How True, How True

By Timbo

Yes, that's what I say. You couldn't be more right, Dustin Bell. I remember the good old days, when my next door neighbor came over and said "Would you like to by this video game machine?" We bought it, a bargain for $20. It was a Sega Master System 1. Well, I remember that I had so much fun on that machine. I used to hire the Sonic game all the time. But after a year or so, every time I went to the video store to get a game, I would see the Super Nintendo games, and wonder. Wonder, what they were like?

On my birthday; my mum started me onto Nintendo. She bought me an original Game Boy. Well, that was just great! I loved playing Tetris everyday. Three months later, I moved houses. Then I saved all my money, took my brother down to the local Department Store, and bought a Super Nintendo. $150, and one game. Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing. WOW! I couldn't understand how they could fit so much stuff into one little piece of plastic! I played that non-stop for a long time.

Then came the day, that I went to the video store again. This time, no more Sega Master System games. Now I didn't have to wonder what they were like. Because I could just pick them up like I did it all the time. And the first game I hired, you may ask? The Legend of Zelda: A LInk To The Past. Well, I can tell you, the intro, with the spinning Triforce just blew me away! But I played for a while, and rescued Princess Zelda, but I couldn't work out what to do next! But this was before I realised the true value of the game. I returned the game; hiring it again three weeks later. This time, it hit me. This is a very good and highly polished game. This time, even my Dad played it. We got menacing calls from the video store, telling us to return Zelda, as we had it for 6 weeks. My Dad, eventually, beat the game, after playing it for 12 hours a day. I did too, eventually.

A few Zelda games later, 4 years in the making, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is released. beep....BOOOM! The gaming industry explodes with Zelda merchandise, and everyone giving it perfect scores, giving it lots of awards. It was a very good game, but they missed a very important element that all the previous Zelda games had. Challenge. They all had a very good challenge. Take a look at a 2D rpg. Final Fantasy 3. Brilliant. Had everything. Chronotrigger. The same, with everything. Take a look at 3D rpgs. Zelda 5, was nice, but lacked challenge. Final Fantasy 7 & 8, had the same elements that their predecesors had; challenge. You know, I think us Zelda veterans might have to get out there and do something about it. In conclusion: I think that I've written something like this before...The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is da bomb. Saying for today - "Damn, you barbecued his a*s!" - Jax, Mortal Kombat: Total Annihlation