Zelda, the Dolphin Version

By Timbo

Well, well, well. The Dolphin is getting a Zelda game; as it should. Using the 128 megs of ram, DVD techno babble and alot of other stuff I don't fully understand, it should be a real legend. They could use the modem capabilites for downloading the alternative quests, weapons, characters, etc. And maybe multiplayer, although how that would work I leave that to Nintendo to decide. With all that ram, they could possibly re-release the previous games, totally jacked up, with new levels, quests, weapons, etc. And, some of you may have heard of a Zelda 3 copy called Graal. If you have, you'll know how totally sweet this little baby is. For those of you that don't know, it is a copy of Zelda 3, with four player capability in soccer, football, archery games. It has a very sweet level editor. It has all these little houses that you can build, little people and baddies to place, everything.

But, back to the Dolphin.

In the Dolphin version, it would be soooo cool to have a level editor. You could create your own area that has a gang sorta arrangement. You could get together with other people in another country, and become a gang and make your own hideout. Then, you upload it to the Nintendo server, and people log on there to see new levels and explore them. This might be a little way off yet, with different versions of games and different systems (PAL, NTSC) to deal with, but that's the beauty of converters. Ahh, they smell like plastic and do a hell of alot. I've never used one, because I can afford the games, but they are very nice. And imagine, a copy of, let's call it Zelda: Dolphin, with a Dolphin Expansion Pak. I can hear the sound now of that drip, drip, drip as the urine from your pants hits the carpet; as you experience the utter wowness of the sound and graphix. Mmmmm...yummy.....

In conclusion: Let's hope we can wait for the Dolphin and it's bag of goodies. Saying for today: "Women. Can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em." - ???? ?????, True Lies (no offense ladies, esp. Nebula)