Top Ten Signs that you are at IZC too long and may have an Obsession

By Brent Cook

Number 10: While at the message boards, you are constantly clicking "refresh" to make sure that once someone posts a new message, you are the first to reply.

Number 9: You have read ALL the fan fiction and know every word by heart.

Number 8: You have a special place on your computer for pictures of the staff.

Number 7: You think Nebula is the next in line for the role of Venus: Goddess of Beauty. [Editor's Note: We could go Greek and say Aphrodite...]

Number 6: You are online 24 hours a day with the excuse "I am just checking on IZC."

Number 5: You think that it is an honor if you receive a message from Ice over ICQ. (Isnít it?)

Number 4: You are under the impression that IZC is the ONLY web site out there. [Editor's Note: Whoa...are you suggesting that it ISN'T!?]

Number 3: Mid-night snacks include a trip to IZC.

Number 2: You make a top ten list just to get something of yours posted in an update. =-P

And The Number One Sign that you are at IZC WAY too long and may have an obsession is...

You value seeing IZC so much that you have been robbed of everything you own and you say "As long as I can still see what is happening at IZC, its not a major loss.

Until Next time,