Musical Letdown

By Brent

Anyone here remember Zelda 1? The first game of it's kind. It's graphics were the best of it's time. It was challenging,fun,and mystical.Then there was Zelda 2.The first and last zelda game that,instead of looking at Link from above, you are looking at him from a side scrolling view.The graphics were still stone-age in appearance.

The snes eventually makes it's way to onto the market and along with it comes the best (in my opinion) Zelda game of all. Zelda:A link to the past was revolutionary in changing the way games were made. The gameplay was outstanding and replay value was almost unlimited.

The next was Links awakening for Gameboy.It had the same kind of graphics and gameplay as LTTP but was a different storyline. Links awakening was not as much of an improvement as all the other games before it.All the Zelda games had acomplished a special little nich in gaming history but the next zelda game was already brewing to shatter that.

Zelda The Ocarina of Time was groundbreaking in many ways.Mostly from the graphics and story-line.Many people thought of this game to be perfect but it is not. I believe that OoT single-handedly destroyed the standard that people had begun to expect from the Zelda games.The most profound change in the game was the main theme. All of the zelda games have had the same opening theme.Some of the games opening themes were slightly modified but were still on the basic theme.

As I was playing OoT I instantly noticed the theme was different.I thought to myself "It is probably in there later in the game." I was wrong.As I played on I steadily listened to the music.No theme.I continued to play and finally reached Ganon and defeated him. I then thought that they had saved it for the ending theme.

Nope,I was wrong.Nintendo had left it completly out of the game!Why I ask,Why?I am not trying to insulting OoT but it was frustrating that Nintendo would leave such an important element of Zelda out of it's newest pride and joy.I hope and pray that nintendo does not make the same mistake with Mask of Mujala. All we can do is wait and wonder.

If you are wondering why I waited so long to post this article I think I will tell the truth. I just haven't had it finished.Plus MC putting ice in his mouth and saying he is sucking on Ice had something to do with it,too.