Previous Exaggeration

By Maniacal Clown

*NOTE* This editorial was written before I discovered that Timbo resides in Austrailia where prices and such are a bit different. I've chosen to still post this editorial because I feel he used that as a clever means of deception. As always, the opinions expressed in this editorial are that of my own and are not necessarily those of Ice's Zelda Central and the rest of the not-so-bright staff...

I have to admit, reading Timbo's editorial for Monday's update gave me quite a shock. Never before have I seen an article so off-topic. Never before have I seen such blatent use of exaggeration. Since when did Ice's ZELDA Central turn into "The Dreamcast Hater's Club?" I feel the need to get some things straight.

No advertisements? HAH! Perhaps if you watched more than "BBC America" twenty-four hours day, you would have seen all the commercials for the Dreamcast and its games. Granted I watch a lot of TV, but any old fool will tell you: There was plenty of advertising. You just weren't looking.

No release games? Double HAH! What are you talking about that they promised twenty-six release games? Are you just making up numbers off the top of your head? Sega promised, and released, FIFTEEN games with the launch of the Dreamcast. I would know. I bought my console and games the day they came out.

$500? TRIPLE HAH! Perhaps you're confusing the Dreamcast with the upcoming Playstation 2, and even the PS2 isn't THAT high! Have you gone from exaggeration to downright lying? Or were you there from the start? Everyone in their right mind knows that, at release, the Dreamcast cost about $200. That included one controller plus a free demo disc. *I* even got a free t-shirt that was three sizes too small! I don't know what planet you're getting this information from, but I suggest you get your money back.

I'm going to conclude this rather off-beat article with a few words of advice: Don't mess with the Clown's favorite videogame company. Sure, I love Nintendo to death, and I've never really liked PlayStation, but my one and only favorite is, and always will be, Sega. Now I'm sure no one has a problem with that.

Maybe next week we can talk about Zelda?

~Maniacal Clown
Sega Purist to the Core