How Biased Can You Get?

By James

Ok people, let's get something right on this site's articles section: Sony is winning, Nintendo is 2nd, Sega is 3rd. Sega ACTUALLY made some really good games in the 16-bit and 32-bit era...the 16-bit games were widly regonized for being cool, while Sega just dropped like a whale out of the sky. The Saturn had a good line of games since the launch of the system, and they DID have games from the start of the system's birth. The 32-bit games were great, but not regonized. So Sega dropped the Saturn, and moved to doing good PC
ports of Genesis and Saturn games, and new games for PC only. The Dreamcast is great, the games are great, the system is great. Sega is not great anymore, so that is why people aren't buying Dreamcasts. As for the price is $200 not $500...I'm a unbaised gamer, and I just want to voice my opinion with looking at all sides of the situation. Apparently, some people are a little too Biased for me....