. We still love Navie. ;)]

Number 3: This space for rent... [Editor's Note: Wha?]

Number 2: Why the Dreamcast should have the Zelda series on it. [Editor's Note: It should...]

And the Number One Most unlikely articles to ever be written for IZC is...

The HtLoZ Shrine. [Editor's Note: Sadly...I know several people who probably have one of those...]

Until Next Time,

[Editor's Note: As always, the opinions expressed by the individual known as Brent Cook are not necessarily that of the staff of IZC or their lackeys. The opinions are, in fact, probably not even HIS, and are just induced by a severe caffeine overdose.]